George H.W. Bush makes trip back to Texas

Celebrations of the 41st president's life continue, Trump's plans to end trade tensions are unclear and Wisconsin's legislature attempts to undermine the state's newly elected Democratic governor.
23:22 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for George H.W. Bush makes trip back to Texas
And. And welcome to the great Jeremiah ABC's Devin Dwyer joined Dreyer chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas salas now on our White House reporter and thank you for much for joining us on this special edition of the briefing room today as the nation pauses to remember. The 41 president of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush a very touching day. Ceremonies funeral ceremonies here at the national cathedral. The entire bush family you see there all the former presidents in place for the first time. Since the truck presidency began more than an end to two years ago was quite something to see. Hot and in so many symbols. Of presidential power unity today. A coming together in tradition as this city in the capital. Say goodbye to George Bush who is now on his way down to Texas for who will be interred the plane carrying President Bush known as Air Force One. Set to land just an hour or so in Houston. That's where our Marcus Moore is he's just outside of Houston at College Station, Texas getting ready to receive a former president Marcus. Europe the bush library and that's where George Bush will be buried. But of course he's got to a number of stops on the way there including a train ride to get to the campus tell us what's what's expected the next few days. It. Yeah that's that's right DeVon that train wide will be at the request of the former president. This this right it's expected to take a few hours and wool will start in the Houston area and will work its way to the north here to College Station. Where we are just outside the presidential library where you may be able to see off in the distance the flag there. At half staff and the various stages that have been set up as preparations are under way. Four of the ceremonies that will take place here tomorrow and I want to show you the the platforms that have been set up where our various media organizations will be gathering. And capturing the movie moments as the world wool watch. The ceremony unfold and the burial for the former for the former president. And it will start with that train ride that's expected to go through a number of small towns and that the most significant because. This is the state of Texas and while we know the former president was born in Massachusetts. Texas became home certainly the Houston area. Is where many people who became accustomed to seeing. The former president and the former First Lady Barbara Bush and various events particularly sporting events and it's in these small towns where this train will work its way through it's known as. A Union Pacific locomotive 4141. It will go from spring. The road to magnolia. And also nab a soda and finally coming to a stop here in College Station which by the way. Is a city in the town that is a main after a train station it was the well one of the only train stations in this region and it's where Texas a and M university is located. Which is also the home of the bush presidential Library and Museum so this is a Mary important place not only for this region. But also for the former president who decided to put his library here a so many years ago and this place was dedicated back in 1997 and at that time. Every living president was there to be here for that very special day and as he is laid to rest tomorrow. Presidents will be here once again to support the family and honor the 41 president of the United States. DeVon in Marcus before we let you go before the president arrives at by train to College Station there will be a smaller family. Memorial service at the family church in Houston saint mark's episcopal church off we saw the star street studded cast of dignitaries. Parade into the cathedral here in Washington today tomorrow is expected to be. A more personal smaller crowd of people but also there will be some musical stars performing tell us about that. And certainly yes there will be a number of musical. Selections particularly. Artists from here in Texas that were friends of the of the former president and who will be performing and and playing and the actual burial itself. Will be a private event it won't be open to the public and that is the way the president one of the today as it will be a very special time but certainly. A number of notable musicians and armed everyday citizens will be here to take part and really to honor the former president. Not only did for his policies and then and certainly his his effort to help shape the world that we know today but really honor a man who. Was as everyone has said was so humble. And was just it just a good person had. And it's certainly something that I'm many people are here in College Station I grew up here in this in the city. And certainly saw the the former president numerous times here at his library. And and so they became certainly a part of the fabric of this community and that's why you see and that's why you'll know that the musicians will be here. To do what they can to honor and why every day people will wool lined not only the real world the railroad the real tracks but also the roadways here have the president. Comes to his final resting place where he'll be buried alongside his wife Barbara and their daughter Robyn here on the grounds of the presidential library. All right Marcus Moore forcing College Station thank you so much for your reporting Marcus and of course Barbara Bush who he mentions peer. I just eight months ago those two inseparable 73 years of marriage