Flash Reaction to Vice Presidential Debate

ABC News' political team has immediate reaction to the VP Debate at Longwood University.
7:50 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Flash Reaction to Vice Presidential Debate
And as we see the candidates they can't wait there Mike can continue to. Spirited debate. Including competitive world and we won't cover a lot of ground war. And that he does that make content alliance warmed. Because they believe that the conflict is not a polished politician to do so and that's thing for them to polish politicians and their politicians. Senator and governor can can governors member of the house Mike Pence who came in with quite different strategies. Yeah I mean these are two experienced politicians who have been through debates before in their own races for governor congress or senator so they're very good at this and knowing how to do this. It was very interesting to me with this was I thought Tim Kaine. His style wasn't as good as Mike prince's I thought Mike Pence did better on style and calmness. But I think Tim Kaine came with a strategy which was I'm not trying to undercut Donald Trump every step I can't on some fundamental issues taxes order insults or whatever those were. Mike Pence actually deflected but never really fundamentally defended Donald Trump. This look like to meet. A debate for Tim Kaine was in this race today. Making the argument about why Hillary Clinton and it look Mike Mike Mike Pence was one to get out of this year's election to another election. For me he may be they still didn't seem to bother Donald Trump didn't really get so they've ever had before in this vice president of a of the two presidential candidates. Tweeting in real time all through. The debate dollars from being as cheerleader for Mike Pence. So great opening statement right out of the gate Georgia a tweeting almost immediately and there were tweets from Hillary Clinton throughout the debate to in. It's interesting you know you were saying that that he often deflected but he did defend Donald Trump on one key issue. And it's been issued its top the news for the last week taxes where he he came out and he said the doll from Digg used. The tax code the way it was supposed to and that he used the tax code brilliantly it's the same words we've heard from Donald Trump the last 24 hours. And it sounds an awful lot like what you heard from the circuits about them being a genius he was forced into that Cokie Roberts because. Tim Cain brought a brought up the tax returns again and again okay. And brought up over and over and over again the insulting words the Donald Trump has used about all kinds of people. And and that was really his goal was to remind everybody. That Donald Trump's. Temperament is a prime and I want to. One of those exchanges because of the one of the ones were Mike and thank you said it was true let's watch when they changed from where Tim Caine talks about. Donald Trump's insults on bring Byron Pitts it. This. Just trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign on the other side and I'm you know I'm just saying facts about your running here outlook and I don't think that's another front I'm have governors defended senator don't put words in my mouth and I'm not defending him for not unhappy to defend and most of what you said is completely false. So Margaret you're taking look at these statements won't go through them. We're George Donald Trump did say in 2015 the Mexicans bring in drugs they're breaking crime they're rapists he did say. And 2006. To an interview with Fox News he called Rosie O'Donnell a slop. Donald Trump did say in the first debate that blacks that African Americans are litigant help. So the facts are we conclude that the comment by governor pence was false OK let's. Reader John Carlo is in the hall. I did it feel like there was a winner and then all John. Well it felt like Tim Kaine came in here is if he was the candidate that was on the campaign that was behind. And he was over eager to try to score points came came in hot. He was in erupting constantly. So I think that those or maybe even more than points on style severely hurt Tim Kaine. Mike Pence in the other hand was that relatively calm presence it was almost as if Cain and pants switch roles from what we saw with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were Donald Trump was constantly interrupting during his debate. In this case it was it was Hillary Clinton's running mate that was constantly interrupting but fact checkers will have a field day we have. With Mike Pence the other big one George was the question of whether or not parents said. Did flattener prudent as a stronger leader than Barack Obama. You saw parents deny saying that. Parents said that he said it just Earl lull last month on September 8 in an interview with with CNN yet we will see how this plays and in in the days that follow. Honorably as we go through all the fact check I wanna go to our candidate had to our reporters to cover. Other campaigns right now Cecilia Vega let me start. When you what are you hearing from the Clinton camp coming ends today. George assisting in the 31 thirty minutes that first debate between Clinton inch from the Clinton camp was declaring victory no outright declarations just yet but they are very happy with cain's performance one ages telling me that right now that pence ran away from trump. And was dishonest about the real record heat is however taking some heat from even Democrats and allies over these interruptions but but. McCain aides are telling me that's the BP's job that's of running mate stop and he did what he set out to do tonight. It seems this is that the meeting that back to you Matthew get it seems like in some ways Tim Kaine was willing to sacrifice himself to do the job for the ticket. Well I think Tim Kaine looks as has looked at the polls and has looked what's happened in the last week and understands that this race is fundamentally about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and he's going to be want to do whatever it takes to make sure he brings her helps bring her over the finish line. He any sacrifice the bid as you write on style on that. I thought substantively. Tim canes argument and disciplined this was much better than Mike Pence Mike Pence style won on style but Tim Kaine substantive. Arguments of course all along the way making it in prosecuting a case against Al comments which Mike Pence did not want to respond. Write it and then and I want to bring that economists and come back to go to be this time he did at that point Tim Kaine finally at the point it was almost with only about twenty minutes left. In the debate we said six times. I put up these the comments and that's you defend the comments of Donald Trump and six times. You haven't done it wave what are the trump camp saying about that. Well Donald Trump and his typical fashion saying Mike Pence won big in it they all support Mike Pence. Also Trump's campaign manager very happy with the governor's performance it is true which he said he was all the defensive all night but when you talk about style and tone. Governor Mike Pence did not let Tim Kaine get under his skin something that didn't happen to Donald Trump. When Hillary Clinton was attacking Donald Trump it clearly got to him but governor Mike Pence kept his cool throughout this debate and he did have one key moment there's when he pointed out. The difference in cain's position on abortion and how that has morphed over his years in public service I will say one thing. Governor Chris Christie is now advising Donald Trump first next debate. Trouble they wanna ask his running mate governor Mike Pence for some style points as well Georgia that worked you know cooking on that issue of abortion than to reveal something that have been going on throughout the night. Tim Kaine and Mike Pence speaking to the Harry very different audience. Excess might Tim Kaine was talking to is based. And talk into the people in the Republican Party that he. Needs to get out there and and stay enthusiastic and of course the Mike Pence I'm I'm just I'm sorry Mike Benson then the abortion question being the most. Obvious of those. But it's it would Tim Kaine was looking at that group of college educated white women that's foods is that's is couldn't determine this election. And and over and over and over citing trumps. Statements and then at the end doing that defense of rovers this raid. Is really where he was going there and I think that that that his entire performance was aimed at that voter group. And in fact if he was trying to poking needles. Mike Pence at the risk of not looking likable himself he ultimately got there in the end I would argue win. They were talking about abortion and and the comments that mr. trump at one point and said women should be punished if abortion becomes illegal. And that's when you heard Mike Pence sable listen he's not a polished politician and that is really blowing thinking a real big concession right there.

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