The GOP Candidates Just Keep on Coming

Former New York Governor George Pataki announces run for President.
37:38 | 05/28/15

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Live of that a big announcement to be made in the town of eggs that are New Hampshire which claims to be the birthplace of the Republican Party. Taking a symbolic Q former three term New York governor George Pataki is set to announce yes what. He's running for president good morning everyone I'm tyrant and is in New York despite the crowded field official GOP candidates attacking and already you can win. But Tammy before we. Begin let's bring in ABC's political director Rick Klein in Washington Rick aren't gonna need for Pataki to stand out in this. Crowded field he's he's something of molasses socially conservative Republican is that enough. Extremely hard he is gonna define the moderate side at the Republican Party in an age where moderate Republicans are endangered species particularly in primary voting. Although there is a space for someone with the more moderate social views that he has and also the hawkish foreign policy views he for instance. Wants to send troops back into Iraq right now so he it's not that he's some kind of Obama loving. And the middle of the road Republican. But he's an occupiers face it we've seen others in the past like Rudy Giuliani back in 2008 who. He served with that when he was mayor of New York City the tacky was the governor of New York. There's some overlap there and policy and also industries that it occupy in a primary it's tough though I'll tell you this is about. As crowd of the field as we've never seen in the history of Republican Party politics. Georgia that he's gonna art standing out because there's a lot of now better known and younger and fresher talent. Coming on to line into this race. It's ironic because he's someone who's been a mayor as state legislator governor. I Geddes trying to rent something of an outsider's campaign and saying that he doesn't want to get bogged down in the usual. The party line in those social Lee the social conservative issues. It has to be his calling card and and the fact that he was able to governor in in a blue state for three terms is a piece that he's gonna point to work with Democrats get things done the management style a personality that Eagles will be appealing he's gonna play up the under underdog thing you know I interviewed him. About six weeks or dollar seller asked them. You know what's it like to be at one in the polls they say hey that's a surge at least I'm not an asterisk right now that's great if if volatile one. So he's gonna have a sense of humor about it realize that there are very long lives he likes to talk about that and his political history I don't know that he's faced a challenge quite this deep before but will say. We're looking at that some images from his campaign video that's already been released. I know he's not always been the most charismatic of politicians as they is he gonna try to make are a go for that this time around based on the video that we've seen so far. I think it is. Spend some fun moments and that I think he's gonna use the kind of rough exterior as a piece of the charm and hope that it plays in New Hampshire particular that's why he's. Launching in eggs that are today he knows the New Hampshire critical to his efforts he is not likely to be very competitive in a state like Iowa kicks off the process New Hampshire though just a few days later. Maybe it's up it's a place that gives it a chance. But as I mentioned is just so many other folks out there that the attack the argument. It depends on a lot of other people stumbling in catching fire at all happening at the right moments I think. They are unlikely that you see coming to for Asian our friends at 538 really consider about the longest all of long shots right now. He has the ideology of potentially do it does he have the charisma does have the personality is of the fund raising appeal all the other pieces. There would have to come together to make it happen for George the tacky it's a whole lot of bank shots. He barely gets included in polling at this point I need to be and that top ten in order to make it into the first debate that he would make a great foil for the other candidate. At you mention this earlier this is someone who actually supports. Putting big numbers of troops back into Iraq. That's right and he came out very critical viewer call that the letter that 47 Republican senators. Ascent to the supreme leader in Iran Isa that was displayed inappropriate he Sikes he says look really want present time. Even if we don't support as foreign policy we can't be undermining him that's not a point of view that I think the other candidates are likely to articulate. And I think in terms of the the more hawkish aggressive foreign policy. I think he'll take some stands colored by his experience through 9/11 similar to how Rudy Giuliani described being seared by. Those events. That are likely to put him at odds with some other candidates but yes you're right that the stakes are Heidi get that top ten because the first debate in August will only feature and candidates. The CNN wanted to be a month later it will have its basically two different debates it top ten debate and then and everybody else that the George Pataki at this stage is in the everybody else the so called kids' table some operatives are are calling it. Maybe that's okay though for him maybe that's the way these start that the little that a kindling to get fired on later on. Turkey is or one and this event sort of getting underway we don't seek the tot yet when he make you know he's about to make his big announcement. And let's talk a little bit abouts. You know Pataki three term governor. Of New York State but I don't think a lot of people and could even tell you. It out is number one signature. The legislation or errors number when impact on the state. He wasn't it wasn't. A vastly different time in office and other governors have had he he certainly but it had some balance budget issues and and bringing the state back on the line but it it was not a if he didn't use that time is it as a crucible for conservative ideals and a blue state which is one of the reasons he he got things done. He was very famous for does getting that we get the trains running on time and kind of moving New York State with its famously corrupt legislature into a process where they were getting things done on on a regular basis. Not a period a particular prosperity I think most people to the survey known nationally remember him for the images around 9/11 because he was governor. During that time with the World Trade Center. And the attacks in New York. Acting some strong criminal justice reforms sandwiched in between. Very big personalities. In in new York at that same time he did he had Rudy Giuliani and running this running the city at that time. Mario Cuomo his predecessor. I think what's fascinating here is is the range that we're seeing develop among the candidates though I'm you have Griffin MacKey represented a moderate wing. