Gen. Dempsey, Defense Secretary Hagel Discuss 21-Day Ebola Quarantine

Both say they support quarantine period for returning U.S. troops from West Africa
3:12 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Gen. Dempsey, Defense Secretary Hagel Discuss 21-Day Ebola Quarantine
So let me. Tell you the thought process for sumo. The men and when we deployed over there are there in larger numbers than any other group as you heard the secretary save we've we anticipated will probably reach 4000. Secondly there they'll be there longer than anyone else these health care workers. Come and go because it's such an intense environment for them you know they may go for you know thirty or sixty days and then. Leave leave the area because of the intense pressure they're under we're gonna hammered. Our young men and women there for six months at a time that's the duration of our deployment nodding direct contact with a bola. But their their longer so more of them their longer and we're not health care workers doing you know we're infantryman in orders supply clerks and so when you add those things together here's and today we did factor in science physics is the science we factored in. You know when we do. And you know this is not about small groups of people who are transient there's protocols for that. It's also. And not about health care professionals indirect contact with both there's protocols for that. This is about a major military operation. And big things on a global scale and so we took a conservative approach and will assess and 45 days but we're gonna keep you safe. Yes you know they have to say about that science. Is science does dictate. That there is a 21 day monitoring. Period. So. And I ask you. Same question when the chairman and the chiefs came to me we have with all of this in this was thoroughly. Reviewed by health care professionals. In each of the services. In the offices sector defense. You're not concerned advice by signing off on this that it would have a larger societal. Impact the US certainly it would drive. Governors and states. Well this. I'm not unaware of society. Yes but I have one responsibility and has such security of this country. And that means. The security of our men and women and their families. That's not on mindful are disconnected from the good in this country of course that it can't be. But. I thought. It was a Smart wise prudent disciplined. Science oriented. Decision based. Mainly on what the chairman just articulated but also the reality of of what else is going on had say about this. He Ebola is one of those issues that. Everyone is paying attention to there is disagreement across the board point every decision every issue. And every part of that by decision makers. So. I get all that I'm I'm from Mack arena at one time I was in that political arena I've never had a decision made by anybody that everybody just thinks is exactly right you have to analyze it based on what you think there's a right thing to do for your people. And that's the decision we made why wouldn't.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Both say they support quarantine period for returning U.S. troops from West Africa ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26586356","title":"Gen. Dempsey, Defense Secretary Hagel Discuss 21-Day Ebola Quarantine","url":"/Politics/video/gen-dempsey-defense-secretary-hagel-discuss-21-day-26586356"}