and absolutely remarkable relationship. The president will be rigged it to rest besides her. On it time and again today in the remembrances at the ceremony which we you watch closely you had been covered politics in this town for a long time covering Bush Administration. We heard about these personal bonds at that President Bush forged. With both with family with friends of politicians to bridge that divide it's something we really haven't seen. And president since. Really am and I think looking at the relationship between president Herbert Markham bush and Barbara. And that in doers in our in our minds if those of us who've been in this town. They had a connection that was plain for everyone to see. His style was one of humility. Not a a they both will person at all I was struck today about. By the many references to his military service. How he was shot down over the Pacific. Lost two of his crew members. And that seemed to strike a chord within in terms of how he would live his life. Not a man without mistakes but a person who talked about scoring from mistakes and I think that thing that was. Not lost on many people today in watching the ceremony is that. Yes he played hard ball politics as well but there was an ability to say in key moments that for all Americans. In that sense of unity certainly did come through on the flaws of the president even mentioned in his eulogies. By his urologists today he was also not free from scandal is you guys both know. And speaking of scandal to shift gears a little bit this town while we were paying our respects to George Bush today. Big headline overnight in the scandal that has embroiled this presidency the current presidents and president trump the Russian investigation here there were some major developments overnight. The special counsel releasing the sentencing memo for. Michael Flynn that's the former national security advisor we learned some new details in their ways tell us what you re takeaways were from us. Well Michael Lindsay only senior White House say who's cooperated. With special counsel pled guilty to lying about his contacts with that Russian ambassador. During a transition period. Lying about the nature of a phone call with the ambassador in which the ambassador was asking questions about the Obama sanctions which were levied. In response to the attack the hack on the 2016. Election Flynn was not honest about that. But Mueller went out of his way in that filing to say. That he's cooperated fully. Completely so much so that the Muller team is not recommending any jail time for him which is pretty Ecstasy the other thing that we. I took. Probably what do you make of all that I mean people look at this and they go here was the first person charged by Bob Mahler. Somebody who was in the trump administration not just the campaign rendition this person lied about contacts at the Russians. And yet he came clean and now he's not getting going to prison what does that mean for the president. Well here's affect the Michael Flynn had nineteen sessions with a special counsel and other investigators nineteen. These sessions are typically several hours each to we're talking mark. Dozens and dozens of hours of apparently giving chapter conversed about many subsequent to special counsel wanted to know. And apparently the special counselors teen worked. Please with the information that they got felt like it was forthcoming and we learned some new details interns who took confirmation on some things. It confirmed that special counsel has been heavily focused on. The transition team. And who all his presents at the transition team we're having communications with the Russians they say that specifically and that Michael Flynn provided quote. Contents. And context of those communications and those interactions we just don't know the details of what those conversations write precisely and locker room taxes and got a black on those pages lots a black on those pages and then some cryptic references. To at least two potentially to other investigations. Was Muller gave no details about. So clearly pay this man as a key cooperating witness. Who has helped them significantly. So much so that other witnesses. Can militants say who those witnesses are but that other witnesses came forward and more cooperative in part because Michael Flynn agreed to court. An elderly White House watching this very closely the president hasn't tweeted about it. He Flynn memo just yet he did many months ago tease that he possibly could. Pardon my girlfriend if he if he needed to but what are you hearing from White House officials are responsive and. I think it'll be uninteresting to the least to see what the separate tracks are her for somebody that the president was praising over Twitter the other day. For not cooperating with mores investigation robber saw Roger Stone. And we saw Roger Stone earlier this week say that he's not going to he's gonna plead the fifth. In his testimony to congress you will not testify avatars it'll be interesting to see now what track Brooke Roger Stone will take in terms of how his results are with the more investigation that with what congress might do. Suits me be pressured him to testify. And see how that those results might be disparate different from what we saw with Flynn. Who's being now essentially held by the the special counsel is as good cooperating witness for much for. And to endeavor it is a big week not only do we get to sentencing hearing words right out of my mouth of tea big Friday the right not only we get to sentencing memorandum in relation to Michael Flynn. On Friday we expect to hear more more detail about. Why Michael Flynn is in trouble again with a special counsel they're gonna give some details about Paul metaphor part metaphor. It has a Y. They think that