Gates testifies against Manafort, voters turn out for primary elections

Rick Gates testifies against his former boss and mentor, Paul Manafort, and people vote in four states' primary elections today.
14:30 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for Gates testifies against Manafort, voters turn out for primary elections
Everybody you're watching ABC news I'm John San Suu Kyi in Washington alongside three to Marshall and Mike went for the day Devin Dwyer we've got the memo I'm. Accorded excellent got to Wear khakis busy day happening around Washington today we are watching this second day a special counsel. Robert Mahler star witness on the stand in the Paul manna for trial that is Rick gates metaphors longtime partner and the deputy campaign manager at the trump campaign. Let's bring in ABC's Catherine falters she's been watching this. Out in the courtroom all day and Catherine prosecutors were seeing that this would be quick they just need a few hours this morning. They took several hours with gates today and he's still not done. Six hours of questioning by the prosecution he's done odds on the defense. Is cross examining him now but it clone is down. Had a little bit interesting ends of the questioning by the prosecution Don it was the first time. I'm that don't work that may ask for in gates did for president sums campaign. And his transition. Was brought up and act that was the first time that jurors were getting. I've. Two emails that Pollyanna fort had sent to Rick gates with the subject signed Stephen call. Lott why that's important. Is not only with him for asking for favors as it relates to Steve call he would he had a position on the president's economic advisory committee during the term campaign. He was. He's also the former chair of the federal savings bank which is allegedly. One of the bank's swimming at a forum was fraudulently securing those lines so we learned in this two emails as it relates of the campaign and in port was emailing gates to secure favors. With call he said quote we need to discuss Steve call for secretary of the army. I hear the list is being considered this weekend that was an email in November 2 weeks after the election. Another email in December was shown in that courtroom behind me it was an email that may report sent to gates when he was still working at the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Which was a list of folks that metaphor when it invited to an inauguration included Steve called and Steve Howe junior has signed on and it's. Really rare cavern bringing it back into the bureau it's rare that we've heard the trump name brought up in devil we were tracking right in this trial started. Prosecutors were telling witnesses jolt see the T word among anything else but today. They're actually breaking down the rolls the ball then add in the 2016 race right to their actually showing for the first time how critical both of these men were and I think for the casual viewer who may not be following the ins and outs of the loans in the payments in the. Alleged corruption taking place here what's really important are members of these are 2 men central to Donald Trump so you be. Political fallout from whatever comes out of this trial will be secondary will be simply guilt by association if you will. But you know it's not clear just traveler on the country in the past week I can get the sense that people are tracking inspect closely people are talking about pawn in a port gates. They're not in the minutia of the case. But I think what's important to watch is you know win win this jury comes to decision win this is laid laid out will the president when he and he hasn't weighed in yet. On Robert Gates is former deputy campaign manager. On the stand and he weighs in. That's when you start to see the ripple effects of peoples are paying attention and it's interesting street it because he has been kinda quiet these last couple days and administer but every now and then use chimed in it's. I don't know Barbara and treating on Islam Doubleday is for sure. But hey you know I think data makes a valid point if the president weighs in on gates' testimony it will change the conversation on the country the fact that his name came up during today's hearing. And we haven't even heard from the defense cross examination yet where they're going to try and paint needs. And a liar as just one liar verses another liar the differences is gates' life have documented evidence to back them up. And if the president decides to get involved in that then will we see Muller in the special counsel. Taking those tweets and using them leader in another hearing or another case. Instrument TV cameras. We get this is a shark. Has it isn't as a probe into this is this is it made for TV drama that Donald Trump would love so watch this is and you know this better than average on. This is a president who love scene to loyalists to himself pitted against each other an exact price. And indeed it's against the also apologized and try not. Was this business. And this president about sweatshirts its history and it's so interesting catapult her forward we wrap would use you know your with the team out there running out updates. Just that dynamic between decent manna for and the scare off that manner Ford's been trying to give gates on several times from what our court watchers are seeing gates is not engaged at that. The it's pretty fascinating to see it. What's coming out