Ottowa Shooting Eyewitness: 'As Soon As I Saw the Gun, I Put My Head Back Down'

Press Sec. for Canada’s New Democratic Party Greta Levy shares her horrifying experience.
8:47 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ottowa Shooting Eyewitness: 'As Soon As I Saw the Gun, I Put My Head Back Down'
Greta Levy press secretary of the new Democratic Party in Canada. Witness to two what are the shootings today joining us on the phone and credit of the first and foremost we we're glad that you're safe obviously. Are you still on lockdown in the building. I if just arrived back to work had been with the police her. The last several hours now. I went straight to the massacre after this happened. And they've now brought me back to work. And I had interpreted. Different and so released to be at work when the time. I can imagine so who's who would use so what exactly happened they can you walk we have a timeline. Sure. And essentially act. At 9:50 this morning and I remember 'cause I was late for a meeting. Colleague and I went. Center blocks or block is is the main building if you can kind of picture parliament in Ottawa. Britney to peace tower and we walked out of Sadr bloc. And justice were taking her first few stepped outside. And noticed that two women way ahead of us were getting down on the ground. And that was the first indications something was wrong. And then we just started curing. Yelling. I'm not sure whether or security here when government teacher who accept it was but to get down get down and then over guns. I'm not for the sort of finally acted as my colleague and I got down on the ground as a woman next to tourist who cut down as well. And for whatever reason I tend to lift my head and saw a man. Coming up the heat ramps that lead to disorder block. Walking. Not fast purposely. And and carrying a gun. And as soon as I saw the gun and looked back down. And a few seconds later they shouldn't. Started. It's. So that that the first shooting them that that you have heard was the shooting that it happened at the war memorial. No no we have no idea. We were coming out the war memorial all of all of downtown Ottawa it's relatively small. It's a whole areas are still locked down. And the war memorial list is maybe. A couple of minutes walk from parliament hill. From the ground until we came outside and there was no indication anything was wrong until. A few seconds after being outside we shall be some down on the ground so. I don't know where this shooter came from. Whether this distinction is that their their reports. Or memorial. He was on his own at least from what we saw. And when can rate and side by passing. A whole numbers people who were standing right it kind of parliament building. It certainly seems purposeful. EU either with that that's how you described as walking. How closely then that he did he walk past you. Well. It's hit her to say maybe ten or twelve feet. So when we roll down on the ground. But he obviously was not standing still he would Fina. And there were people standing. Up all over to lawn. That tree in front of parliament so there were plenty of people around and look at a particularly busy day of cold but. But. He's certainly he just walked Fred have to. He he received did you two make eye contact with minors and you put your head back down on the ground. Yes I don't know IE the one I looked Adam he was looking in our general direction but it was but I can't tell. If he was looking back at me or at or beyond does. And I think say it as genocide and has begun I I did I put my head right back down. So I I can't say exactly what it is looking out. We know what what does he look like. He he is accused of relatively young man to twenty securities. It's just under six feet. That he and you know again I come briefly back. He looked to me to be Caucasian. And dark hair. Wearing dark clothes. And but I didn't get a good look at the quote this genocide. Solvent guns. Which was we're very visible. And it was a long gun I'm I'm that I don't know my guns but. Either eight or rifle or shotgun. Eight and you said that he was who he was walking it purposefully. So he was not running them. You're not running. And indeed he say anything as he as he walked past him he said that. You were discriminate sit there there were some people that were on the ground like you were and other people were just sort of standing. Yeah he. I mean it as soon as we got down on the ground we've done. Didn't notice anyone else's movement until long after he had gone. So. I I didn't hear anything if anything it just seems like a completely normal day. Which was part of why I stuck my head up to begin with this I kind of didn't believe. That anything was happening. And it that's why I put my head up and then and then back down and it was a few seconds after that. That. The shooting started and I have to assume that there were other noises. That would come from inside a top point except that. My colleague and I were with sister woman and she. Very upset. Started flopping her three children were inside all the schools. And schools is that. Console. We then. Just tried to keep her calm. But all light and heard from Lunenburg gunshots I didn't really hear anyone. He currently. Hi I'm sorry I'm having trouble hearing you. I just ask you since been in contact with that colleague it seems as if she's been able to connect with the children. Police you have my my colleagues didn't can computer. He's all of treatment wind down the hill behind. At pachyderm around her trying to calm. Dedicated to got the bottom of the hill realty got separated. I was with a woman and digital computers about tonight. Suggest that I was. Trying to keep her busy and so I says. Which had a kind of police officers didn't get his description we can talk to them try to get the information. Her husband type certificate but he had given her cellphone. Associate no way of contacting him that I can spot but try to get a quote authorities for possible to get more. And but we've gotten very little information center. And end and then at that point that's when you least heard you've read speaking with police and describing in detail than what what she was seen and heard. Yeah we went over to the police officer and and and they brought to the station and we're their for several hours giving. Our version of what we've seen and to full effect a few other witnesses but there were relatively few of them were in. At the police station I have to assume that many people felt something I mean this is this is downtown Ottawa. It's a popular spot for tourists. And this morning. Right around 10 AM so as everyone that worked. And and now he's a jewel you're back at work are you back at work inside of the peace tower. No I have an office with across the street sly was escorted by police. Back in two back into my office within the locked down area. Because they gave me the option of going home which is outside the locked down area or or going actually office and I would just prefer to be the office of my colleagues at a time like this. It do less aggrandizement ask you after. A U you've got up off of the ground and and you have heard the shooting did anyone come out of the building then after that did did the shooter come out. Not not that we don't know never. Hannity brand and the bottom of the hill we present at the bottom of the held her. Maybe twenty minutes or so and and anyone that we saw PowerPoint were clearly. First responders of some kind so. So police or at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Or or any kind of special security I'm not sure but it was only security forces atop plane. I'm Greta Levy on the phone with us Greta thank you so much and obviously we are very thankful that your safety. It is is is there and obviously our our thoughts to you and your colleagues on this day.

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{"duration":"8:47","description":"Press Sec. for Canada’s New Democratic Party Greta Levy shares her horrifying experience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26382454","title":"Ottowa Shooting Eyewitness: 'As Soon As I Saw the Gun, I Put My Head Back Down'","url":"/Politics/video/eyewitness-greta-levy-gun-put-head-back-26382454"}