Farai Chideya on the VP Debate: 'More and More People Are Getting Off The Fence'

FiveThirtyEight's Farai Chideya joins the ABC News Digital team to discuss the vice presidential debate.
4:56 | 10/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Farai Chideya on the VP Debate: 'More and More People Are Getting Off The Fence'
Right today from 538 thing for me and we really appreciate it. So we just Melissa's picture baseline take is there somebody is there candidate you think it a better job tonight. Yeah. It's stage. Lobbed attacks by their actions accounting tax and that's three times. By the vice presidential. Against. The top of the ticket part sitting in punching chatter was just all of proxy. And so I think really wouldn't talk about who won lost. Well I'm gonna use your body your Mike I'm that he in my mind money here your expert announces so honestly your are. What. Opening aria okay you're good to go well. That bit the quick recap this yesterday. That basically there where it at least three times as many attacks against the top of the opposition ticket as that were against the person. Sitting next to each other so the vice presidents were debating each other it would be in the top of the ticket. So if you look at the overall optics of the night I would argue that parents actually had a stronger. Delivery he was less likely to interrupted was calmer however if you look at it from who was attacked trucks at the B. It's so those are two different ways of looking at the debate was that. Pence or Cain perform better or was the top of their ticket took more damage and if you look at the board damaged natural I think that this night. It's probably better for the Democrats if you look at. Who was more in the flow. And it's a good way of putting it I think senseless. So completes money when it's time for people start running for office. And it. Child loses consistent but pretty nicely of these settlements sort of perspective of someone who seems approachable and likable weather heats factual and I. You know parents really did. Project well however he is much more social conservatives. And and that his serves me. A couple different ways one with the evangelical Christians. He's actually been able to really lock down the ticket. Among people who. Want to have this conservative Supreme Court. And then. Yes please. Excellent. But but secondly I think that what's happened is it parents' pets may be too far right. Too. Be it the top of the ticket perhaps not perhaps but. There's a lot of indications that it there are many Republican women just don't want someone who is a staunch. You know hardliner on abortions pets. So he might get to the top of the ticket and I'd be curious to see that's where the sort of Republican electors. To take aways from me. One pitch or is that yes. I. Very quick to you know this thing well I hear you saying Bryant say he said he morgue and a half. We thank you have acted. But. And that we went into this. We poll numbers showing that. People want it to hear about. They. They that even after the presidential debate and it's much mudslinging and wanna hear about the policy you want me here with substance. A little. I was trying to keep track you know it I think Kean. Today and decent job of at least trying to enumerate them policies when he came to. Economics when he came to in the creeks and we didn't get as much of it Annie from parents. But on the whole over the ninety minutes and Patrick you that's track answer how you keep it. It didn't see disease there wasn't a lot of sensed. There were a lot of topics. And their. I don't want to relax yeah. Yet nobody every once and a while fully and with muted. Position would come out. But not so much that it some it was really this you know 32 times. Cain attacked. So that alone just that. Level. You kind of attack and dropped to this was really about. Kind of trying to undermine. The top of the ticket and I don't think it was about making the case to the American people about this is why should vote for us. Because most people have made up their minds I mean. I you know and this is not coming from a hard number but just from reported doing. People who were on the facts are getting off the fence there's fewer and fewer people day by day on facts. And so I don't know if these two vice presidential candidate. Thought that they had to articulate a vision for their ticket they were to think I just get swearing in survive.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"FiveThirtyEight's Farai Chideya joins the ABC News Digital team to discuss the vice presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42575918","title":"Farai Chideya on the VP Debate: 'More and More People Are Getting Off The Fence'","url":"/Politics/video/farai-chideya-vp-debate-people-off-fence-42575918"}