he lied. To them after he got his deal in was supposed to be cooperating they're gonna give some details supposedly about crimes he allegedly committed. Also Michael Coe and the news. One time attorney and so called fix or for president from sentencing memorandum expected for it to be released on him. As well so we may get some more detail but. When they we know my I was only showing what he wants us to know at this point. In a long way to go over a lot coming into focus this week appear we know real stand thank you so much in your report coming up on world news tonight and world news prime. Right here and ABC news live at 8 PM eastern time you can tune in for that here think you. But meanwhile another major story popping overnight of course is the shock the fallout from the stock market plunged yesterday 800 points. On the stock market. The fourth biggest single point loss or any given day and now American stock market history it was quite something the markets rattled. Because a president trumps mixed messages. On a potential trade deal with China this on the heels of that G-20 summit where the president had dinner. When Chinese president Sheikh. Thought he came up with some sort of a deal outs now on those tweets yesterday the president said I'm the terrorists man. That's what really set this off and today we've got operation clean up. He had seems like the president now is trying to shed more optimism on the results of that deal with China the president's weeded. And that that there could be seen quote very strong signals sent by China once they return home from their long trip. And he said not to sound naive or anything but I believe president Sheikh. Meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting I remember the president coming out of that meeting said that he considered it a great leap forward he said that there was a deal. And made it's not like there was some sort of grand bargain and we saw the stock market really react to that. And so what we saw over the subsequent past three days was a reaction to what seemed like there wasn't a lot of meat on the bones of this deal we saw. The president's national economic advisor Larry Kudlow. In a conference call with reporters telling. Telling them that essentially what the president said he said that the the talk that China had agreed to eliminate their tariffs on automobiles almost completely. And he said that there had been no agreement and have been reached that affect. He also stumbled a bit and said that does not need a countdown that they had set up and essentially Wendy tariffs will be read. Reinstated. He said that that would start a month later than it actually is starting what president. And had been placed on his own little better we have so really I think there's the stock market kind of seeing in real time and the results of this model messaging by the White House. Yeah and most analysts looking for some reassurance if you know anything about investors they like certainty. They like to know what the policies are going to be better gonna affect the markets may saw the president sending those mixed signals today. As you say outs the president trying to. Offer some reassurance that deal is in fact still on the table with trying to. Hot ninety days to go on that when we'll be watching it closely Alex thank you very much for that reporting. I want shift gears now little bit to another major political story that developed overnight it may have caught you by guard if you haven't heard about it's going on Wisconsin. This is the fox continuing fallout from the mid term elections as Democrats swept all statewide offices in Wisconsin while Republicans which control the legislature and the governor. Governor ship until January decided to take some action in limit democrats'. Power. Sounds a little complicated but we've got our John Weaver Holbrook ABC political reporters on the case Johnny joins us now Johnny give us the bottom line but what's happening in Wisconsin. And why was she cared this this afternoon. Depth or you're right haven't the Democrats won big in Wisconsin 12018. Democrat Tony various ousted Republicans sitting governor Scott Walker is a familiar name. I seen in Republican politics what's but what's going on right now amid widespread protests in the state is pretty shocking so the Republican state legislature. Overnight tonight and then this morning. Passed a pretty sweeping plan that would sweep Deaver is the Democrat who's gonna come into office next here. A strip him of some major powers an authority over some areas of state government. One provision. Would strip beavers power to withdraw the state from a big lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act that a bunch of other Republican state attorneys general. Have joined another provisional would move the State's presidential primary up and and another provision would limit early voting in the state. All the things that that Democrats have opposed but Republicans passed the plan this morning. Humorous like I said is gonna take office next year has called the plan an embarrassment. And Democrats in the state have threatened legal action if Republicans go through with the plan. Which Governor Walker is expected to sign at some point and in the next ten days. You see governor elect in her statement there calling it a power play by hungry power hungry politicians. Rushing the sweeping changes through so some pretty serious situation. Which is also similar to a situation is going we're seeing going on in Michigan and also hearkens back to a situation that we saw. And North Carolina and 2016. When a Republican incumbent also lost in the same state legislature tried. To limit some of the powers there but then that was actually ruled unconstitutional by state court there North Carolina