After Ford's testimony, Sen. Graham says he feels 'ambushed'

The legislator from South Carolina said he still had questions about the incident.
4:18 | 09/27/18

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Transcript for After Ford's testimony, Sen. Graham says he feels 'ambushed'
Hasn't really upset that Dianne Feinstein believe this was a credible allegation that she wouldn't do and mr. judge Kevin out the service of saying. I've got this was sure said the story turning over the committee so did have something. Not this close to the mid terms when they say that she wasn't sure we're willing to go out there just watchable I don't know what they tell on this board. But we were willing to go to California. We were told she couldn't fly. All I can say is that we're forty some days away from the election and their goal not miss Ford's goal is to lay this. Past the mid terms so they can win the senate and never roll out throughout the fill the seat I believe that now more than ever. I don't know pay for a polygraph that somebody did. In here's what I'm. I'm more convinced. The friends on the other side said it up to be just the way it is senator failed ambushed. As the majority we're going to hear from mr. Kavanagh judge Kavanagh and have been a judge prosecutor and defense attorney here's what I'll today. When it comes to where it happened I still don't know. I don't know what it happen she said she's a hundred presents certain it did happen. That you judge Kevin I'll say I'm a 100% sure I didn't do it. If people names say they don't know what. This sports talking about she can't tell us has to go home and Ashley got there invest the facts I'm left with nice lady. Who has come forward to tell a hard story this time cooperated in this is enough. God helping anybody else it gets nominated. Based on what are today you could not get a search warrant are an arrest warrant for. Gosh you don't know the location you don't know the time you know have you cooperation. As to miss Mitchell that's what I hope she would do. I heard Abacha speeches from a bunch of politicians. Will politicize this from day one who have been lying in wait for a political purpose. Not miss Ford but certainly they know. Making a budget speeches in this Mitchell methodically went through the facts of what happened that day. Leading up to that day and how we find ourselves here he's done from my point of view I'm pleased to let us. Senator he had to do you know fortunately about your background as a prosecutor yeah that's turning. You sitting up there fine doctor board credible. I didn't find her allegations be cooperated against mr. cap now. I don't doubt something happened to her but she is saying this Brett Cavanaugh which hit Tammy house she can cities can Tammy the month of the year. He's saying I didn't do it. So here's what you did when you have a emotional accusation and emotional denial. Use the rule of law. The presumption of innocence attaches to the person accused. Yet to get them notice and time to time and location you ask is anybody to verify this and when you give things Allman go the other way. Having sad that. Would I think about this work very competent. Accomplished lady. Something happened I don't know why that you're asking me to say this Brett Cavanaugh. And I don't know when it happened where it happened is that it does happen soon but I would say this I thought it was a good suggestion vertigo talk somebody. To work through this yeah. And our how well not all argument for a more fulsome investigation. If you really believe we needed investigation at this morning you tell us. In August. When it's of this and Alex let's listen the FBI is gonna tell us why. What house are they got to go to. What city are they gonna go to. Good they're gonna talk to cause they can't tell us the mind. Barely that you are so this is all delay justice in my district judge I so here's where they go when mister judge he says I didn't do it I don't know what she's talking about. They want to bring him and trash him at a cult when he fat people we'll does say that he's an abuser and guess what will be passed and it turned. I'm not dollar reward people. For playing a political game I think let her life. She is just so much a victim as this is I think Brett Cavanaugh. Because somebody. Betrayed her trust and we know who she gave the letter today and the people it betrayed her trust. Taylor apologies.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The legislator from South Carolina said he still had questions about the incident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58128395","title":"After Ford's testimony, Sen. Graham says he feels 'ambushed'","url":"/Politics/video/feel-ambushed-sen-lindsey-graham-fords-testimony-58128395"}