A new generation of Republicans

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the new generation of Republicans and rising stars in a party that has been taken over by President Donald Trump.
6:44 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for A new generation of Republicans
Republicans this week they're celebrating their rising star the next generation of young candidates. All in the shadow of the man in charge of the party. Donald Trump has shaken up the GOP and some say redefined what it means to be a republic in this country in two point 18. Adding characteristic fashion keeping the door open to the political fringe. Here's Devin Dwyer. This week the grand old party is shall Casey's top young talent desist personal for me. I'm the proud daughter of Indian immigrants. A parade of Republicans embracing Donald Trump and trump ism as the party's future we must win this election if we cherish our country is much as we should president trump once a political outsider and former Democrat is now firmly in control of the GOP. Inspiring a new generation of candidates to join him in disrupting DC they see Donald Trump adds I was walking and air and you know. Breaking some China and shaking things up airwaves. Will really serve the future of this country. One of those newcomers 24 year old Madison cough horn of North Carolina. Become the youngest member of congress from either party. He defeated the trump backed candidate in the primary. Has already winning praise from the president you just. Finer victory is beautiful and I'll say he is just say he uses graces as he get as he couldn't and he's invited him to the White House saw really important because he knew who aren't. Are young Republican candidates touting their trumped ties to. Like 32 year old Jake with turner of eastern Kansas one of the country's most competitive house races. What we need our grown ups to go to Washington DC stand firm on principle. And it into the date it's something done. Do you think compromise. Is a good thing do you think it's a dirty word parents strong core convictions that I'm willing to stand up and sent. Now that doesn't mean that you get to take your ball and go home when someone disagrees with what you want to do everything you can't move the ball down your. Look turner is a father of four raised him bro Kansas by a single dad who worked at the local sonic drive in restaurant to pay for college to become a teacher. His family he says reflects Republican ideals. I think the Republicans need to do better job of selling our message it's very a tractor. Individual freedom personal responsibility. Do you think. Right now that loyalty to trump is sort of a pre requisite to be a Republican or how do you thread that needle. This is a party that trusts individuals. To believe what they believes. And this isn't the party both cancel culture like the Democrats are your able to have unique opinions Republican Party. But those unique opinions don't always sit well with president trump. Whose brand of Republicans that disagree with him as Republicans in name only or rhinos. And a couple of Ryan is frankly that Ryan's trump attacking former Republican presidential nominee senator Mitt Romney. Former GOP house speaker Paul Ryan and popular Maryland Republican governor Mary Hogan. Among others president. How often talks about how each you know gets a lot of ratings but at the end of the day. People want problem solved not ratings or her personal you know. Popularity and that's why some of our Republican governors are the most popular people whether or not they are loyal to this president. For many Republicans share in the ballot with trump this fall striking a balance is key. I've always been an independent think there. And even when I had spoke in now I'm often speaking out against members of my hand party. Nancy mace a former trump campaign staffer is one of a record 98 Republican women running for the US house. The single mother of two when small business owner is the first woman to graduate from the citadel. Now she hopes to make history is the first Republican woman to represent South Carolina in congress. There are a lot of moms out there just like he a lot of single moms to that we've got to bounce or chuck lets you got to educator kids and these are very trying times. And if they're anything like me they just raise your hand incidents sickened tired at this and I wanna make a difference now want to make it change. To win back the house Republicans need to win seats like hers swing districts held by Democrats for feelings about the president are mixed. With nine in ten Republican voters still strongly supportive of the president. Loyalty to him and how heated finds republicanism. Cannot be ignored. Republican Party continues to push forward different ideas. Continue to saucer debating. And young Republicans are rallying around Donald Trump this year. Meanwhile trump issuing an openness to the political fringe from birth tourism and white supremacy to the online conspiracy theory Q when none the basis theory believes a C ten COLT of Petit thousand cannibals. He's infiltrated the government. They are mind the president wasn't what did to get rid of those cobalt is controlling the rest of us and that's why it nearly they're so supportive of him. The FBI says Q and on could pose a domestic terrorist threat. And some of his followers have been charged with murder planned kidnapping in domestic terror but the president and some Republican candidates have welcomed their support. Well an aerial much about the movement other that I understand they're likely very much. Which I appreciate at least three GOP congressional candidates have openly embraced Q and on. Cho Ray Perkins of organ Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia and born Bober of Colorado. If elected be be the first to give it a foothold in US government you can't. Corroborate any of it. But you have to listen to it only because. There are millions of people didn't do listen to it. They have issues and the government some of those folks may take it into their own hands to his not one person. OKQ. Is a bunch of people. Do you think the party has to more forcefully. Disavow. Conspiracy theorists like Q and I'm out definitely I don't. And they are going to be their future. Any party that wanted to be in the majority and that's why I will look forward to ridding the party ash that's problem children. Nancy mace and Jake what charters say the party's focus must be on solutions for the future. I am not a conspiracy there as Cymer realist and I pragmatic. These young people want truth think they want substance. And for now many can't get enough of Donald Trump. In full control of his party and influencing Republican leaders in the future no matter what happens in November. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the new generation of Republicans and rising stars in a party that has been taken over by President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72604708","title":"A new generation of Republicans","url":"/Politics/video/generation-republicans-72604708"}