Google+ Hangout In 50:

Battleground States - Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, New Hampshire.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Google+ Hangout In 50:
Well -- -- -- it's a big state and you know leading us it is common currency. And people see you know what happen is very much like our country and Europe and the -- -- a lot of lives. A spot -- people admire my bowl -- plate. And they are and it that are now already in the all -- -- -- -- our everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- The most important -- your community overall election we recently our integrated business -- -- near end. -- -- I needed to which candidate over -- or -- election. Was really going to the front runner you to enable -- And in this week. I think there's a lot of eyes on Wisconsin. Outside of the state and Wednesday. And it'll be interesting to see you letter -- Democrat or Republican -- -- traditionally been the blue state for quite awhile. They're so people that are in line and Lombard says -- remind you get. My guess is well -- than an -- do -- -- done that said. Think -- be a late night here in Miami. I've been talking to some other friends about that and that we've been looking at different places and places project and -- races with 2% of the -- again and none of us know how that actually works so I don't know actually when not actually -- Tourist destination now and -- -- -- -- -- us. But the one thing and that's always been -- business is I didn't talk to every aspect of society so. I can -- the good guys delivered it wouldn't surprise victories and a hundred dollars that. Every. 80% of the radio -- are political it's. The group 34% of the television ads and it's just all the while. Yeah you -- get -- basically you're like that -- I was an used to it. Being a teacher Aaron bed education Blake top -- it's the super curtain on health care in part because it's. Eight tie in Milwaukee for nine years which has a very high eight -- population. Had moved back I -- -- And gold at a pretty high on our population and you know health -- -- on my kid. You're -- their -- it's extremely important though. Your state senate president over the top. -- No I'm not really that's right now is a little nervous earlier in the night by. If it turned out the way -- -- Polls are showing so. And not a surprise. Not surprised Brothers and highlighted how do you dance floor. And an -- going to be one of those crucial state I don't get. You -- I think he can make an army announcement tonight. You know. It was a crucial battleground anyway. A lot of the message that everybody was listening to throughout the campaign team from Florida and it's very much directed at -- -- three.

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{"id":17661900,"title":"Google+ Hangout In 50:","duration":"3:00","description":"Battleground States - Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, New Hampshire.","url":"/Politics/video/google-hangout-50-17661900","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}