backcourt we'd obviously have television cameras are looking at the court sketches and our notes are being. Oh run out on legal pads that we have two go through what they come out but. Exactly the dynamic between may and pouring gates and there has been fascinating in this throughout this whole trial in a court has been taking copious notes that it. Paying attention any scenes a relatively relaxed at times while when his when his former deputy came to the stand yesterday his demeanor. Orderly change he's sitting there with his arms crossed essentially just staring him down on hasn't taken his eyes off and then he's very stiff he's not taking any notes. Gates yesterday and today glanced over at him a couple times but is largely avoiding eye contact with him and and just looking at the Jerry John. Several more hours ago today on the stand we'll see if they rhapsody or bring him back tomorrow Catherine followers and a team. Watching in Alexandria thank you was always we appreciate it but come back into the bureau now and the other thing at the president is tweeting about this week. Is sanctions against Iran what is going to happen with that avenue in the teen have been tracking that over the last couple days. Where we spent a terrible this is this all stems from the president ripping up the Iran deal which he campaigned on promise fulfilled. But what went into effect at midnight this morning 1201 AM is the first round of sanctions that the US government waved back and torn fifteenth snapped back in place. So these are sanctions on things like precious metals aluminum was important for Europe airplane parts those are now all band. The use of US currency for any trade with Iran is banned again. So these sanctions are ratcheting back up as a result of the deal with the present Tora there's Serena you know this there's a second round that's coming in new and November which could be even tougher. Yet November ones are actually the ones to really watch means that in the president's feet we just had it up on the screen. Said that called in the most biting sanctions ever imposed which is kind of interesting because as you said they're assailant is that we're honor her on before it's fun and they're not all Actuant. Outback. The once in November will be islands to ask that oil exports and how much a country can and board. And well the president might claim he's in the most biting sanctions ever they are without the support of any of our allies don't have China that we don't have Russian. Anyone in Europe behind me sanctions. Asked me before you run nuclear in the white and we have been with us because they're still part of the Iran nuclear T. And chat you you've been following you to talk to the national security advisor Tom Bolton and a lot of people Warner what's the end game here mrs. Was a deal that the Obama administration put into place to try to. Push off that nuclear. Proliferation by by Iran. Now beat at the White House being questioned Ivanovic whether they're trying to pressure the regime to regime change we heard from John Bolton this morning no I mean jumbled is definitely be out there on the cables and our colleague terror pulmonary who's traveling with the president bad minster she's been. Watching all of that and Tara mean I know you were on the campaign trail with the president just this past weekend and once again. He is hammering home on this as we all been talking about for them this is fits right into his new campaign slogan about. Promises made promises kept tight set I'd be tough on Iran here you go. Yup that's right and you know it's really a political gamble either or Ron will end up breaking down. Their new cooler facilities or you know stopping to help terrorist groups in theory. Or they'll actually and that building their nuclear facilities as a provocation to get the attention of the country and as we now sanctions are only as strong. As they as a force that men and in the past when companies are doing business with Cuba European companies we turned a blind I am interesting to see. It in this case we end up turning a blind eye because the already have some issues with our allies in Europe the trade wars. NATO spending. You know. Our relationship with Russia and you've got China Russia is at rush it to be really hard to actually enforcing sanctions and he ended it actually going to weaken the value of our sanctions. When we're dealing with other issues like North Korea. Terror pulmonary with the president and that minister hang with us for the end here but I do want to switch gears because speaking of primaries in mid terms were 1982 days to go god it's going to be on 92 days meant something that does not anybody's counting but our team our political unit are political director recliner deputy political director Mary Alice parks they're gonna lead our coverage tonight as we are all watching this and guys all eyes tonight. On Ohio. Yeah this isn't this a really interesting race is the last specialist in the years and the last signers are Democrats and Republicans running against each other and what's fascinating here Mary Alice is that. This is a Republican stronghold Republicans should have this in the bag and they're sweating about the last minute pretty skittish the president parachuted in last weekend to try to bump up support rather Republican. Traditionally this bringing to be a district that's in contention. So of the Democrat makes up a lot of momentum melodic and if