'Fired Up' President Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton

President Obama says he's "fired up" at Campaign Rally for Hillary Clinton
3:58 | 07/05/16

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Transcript for 'Fired Up' President Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton
I saw him go toe to toe with the toughest foreign leaders. And to give the order to go after Osama bin Laden. A. This my friends is a resident who knows how to keep us safe and strong. Compare that to Donald Trump. Can you imagine him. Sitting in the old law now. And Erica faces a crisis. The world hangs on every word our residents as and Donald Trump is simply. Unqualified. And temperament. Unfit tipped me. It. I mean it's a good. Because I I believe. In Hillary Clinton. No then head to earth. Net revenue at the united. But the bottom line is. If you would wait secretary. I'm by the way that's just my opinion. That was the view of the American people and pundits throughout the time that was is that there's then and there has never. Any. Man. Or woman. More qualified. Or this office. I know Hillary can do the job. And that's why I am still proud. North Carolina to embarrass Hillary Clinton. And if your concern. Is. Working people. Then this is not mutual's I don't care whether you're white black Hispanic native American. Hope about. They opened I don't. It what you care is who's going to be or ordinary folks were fighting for a better life for themselves and their children. I don't know how well the don't. Against the minimum weight. Our defense unions. Making sure that everybody get the bears job against. Legislation pre opening. Up against strictly even and family. Again publicly. Working families' well Hillary I'm has and continues to understand. The punch atop tall doesn't replace the hard work of diplomacy. A bunch of phony bluster doesn't keep us there. She understands we can't retreat from world American leadership. You'd never hurt Hillary Clinton demonize another people. Rather than murder. Not be willing to engage and fault even. When they disagree with. Brando sick. And let the broken immigration system. Let it live up to our tradition of the nation of laws in the nation of them. Don't let Americans. But. I couldn't be prouder of the things we've done together but I'm ready to pass the time. Hillary Clinton is going to put. A good job. And then the food and that the fleet of foot boat and if they. It's the let do well it does look good. The message there that Hillary Rodham led the nets president of the united with them. A.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"President Obama says he's \"fired up\" at Campaign Rally for Hillary Clinton","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40359006","title":"'Fired Up' President Obama Stumps for Hillary Clinton","url":"/Politics/video/fired-president-obama-stumps-hillary-clinton-40359006"}