Looking Forward to the Next Presidential Debate

Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson talks with ABC News about the upcoming presidential town hall debate.
3:49 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Looking Forward to the Next Presidential Debate
I'm a little bit of the next presidential debate coming up this Sunday. In and and what the dynamics in be there there's a huge X-Factor. Which it is going to be a lot audiences town hall style. Situation. Co moderated we should say by our own. Martha Raddatz is a rock star and has used the word cool with some regularity. And also lepers it where it's cinco. I would say they that that makes it more complicated if you want to be hurling insults real voters that really liked that. Yet hills will only have to be responsive to someone who like Lester holt was trying to more or less play. Play refereed you can't stay out of the fray for the most part and here you will have. Actual voters that that will be asking directly in this this won't just be. I'm I'm a journalist saying Donald Trump used had horrible things about people. What would you say to voters likening this'll be an actual voter perhaps a woman perhaps someone from the Latino community thing. Why do you say things like this about people like me and I act harder that's harder to dance sound a. But the harder for Hillary Clinton to attack him on you know who you eat your daddy gave you money stuff. Because it's it's it's is a tougher arena in which to deliver insult effectively. And she typically has not plea well. And large groups from the cameras were Donald Trump seems to know how to child rule. You do after X-Factor there yeah that even if what he's two offense that uses of such a way that's so folksy affable. That doesn't come across is offensive to go home and go to him and he insulted me. Where she comes across even at this from a heart that's due to have calculated. The question is can she and you B can't even begin to see that over the last few weeks over the last week we can now after the debate because he's not doing what. Press conferences all of a sudden. And she's smiling and she's doing an abuse of marriage they lives are just like Cole might be like you like me and who hasn't been a press conference. I'll swap. So I think is curious to see if what's happened during the debate that's worth in the switch roles and what to do in front of a large crop. Whether or not she's gonna maintain this likable articulate question Hillary and he's going to be don't ask for anything trial or the clinical Baxter wrote that we've seen moment last. Registered five days. Adding another big question that I'm looking for over the next week is you know he hinted at these rallies that he's gonna bring up things like. Potentially bringing up Bill Clinton's past infidelities he didn't need that didn't let that I was I was going to I didn't want to because Chelsea was there but now he sort of making the case. Maybe the gloves will mop. Some polling that came out just on Monday. The 56% of voters that they think an appropriate time goes there including 62%. Limit. So if trunk it's provoked in decides you know what gloves are off I'm just gonna unleash everything. Does that really badly backfire on him and you know can't help them. Nothing it seems like so few things have backfired that can't tell you how many times over the last year I've. Interviewed somebody like you and said well is this the thing he just insulted. And handicapped reporter he just consulted Senator McCain just insulted Mexicans and and over and over people like Iliad is getting into trouble but here we are very close. Right. One of a close three argued that Hillary Clinton being up 45 points is not. Not actually that clause in its handling them we have them some eight inning in a state poll perhaps spinning bear in mind that Mitt Romney lost by three point. Yeah and lost in the Electoral College by humans are stunning three points actually does turn into. Can turn into a pretty big lead in the electoral college and I I had so much rather. In Clinton's use the drug Hughes giving. Polling says right now but you rate this is strange election. You never never quite now.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson talks with ABC News about the upcoming presidential town hall debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42570958","title":"Looking Forward to the Next Presidential Debate","url":"/Politics/video/forward-presidential-debate-42570958"}