seven. Yet Johnny think Jeremy a local story for sure for those folks in Wisconsin Michigan as you say but obviously big national political ramifications these are two key states that helped. Deliver president trump. His women's when he sixteen and I'll be hotly contested come happened and when he Tony as well Johnny thank you so much. The politics in those states certainly important to keeps tabs on in light of the outcome of between eighteen election and we need we'll have much morning from our political team. I'm meanwhile moving novel and today here in a briefing room with an interesting story in the middle this holiday season is you're getting ready to. Pack up your packages shipped them off to your a gift recipients. The US Postal Service at the direction of president trump is out with a new. Our report task force rather are looking into the Postal Service is recommending that the Postal Service raise. They're shipping rates particularly for commercial. Mailers like Amazon and other. A reported on the story Quinn. This sort of came out of left field but the timing is. Continue particularly impact full to a lot of people here. What's our DeVon coming this report coming just as the holiday season is in full swing. And it's unclear exactly when these rate increases might take effect. But this report was initiated by trump executive order earlier this year it created a task force to look into this some of the profitability struggles of the Postal Service. And that this is the product they're recommending broad rate increases. Which could include online online retailers. Online retailers like Amazon hon dot com as you know Quinn which the president has vast let's take a look at. Some in his recent commentary on that tweeting just a little bit earlier this year that. He wanted the Postal Service. Two to ramp up those rates to single out Amazon he called them their delivery boy. Getting a discount on the backs of the American taxpayer. What what have you been hearing from analysts on that point. Quinn is there any truth to this that Amazon is getting special treatment. Well this report does not single out Amazon or any retailer for that matter alone but it does say that. It does lay the ground work however for possibly increasing rates from. All large corporate shippers. And that could of course include Amazon and other and other companies trump as you mentioned has called out Amazon specifically. And as said the Postal Service has gotten quote horror and dumber. Has. As they continue to allow Amazon to its ship items at rates that trump says are far too low. The report does say that packages have had not been priced with quote profitability. In mind and it aims to fix that. It falls a bit short of calling for total privatization of the Postal Service. But some critics of this review has said it does just that it's it's a step towards. Privatization. A step towards it of course the rate increases as you say not necessarily imminent but certainly. Being pushed by the trump administration. Quite know and thank you so much as the Postal Service grapples with the huge deficit when he 1862 billion dollars. So watch out when you go to the post a service for potentially higher rates coming soon we'll stay on that story. And finally today we want to go back to indeed the events of the day that have gripped the nation's capital as everyone has seen their final. Farewells to president George H. W. Bush we have put together some of the highlights of the day those big moments in the day that you may have missed. We hope we'll leave you with that now we'll hope to see back here tomorrow at 3:30 eastern. In a briefing room fixed a much. George Herbert Walker Bush. Was America's. Last great soldier statesman. 820 century the founding father. You believe. That too much is given. Much is expected. No occupant of the Oval Office. It was more courageous and more principled. And more vulnerable. And George her. Loyal to you to his country. Loyalty to his family. Loyalty to his friendship. I don't know we're ready for this day. He stood in the breach in Washington against I'm thinking artist show. He stood in the breach against tyranny in discrimination. And on his watch. A wall fell in Berlin. As dictators aggression. Did not stand. And doors across America. Opens to those with disabilities. And imperfect man. He's left us a more perfect. Union. He was a class act. Birth of this motion the issue and harmful person I ever met with my friend George Bush. One of nature's noble man. There are wooden ships Seoul. First sailing ships. Leaderships of saint Lucie. The best trips. Our friendships. And me they always. Last Friday when I was told he had minister live school. I called him. Guy answered the phone city. I think you can hear you but he hadn't said anything for most of the day. I said dad I love being you've been a wonderful father. And the last words he would never say on earth were. I love you too. Darcy was close to perfect. We made history books are written. They will say that George H. W. Bush people was a great president of the United States. So through our tears let us know the questions. Knowing and loving you. A great and noble man. The best father served her daughter get ahead. And her only. I just smile knowing that there is chugging rock. And holding mom's hand again. Okay.

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{"duration":"23:22","description":"Celebrations of the 41st president's life continue, Trump's plans to end trade tensions are unclear and Wisconsin's legislature attempts to undermine the state's newly elected Democratic governor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59635722","title":"George H.W. Bush makes trip back to Texas","url":"/Politics/video/george-hw-bush-en-route-back-texas-59635722"}