FBI Busts Alleged Plot to Rig NYC Mayoral Race

Democratic state Sen. Malcolm Smith was among six people charged in the corruption probe.
2:41 | 04/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI Busts Alleged Plot to Rig NYC Mayoral Race
New York State senator Malcolm Smith and city councilman Dan. How Lauren are among a half dozen politicians arrested as part of a widespread bribery scheme now the law makers from queens are accused of trying to buy -- this place. Into the mayor's race we have team coverage is Alec Rossi has reaction to their arrest from queens -- to start -- with Anthony got to live in lower Manhattan. But a federal charges were just unsealed Anthony. -- federal authorities are telling us this afternoon that this case. As proof that some authorities are rather some public officials are only ends there are jobs -- their own. Personal benefit as -- said this involves -- state senator. Malcolm Smith the apparently wanted to run on the -- -- a ticket to become. The mayor of New York City in the upcoming election he one of the keys to Gracie Mansion and he was willing to pay 80000 dollars to get it. The scheme was elaborate its reach was broad stretching from the Bronx and queens and a Rockland county all the way up to Albany. Democratic state senator Malcolm Smith apparently orchestrated a plan to hopefully become New York city's -- -- by running on the Republican ticket. The plan was initially hatched on November 16 of last year. Smith tried to bribe Republican Party -- and queens and the Bronx and -- supporting his run for mayor. The money was to be funneled to a real estate scheme and Rockland county. However the people -- thought we're developers we're really working for the federal government. The criminal complaint alleged that Smith said quote you pull this off you can have the house I'll be Tenet. The charges we unsealed today. Demonstrate once again. That -- show me the money culture seemed brigade every level. Of New York government. Earlier this year during another meeting Smith allegedly said quote it's worth any -- look. Talk to me before you close it but it's worth it because you know how big a deal it is. City councilman Daniel Halloran was the apparent contact between the GOP officials and Smith. -- and apparently took bribes according to the complaint. And was seeking to become deputy police commissioner NA Smith administration. Now an artifice that the really pull this off he had to get. Support from three of the five GOP chairman and the city of New York. So he's willing to go ahead and pay them off at any price to go ahead and become mayor -- -- and five other public officials will be in court this afternoon. And White Plains for their first court appearance that is the latest live from lower Manhattan Anthony Johnson -- -- and I witnessed.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Democratic state Sen. Malcolm Smith was among six people charged in the corruption probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18863089","title":"FBI Busts Alleged Plot to Rig NYC Mayoral Race","url":"/Politics/video/fbi-busts-alleged-plot-to-rig-nyc-mayoral-race-18863089"}