Fiona Hill warns Russia will attack 2020 elections

House Intelligence Committee holds seventh public impeachment hearing with Fiona Hill and David Holmes.
2:11 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Fiona Hill warns Russia will attack 2020 elections
Old John something else that Mary noted I know you as well as the fact that the on a hill. I mean right off the bat started talking about the Kremlin ready to strike again in 22 when he and that's a current threat to our election into our democracy. How powerful did you think that was an and her testimony thus far. While that was teachers certainly passionately making that it was cut it was a chilling warning that the threat was still there. And the way that she directly win act. This conspiracy theory that the president had. Wanted the president of Ukraine to pursue this idea that it was Ukraine that was the primary bad actor in 26 team. You know she made it clear that is something it was a and narratives they. Can be traced to lot of recruitment to the Russians it was something that the Russians. We're pushing for their own interest but I. I think overall Kara it's it's striking here today to hear Fiona hell somebody. Who wasn't there for the phone call she left the White House just days before. That July phone call between president trump and presents a Lansky she wasn't there as as aid was. Military aid was held up and the effort to get it on frozen. But she speaks. To the larger point which is you know she was in charge of Russia policy Russia. Policy. Including. I Ukraine. And she will it was mystified by. The repeated efforts by the president depleted actions by the presence that did that they would. I'd pivot towards Latimer potent and towards Russia on and it's striking did. You had Fiona hill eat we we we know John Bolton is position on this we know where secretary of state Mike Pompeo has been. On this question of military aid for Ukraine I can't find anybody. In the entire foreign policy opera at Raddatz of the of the trop administration. That was thinking that this idea hold withholding aid to Ukraine was a good idea anybody except of course the president announced its. John Carlo from the white as their John thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"House Intelligence Committee holds seventh public impeachment hearing with Fiona Hill and David Holmes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67201075","title":"Fiona Hill warns Russia will attack 2020 elections","url":"/Politics/video/fiona-hill-warns-russia-attack-2020-elections-67201075"}