he wins. It'll be really. Stark reality check for Republicans of what might become an and of course president come making at late campaign visit in case it wasn't already going to be about anything but he sure this is about Donald from. You know there's a lot of Republicans in the past and motivate Democrats to come out as much as he motivates Republican. And guys I mean just talk about it. You know the last couple weeks here we've been seen more more primary contest. I'm over the last couple days the other race that is interesting to me eased his gubernatorial primary in Michigan one of the youngest. On the candidates ever for the race there but also a minority. On the summing that we've never seen in Michigan politics that high ranking office wise. Yeah he's he's Muslim American a doctor of the lisle site Eddy at Bernie Sanders campaigning for him. I just over the weekend and it is another test of the progressive energy the liberal energy that's coursing through the Democratic Party how far left you wanna go. You wanna go with someone like this has never held elected office before where he wanna go with someone with more establishment credentials and the state. As critical to politics as Michigan's presidential carriage who lot of people surprise. I'm Rick. I'd Ohio with that special election there are four states at app primary voting that I Michigan Missouri Kansas and Washington State. A number of gubernatorial races but also some key house races we'll be watching all of that later. And does this morning we were we were talking about some of the polling and as in the Ohio race it's so close it's already a big warning sign for Republicans right at me no matter how it. Turns out tonight who wins that race. You know a big red flag for Donald Trump right. Yeah I'll look at the Democrats are on interest in moral victories are symbolic victories are eating just coming close anymore the fact is though even if they lose this race narrowly tonight is gonna suggest a much broader landscape a lot of people anticipated beginning of the election cycle. If you've got to worry about states like this one it only two years out of the last 75 as a Democrat represented it you've got a big problem on your hands any case that wasn't obvious already the warning signs there are are now blaring three months out that Republicans are playing defense almost everywhere across the map. District that the president won by double digit. Democrats will use any gains there refineries and they would like a wing and a real win but he hits close they're gonna turn that rabbit donors and say hey come on pony up we are doing so well even in really read. Parts of the country. My favorite thing about the race tonight is that no matter what happens it's in Ohio twelve it's a do over in November than they ever get that you're all our guess you. I think the shooting. 91 days later all right Rick Klein Mary Alice park's geyser going to be leading our coverage tonight what time are we going on again. 8 o'clock eastern will be there with all of the results of the night goes on we've got people out in the feel our colleagues at a healthy and Johnny aerobic out there in Ohio. Michigan now with all of the all the latest going to be a big night politics in the middle of summer. And we have you two leading the charge thank you as always will be tuning in tonight can download the ABC news that. To keep an update on that and before we go up we have been watching over the last couple days the president is enjoying his extended vacation. I'm up in bed minster not a lot of times that we're seeing him but Tara Palmieri Lemieux's bring you in here on the yen. He is having eaten dinner tonight we've business leaders run the country do we know anything about that. It's been a topic hasn't really been you know shared yet but clearly this is his way of showing that this is. A working vacation and bring the cameras and for the first time. Since he started its vacation about 45 days ago so. He likely has something on his mind that he wants to say to the Prescott he wouldn't bring us and or it doesn't just want the ball a lot but. As we know usually when we shout a question that the president often wants to respond questions will he want to comment on gates. Will he stand by the Iran nuclear deal what will he stay and will he try throwing his name and again for some of these candidates around the country that are you know. Going to top races and I and also another thing to watch out for it how soon as he disown them any candidate that he rallies. Over her and analysts that Twitter speech tomorrow in accident and announcing anything about the tax cuts that the president says he wants to this out of them. Instincts and I terror on the area and the team watching and administer thank you and thank you for joining us today on the briefing room hatred download BBC news app. For all the latest any time for Devin Dwyer and Serena Marshall can Wear blue tomorrow. I've got to stand Tucci of Washington how to protect.

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{"duration":"14:30","description":"Rick Gates testifies against his former boss and mentor, Paul Manafort, and people vote in four states' primary elections today. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57091274","title":"Gates testifies against Manafort, voters turn out for primary elections","url":"/Politics/video/gates-testifies-manafort-voters-turn-primary-elections-57091274"}