Former FBI Director James Comey testifies

ABC News' Josh Haskell and Ben Siegel report from outside the Senate hearing on Capitol Hill as Comey begins his testimony.
9:20 | 06/08/17

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Transcript for Former FBI Director James Comey testifies
We're right now inside the Dirksen senate building right next upward. Senate building next door right there we had to move to this area or into a few meters while the hearing is going wrong. And there have been many people lined up since the early mornings when eventual recoup what he's just do people mr. twenty years old. One bright doctored and what time did you arrive. Case actually was lucky or somewhat late belt there let's friends Rory. Players. Chemo him with them skip a lot of people. And I'm here today just because obviously wants is hearing won't be part of history. Like this is something I'll tell my kids twenty years from now. In Jordan you work on Capitol Hill yes he senators. Members congress every single day you didn't hear what is different about today. Say it today it's number one obviously the crowd just the fact that what is at stake here just. The public. You know you hear answers some questions asking you know what mystery mysteries declared TO today. It's much more born here. Yesterday's budget for some years more. There was in your office. Who are above your bosses they let you come down here today saying chat here what are they doing is any work getting done in this building. Probably not as much. I mean I realized watching. Being younger person you know for the sorry users. To block. It's very important you know people want to see you know watch history and B of autism this. So what this. In a car if you else. And so your twenty years old. You had been obviously follow the 26 election it. There's been other hearings at this magnitude. But everything that happened in this election and then now he kind of culminating in fired FBI director now here. High power you kind of making sense of all this are you reading the news every single day RE talking your friends about it. Or is this something that because this is your job. You're your Eric does it transit your social as well. I would say yes it is being in Washington DC just the social climate of just talking to people what others at a happy Eller is on the job if it's just walking on street everyone's always talking belt. This situation is the presidency is so much bust gone wrong about it. I'll ask you question him further I would say they Watson is alive Trotter is months icann's knowledge of this newspaper by. I try to stay well formed from us it's wrong. And I saw it I toward and his friends they were watching. Live coverage. A live stream of the hearing on your iPhone because you guys couldn't get in their words out. You turn to me and said well there's a lot of people in front of us. Due to give him beginning today. May typically in my past experience appeared in as far back as when he forresters we saw me in the line if you it felt that I missed an hour. Enough people lead very you'd get the knives to get the job Donnelley and give them but. I'm not quite sure about today like everybody's in there to the very end to we be disappointed if you can't get energies being here. At the end of the day evening here's enough but I would be this point look again. Excellent law want to thank you so much for only get back to your friends get back in Lima to you later Jordan. Thank you also want to bring in ABC's Ben Siegel then you worked here ever get to see him and you work your every single day. This is your stomping ground and today's is a little different for many reasons are in big hearings of specially with the chart administration. But not just the lines. Talk about. What will be going on inside that courtroom it's not just going to be partisans softball questions and anyone kind of protecting a witness there's going to be a lot of fireworks are saying yes absolutely and the watch the story of comics firing has really rocked Washington. Since it happened for weeks now and this is the first time will be hearing from director only publicly. About his firing about those interactions with trumpet and report beat the weekly in the near times the Washington Post ABC news. So this is the first time that will really hear from the principles. In terms of that relationship that you know so many questions have been raised and people opening on that committee and also in the public. That will finally get answers. You're inside that room before the hearings are he has obviously you and higher both listening to it here I'm still hearing it right now. Talk about just some color from inside that room. And as that they were beginning. Those pleas callers who was in the room you just kind of tell us or what you saw share well there's a lot that goes in the planning meetings like this. Yet they have to figure out how many members of the public you know this politically how many members of the public to watch the hearing in the room we counted about ninety people ninety seats that were set aside. We spoke to some people are waiting line they're going to be somewhere else in the building but. That's part of the room part of the equation is how many people. How many reporters and members of the press in the room as well. And and there are a couple of rows for congressional officials DOJ FBI officials we saw us he set aside for pre Barra do. You know I was its has has ties to Chuck Schumer and working up here on capitol annals as the relationship coming. He's he's in the room we have we saw that it seems that receive members of congress and it just shows you how. How big deal this hearing is there are six or seven members of the house have a full workdays. Leading all of that on the other side the building and coming up here to sit in this hearing for however long ago. So it's that's just one indication of justice and it's been set it's not just the senate Intel committee. There's some past members of this committee. McConnell. I heard may pop in at some point. And there's people that just want even McCain yesterday was at that hearing and he's not even on the how exactly it's one of its one of the corps of Capitol Hill on their four members that are called exit the seal members of the committee former members. Members of leadership in the case McConnell and Chuck Schumer were expected to see Chuck Schumer and and Mitch McConnell there they're technically members of every committee. And had that it had that title but they rarely show to hearings but we we have seen. Senator McCain. And Arizona senator Jack Green River island both former members of the committee saw senator Reid the holiday did not say what he plans ask director completely unpalatable be there today and you'll both have questions for. And our last question for band before we get back and I do little bit more reporting. Is. A lot of those people Jordan like we just talked to they won't get in our have to wait arm but this will end. As chairman percent at one yen and then they won't go to closed hearing. He's explain that process to us a little bit because I think some people may be thinking why is half this public lies half. It's close what will go on where will that take place and it. I mean this is normal this is how it's always that's a great question Josh and there is via Senate Intelligence Committee it's their main role is to conduct oversight of the seventeen American intelligence. The IC needs artist community and a seventeen intelligence agencies a lot of that is as you know secret and classified. Five in various forms that happens behind closed doors so there's a room that's around the corner as well it's called the skip its and its classified secure room. Where you can't get you know recordings and cell phone signal in and out. And that's where they have these top these top highly classified conversation with top intelligence officials that's where they're gonna have former director home later today and they're expected and that room to go into more detail. About some elements of the Russian investigation. And other things that have not necessarily been been cleared for the public and for the American people to. To learn yet in an and of course that's frustrating for the public it's frustrating for the capitol press corps and it's frustrating also offer some members of congress because they want. Because that is. You know they see the role in this is to is to provide some level of public accountability as to what happened in the election. What did or did not happen with trump campaign officials there as trump said and according tell director Hamid his inner satellites. So that'll get out there eventually but this has to work the reclassification process. And that'll start at 1 PM as chambers of. And disorder reassure the public of what goes on behind closed doors I heard S senator Warner say. I commend this committee for how serious leader taking this. Investigation how it's not about Democrats on our Republicans I feel were gonna hear a lot more that today elect people know that. On yeah you may not know everything that we're discussing that this investigation. Is not ending after today and it's something that we are taking really seriously the investigation. Into Russia's interference with our election. Exactly and while one of the things that's most covered about this whole process is. Russian officials and Russian officials. Have any contact trump trump campaign poster associates. The big thing for members of congress who. Who no Morton can ever tell us. Is what exactly residents influence our election. And and and and and some finishing plant in Europe and other democracies and they say it's ongoing and they want to make sure the American people have a sense. And knows the system should answer. I think been so much to get back. Outside that room we can't even get inside so packed. But we will continue to have updates of course caring be hearing a lot so stay with ABC news for more.

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{"duration":"9:20","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell and Ben Siegel report from outside the Senate hearing on Capitol Hill as Comey begins his testimony.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47914406","title":"Former FBI Director James Comey testifies ","url":"/Politics/video/fbi-director-james-comey-testifies-47914406"}