Full Interview: Elizabeth Warren and David Muir

The Massachusetts senator discusses Clinton's VP pick and Trump's "Pocahontas" jab at the DNC.
4:23 | 07/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Full Interview: Elizabeth Warren and David Muir
Weren't things it's. On that stage to talk to smell the fear mongering and the divisive news that you say is to trump campaign is Donald Trump. The army has been mean to Hillary Clinton's the most experienced candidate for president in history. And why is it a tie game in this country winds of fifty. I think it's because most. It is getting richer in return in the future. And tossing eight. It's noon on now it's it's an experience. Want yeah. And what's a little time this off. If this. Six. I'm blame back. Getting everybody against everybody Christians in smoke and she. Whites against blacks in the scene street it ends a nearly body against immigrants. Actually it's many people as possible and business wrestlers. It's something that happens. Or in the bounds thanks system that's not want them. Talk about the toxic Stew. After your speech Donald Thompson now between. All new Pocahontas. Thing I'm sad to watch the is that racist. Don't. Won't eat it. The school. Rooms and is calling him and named him no. I won't look at what he has yet. Welcome home. Winds. Against them over trump university students and for a broad over the university. Seats behind business. The challenge that the federal laws in this case. A man who some think is acutely ill and Donald Trump said. I think I've heard that feat this man and then going to sit in judgment in cases. He believed it. He didn't. Just. Yeah. You. The Democratic Party has embraced you look in particular you're darling on the left and so many people wanted you to be defeat even. When Tim came we came to pick a lot of people in this crowd when they heard Clinton came booed the beginning of this week was there to write it. Look I've known Tim Haines it's like being inside it's. Been movement but the right. Whom he has good art and he doesn't want to experiences and I think he has its own. Secretary Clinton and thousands among. Sanction is present. Let me ask you this there are so many people in this country who look at Hillary Clinton. She's been in the public dive for 25 years in this country. And yet they feel like we still don't know or they don't know what makes him. What does she need to do on that stage. Instant you know she's twenty on news. It's really. Think that these. Civilian. It's it's a lot of people who were. And it has. It won't. A lot of people would have just hung up. Things look you know take it I mean. She can't pull. Students and she's fighting today. It's. Women like to help them. It's something that's common. Women who fight.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The Massachusetts senator discusses Clinton's VP pick and Trump's \"Pocahontas\" jab at the DNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40933376","title":"Full Interview: Elizabeth Warren and David Muir","url":"/Politics/video/full-interview-elizabeth-warren-david-muir-40933376"}