FiveThirtyEight Breaks Down the New Hampshire Democratic Debate's First Act

Nate Silver and team react after the first break in the debate between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley.
6:01 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight Breaks Down the New Hampshire Democratic Debate's First Act
People now for not getting beer from the fridge. Probably as many as twelve people around the world are following her life stream we and everyone. Will be their brokers. We watched debate Harry any any kind of overarching thought so far. No game changer with Hillary Clinton clearly to me is in command of this debate playing newer strength foreign policy. Martin O'Malley angry they also named woman Natalie they've only seen the two candidates people accident. Sharper than last summer. I think it means means he what's notable about what happens ours they're getting such granular detail about foreign policy in about. Iraq and let you know in in the lot bought Harry were saying that there really playing bass in some ways most Democrat the democratic base doesn't want to. Put boots on the ground and so I think they're they're talking and increase you know. Deet big details. And there are issues here a farm policy where we talk that if you on the GOP side where they differ for the majority. In terms of responses to crisis and in Syria Democrats are are in the minority here something's right. In but the who's going to be watching this debate not very many swing voters Ryder most of the swing voters will be paying attention to campaign until October. Probably next year. So to me this is all about the base. Whatever that fun little thing fell about that senate and trainer thank you I'm not cool quiet. I don't I again I I just. To me the real story felt far is that there are no game changer is. And for some reason Martin O'Malley virtually you the story is no story and that that's essentially. There there is no I mean I think O'Malley is a O'Malley O'Malley little fire brands and tonight is the only real surprise to me were chances. To the best appointment at the point that Martan becomes democratic Melanie press. Is that one and 101 in ten when 1000 I think one and hundreds fine I take that fine whatever. Clara. And since we can't be that thing that's so interesting to me about O'Malley being so angry so far as. You know there's a difference between being passionate and being angry. And he comes in and and and is so loud and in instances in which it doesn't feel appropriate to deal out right like. Although all of this this data breach being nobody cares about an hourly I didn't like jump before he reminds me of president Karen walker from house of cards are ten of the weekly character and also. Not that well acted character Tim Wright it's like it's things like a bad actor trying to. China and it. There's something he's he's missing something a public. The charisma stage and immediately you know you're this close and went swimming in the ocean that dimensional picture him doing that it. Which shades of Catholic saints and yet he just like you know he looks like it looks like a politician your grandmother would say that's a nice man program. But and that means felt funny about O'Malley being Allen nice young man you know we made an issue up or we nened new generations perspective. He's going to be 54 on January 20 to doubt that Clearwire the Democrats soul. The ones that great crash Biden a theater and muzzled. I think weapons 'cause it's 'cause Obama. Holton Hewlett cut a line of all these people who were like. Queued up I think that's part of it and also Democrats have suffered such great losses during the two mid terms which. Obama's been president so they just don't have any bench at all so what if there Clinton had said. Three years ago that I want to run the democratic them. Who would have emerged to fill that backing. Her round I think maybe the senior senator from Ohio pop potentially could have maybe Tim Kaine. The junior senator from the state of Virginia. I didn't we know they even Jerry Brown but he Jerry browns went through with or 1938. In Jerry Brown but why I mean Jerry Brown. It is. Accidentally sixties pitchers chart benefit was born 1950 to one thing for some reason you know that. I'm blessed I'm. The it really don't hear. November 9 1950 tip Perry. Asked. This is why you pay me because I know that so here's cutting out about it ahead Jerry brown and Sherrod Brown. Ad rep president that creates database problem I'm still dealing with an -- the of the day where Tommy Thompson and Fred Thompson. Back confuse principal and that's. Well I mean that's a big issue at the big issue in. Yeah would have been big problems for us I mean that's what we need any candidates who don't create an event problems Nazi lessening. Though you know different last name totally different parts of the alphabet you know it's. Why don't we just have you know different codes for each of the candidates in Manhattan aims it a lot numbers for names or something like that so you keep everything relegated database structure that he needed in a fire agreement in Latin in our political you know. Let's keep this within the family. And everybody else so going in the big gossip scuttlebutt was about the stated reached do you guys think. Bernie handled that well Hillary handled well the thing I think it was fun and you sort of like they face that they handle it at the top they both were sort of like this happens. Let's let's talk about I think I think they all fine except for Martin O'Malley angry for no reason yeah we're talking. Like let me be above the fray to interrupt. Tech tactic. Like an ever really works for it worked like once for Kristen means and who confessed to the moment general. You look like when you when you kind of make that move lets you calibrated just right it's like outlining an argument actually right I enjoy on the kind of guy you win. You here to you straight to target in the street. I wanna hear that argument. And Chris Christie has two billion times in an accurate and Martin O'Malley and Alex can't.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Nate Silver and team react after the first break in the debate between Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35867831","title":"FiveThirtyEight Breaks Down the New Hampshire Democratic Debate's First Act","url":"/Politics/video/fivethirtyeight-breaks-hampshire-democratic-debates-act-35867831"}