The new faces of Congress

Democratic women make history in Congress.
2:29 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for The new faces of Congress
Want to bring in Rick Klein our political director helpless break it all down Ricky heard Tara talking about you know the democratic candidate in this case kind of going to moderate. Approach that's not typically what we saw during this election cycle. What are the results say about this is not election for moderate to you saw people going to the partisan corners he saw voters responding to that yet and that is what Carrie. The message of the day and either worked or didn't work and all -- of places and I'm struck by had that the number of liberal candidates that were run is is kind of that the signature candidates of election cycle in Florida in Georgia in the governor's race there. And and of course in Texas where bets or roar can be ignited the liberal base. They all fell short. And it was seen as a repudiation of president front meanwhile if you look. Throughout the nation suburbs you can go outside of right here in New York or Chicago or Philadelphia. Or Miami or Dallas or Houston or Los Angeles. In all of those places you saw places that kind of country club Republicans middle of the road Republicans. And they ousted their Republican member of congress they went with a Democrat instead so. He really had a referendum on the president that went in much different directions depending on what part of country talk about great chemistry the curious however you want depending on which side of it you wanna take. Yeah I think I think we now the president added he's not gonna read it is any kind of a statement on him. But yes both sides find a lot of a candlelight in these results and lots and not like the boss is what lessons they. Texas seems to be a perfect example you know this is a state that's so common leave look at as V red state lines and yet the fact that ten crews even had to fight for this race. Kind of was a surprise in and of itself do think there's any lessons there. Learn for the Republican Party that question this in a raged through the democratic and the Republican Party poll is it bet soul Rourke. Could give one of if you run as more moderate or was he right to try to tap into the liberal grassroots energy. I and is this the future of not just Texas but a whole range of states like Arizona. Like Georgia perhaps. Who you're seeing these demographic changes. Texas demographically. Is going to be a blue state at some point if the current trends hold. Is is that going to be in four years or eight years or twenty years that's a question did that to get just there a little too soon to kind of tax that demographic tide. There's a lot of reasons for Republicans to worry you know two thirds of first time voters in this election nationwide. Voted for the Democrat. And the fact that people are coming out in droves and there was a slight uptick in younger voters as a portion of the population a bigger uptick in Latino voters. That is a troubling sign for Republicans in in the medium to long time.

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{"id":59033336,"title":"The new faces of Congress","duration":"2:29","description":"Democratic women make history in Congress.","url":"/Politics/video/faces-congress-59033336","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}