Feds suggest 'substantial term of imprisonment' for Trump's former fixer and attorney

Cohen is scheduled to be sentenced next week.
3:25 | 12/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Feds suggest 'substantial term of imprisonment' for Trump's former fixer and attorney
Breaking news in the Muller investigation court filings that we expected at 5 o'clock today. Coming in right on time the documents revealing new details about the two men who have been at the center of the pro Paul Mann a port and Michael Collins. And all this coming on the same day the former FBI director James Conley testified on Capitol Hill. Our political reporter Dave Evans here now with the very latest Dave. And as you know today's a long awaited paperwork has finally been filed prosecutors are recommending. A substantial term of imprisonment for Robert corn trumps former lawyer. But we are just now going through that forty page document and we will have more for you later but. Today's filings could be significant in what it says about president trumps closest advisors and also perhaps. About trump himself. For more than a year news from the Robert Mueller investigation is common small groups but that may all change very soon. Court papers expected today could shed light on both Paul metaphor Trump's campaign manager and robber call warrant trumps former lawyer and the work they did for trump. What did metaphor lie about after agreeing to cooperate in the Russian investigation. And did he somehow implicate draw. The other paperwork or call one could explain whether coins cooperation. In the investigation is worth enough to warrant a reduction in prison time. Also ABC news has confirmed. Investigators are questioning trump Murray chief of staff John Kelly on accusations of obstruction of justice. Muller's new boss will be William Barr who was attorney general under president George H. W. Bush crumpled white bar in the next few days as AG. There's no one more capable or more qualified for this role he deserves. Overwhelming. Bipartisan support I suspect you'll probably get it and in the middle of all of today's expected news former FBI director James Connelly is testifying privately to congress. On leaks in the rusher pro. And whether Moeller is being fair. Democrats are furious anyone should attempt to be investigating. Mullen. When you become chairmen are youth officially gonna end this investigation. Yes why. Is it's a waste of time to start with and that the the entire purpose of this investigation is the case dispersion. On the real investigation to Smollins there's no evidence whatsoever of of bias at the FBI or any of these have announces it talking. And just a few minutes ago comb it came out of today's hearing and surprisingly he said a lot of today's questions from Republicans focused. On Hillary Clinton and her email scandal Coley was asked about Republican accusations that today he avoided answering several important. Questions. The FBI for understandable reasons doesn't want. Me talking about that details of the investigation that is still ongoing. It began when I was FBI director and so it makes sense that they don't want to limit those details but that's a very teeny part. But what we talked about they'll whole lot of Hillary Clinton team out. Or you. Also earlier today a Trump's current order to Giuliani claimed that metaphor lied about a matter directly related to trump himself. Giuliani says apparently that's why Moeller revoked his agreement with metaphor if this is true that could mean that metaphor would face criminal prosecution related to work that he did for trial. Previous charges before today related to his hiding money while lobbying pro Russian groups in Ukraine we'll have more for you we hope at 6 o'clock seven.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Cohen is scheduled to be sentenced next week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59689040","title":"Feds suggest 'substantial term of imprisonment' for Trump's former fixer and attorney","url":"/Politics/video/feds-suggest-substantial-term-imprisonment-trumps-fixer-attorney-59689040"}