Fraught Trump-Sessions relationship ends in AG's firing

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out at the Justice Department after months of speculation that President Trump would fire him.
3:16 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Fraught Trump-Sessions relationship ends in AG's firing
Now we're gonna go to Karen Travers who's over at the White House Karen how are you doing. Hey Kimberly. Very good to see you so I want to I want to hear what you think about what the White House is saying about this. This new move with Jeff Sessions Albert and Matt Whitaker and. Kimberly it was not unexpected that the president was going to push Jeff Sessions out of the Justice Department at some point there has certainly been rumblings about this for weeks months even a year and a half Jeff Sessions has been on the road since two when he seventeenth when he made that decision to recuse himself from the Russian probe that became the source of the for president's frustration when it came to his attorney general remember it is just in September when the president didn't interview any said. We don't have an attorney general the next day at the White House he is asked to clarify in cities that we agree with Jeff Sessions on things any likened to do more. But did confirm that he was in fact still on his job. Interesting yesterday Kimberly of the the president was asked about potential staff shakeup including Jeff Sessions out at justice and the presidents and he wanted to answer that question at a better time at that point in the late morning early afternoon. The president's chief of staff John Kelly had already reached out Jeff Sessions and told him. The president wanted him to offer his resignation so like many things here in Washington it was a letter of resignation but it was at the request of the president which of course Kimberly. Is a fire. Yes it's a firing do we have any idea on who'd a full time. Replacements Houda considerations are who might meet. Yeah at a White House is not getting into any of that just yet but certainly it's something that they'll be moving forward quickly on names that you have been tossed around down here in Washington senator Lindsey Graham who has said he would like to stay in the senate he's comfortable up there in Capitol Hill. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is of course a name that will get a lot of attention given his work as a federal prosecutor and his ties to the president very close ally advisor confidant of the president. But now in the senate would have to move forward once the president announces his pick to take over full time at the Justice Department there have to be a confirmation. Tape that would take place up on Capitol Hill and of course the midterm results this week this Republicans picked up three seats in the senate so its currency and they would do this in the next couple of weeks during this lame duck session but if they weeks of January. They have a bigger majority at that point. Yes and as if there is an announced a crazy news I do want to make sure ask you about the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who was hospitalized. When do we know about that. The Supreme Court said today that the 85 year old Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized overnight at George Washington hospital as a few blocks away here at the White House for fracturing three reds on her left side she fell at her office at the court last night and actually went home after that but she was experiencing some discomfort. Went to the hospital and get it checked out and Kimberly after tests showed that she had broken fractured three ribs. They capture overnight for observation and treatment so the reaction from the White House today Kellyanne Conway senior counselor to the president. Said that everybody here is crying for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Absolutely we are at thank you so much Karen we appreciate you joining us that.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out at the Justice Department after months of speculation that President Trump would fire him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59061156","title":"Fraught Trump-Sessions relationship ends in AG's firing ","url":"/Politics/video/fraught-trump-sessions-relationship-ends-ags-firing-59061156"}