Expert talks politics and pop culture

Pop culture expert Jawn Murray discusses cancel culture and the clash between celebrities and their fans over the politics of 2020.
7:45 | 11/26/20

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Transcript for Expert talks politics and pop culture
On the show we previously discussed canceled culture and the impact at one false move can hacks on anyone from social media influencers to corporations and even pop culture icons that happens when fans start demanding celebrity's speak up about certain issues in which what happens when your favorite artist may support your least favorite politician. Well joining us now to bring this all down for us is TV host and pop culture expert John Murray John. Good to have you back on the show so what do you think has caused the shift from your occasional artist speaking out about issues to fans now expecting it and even the main thing. We don't Lindsay historically politics and celebrity culture have always going in Hamden and timing normally does managing partner and Harry developed by day. Well known for their political activism as they are an illustrious film career in the music like James brown and Bob Dylan Shearer and read the Franklin they recorded legendary protest songs and those. I mean consider our Indian was a comic Jerry Springer was a mayor. You so Jesse Ventura. Start as the old. Models wore leg what bowl governors. President Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood star and he of course I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about the trip. Soon departing in the White House and B star so we know that pop culture and politics go hand in hand my peanut butter and jelly at the moment Lindsay Lohan and car dash in with strolled into the White House Correspondents' Association dinner we know this is something that was legally get Alan. Now what are some recent scenarios of celebrities making controversial donations are collaborating with other celebrities where they face which you would consider unfair backlash. But most recently we saw Kerry Underwood she was asking Jesus we -- the segment of her fans outraged. The idea that she recorded do win remake of Leonard Cohen's payments hallelujah with. Democrat John Legend they said inflammatory things about John Legend and a racially insensitive things about his involvement in social. Activism and black lab matter and then members of the historically black sorority alpha count how close they want celebrating vice president elect us or parents to the White House and distort what it makes all that other sore roar Grammy winning Jack Sandra Wilson goal all on her timeline of a woman who released so. This in 2002. But now she's talking about truck really won the election and saying things that will make Rudy Giuliani had hijacked or page and then. Ricky Schroder the child star who we don't bring in eighty blue and so response. Recently called the police as he said he was getting death. The lawyer for car written house he's beat up Kenosha Wisconsin shooter who allegedly. Killed two people and injured another Ricky. There's two million dollar bail so. EO of the dings and calls against. I'll respond no matter what side it appeared staple. So I issue saying it's not safe for me to ski we John what does can go on so. It's a little. So on the flip side it also includes silence isn't an option these days either can artist survived by staying silent and not taking stamped. Under the name is doctor Martin king junior quote this is we will remember the silence of our prayer and song Rick good told aren't as bad buddy who has Bennett. Outspoken. Activists on so many other situations marginalized groups he is conspicuously. The murder George more because Redmond told the rise from the whole black culture people sit with them and got a lot of backlash ultimately came spoke out and doesn't current groundswell of people all of asking bishop TD Jakes to come out and now evangelist Paula white she spurt led by as she won. Viral twice in the last few weeks first for this highly mock prayer when she was asking angels from. Africa and South America become overturn the election but Bennett certainly wish she likened the black clouds Matta movements of the kkk. Does she she became famous and also rich preaching black church is reporter political association would trot at people things because Bob Richard TJ. Doran ministry invalidated her and now they want him to invalidate her you have people who are allowed Lindsay might cave. In a BT. And -- your answer going to hijack a racist. An inappropriate hash tags on mine and we know they're responsible for helping to sabotage strong. Also rallied tick dock so you know when you're silent and urge her reputation for being vocal people want you to be all aspects of these. And our our show we've had a few hip hop artists on who've been very vocal in the wake of the George Floyd debt hip hop has never been one to shy away from the topics should police brutality and racism of course but school went ice human others came out in support of president trump they we're also criticized we did there's no ornament all are Republicans or conservatives in hip hop. It's one of the things we learned of the last four years Lindsay is that is the traditional Republican Party and the Lincoln project has been a really good job of distinguishing that they are very different lynch is on what people say has ticking along with a Conservative Party. When George W. Bush was in the White House music artists were there regularly he was a big champion a black music month and all that came with the in recent. Old days we real is an October surprise for elections what he's what he really wants I mean. Ice cube his own admission only came to sit in politics and marched so and so door at a contract Black America. And try to meetings will both administrations when he blew. A meeting with Pamela Harris well why do so which Lindsay. You're black eagle one of us gotta call US and PRB. And that little weighing realist problematic ever since you did an interview with him that. Series. And went viral. We don't believe it even vote but he let some which now we he might meet our shop so listen to opera's make a lot of the music has always been about injustice. An act. Advocating for social change and his glaring for the end of the job to see some people who had been a chain in a olds talking about in just is now turning their back in a line of cells of people who don't even like there exists. Our here's a bit of a curve ball for you know what's your message out there for the show and who was cancel one of their favorite artists other because they disagree politically or because they've been silent about a controversial issue. Listen you know money is power if you are going to use your dollars Wylie Y easily. I can understand it you don't want to support somebody that. Social issues and beings that stand in direct opposition. We want as a human you know it is just politics. And Republican Fred up as a Democrat. Look debating policy and and and White House workings and things that would political -- different in beings that stand a dias YM as a black man and so I'd say that if you consuming somebody who's not aligned with your principles and morals with good values then maybe you should with -- -- -- but one of the things we do was give people the grease ball we've got to get people the road to gold are some people just aren't informed and and we have to work with them to give Limbaugh allow them to grow because he is -- thing it was one and that Cartier was on television saying that George Bush doesn't care about black people who would've ever that he wouldn't be allowed Welch and Ellis slipped will be the -- is of them all. Asian people change we've got to give them the grace the goal of that journey. Kerry grace we all mean that Larry thank you so much and happy Thanksgiving to the Thanksgiving Lindsey's.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"Pop culture expert Jawn Murray discusses cancel culture and the clash between celebrities and their fans over the politics of 2020.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74410251","title":"Expert talks politics and pop culture","url":"/Politics/video/expert-talks-politics-pop-culture-74410251"}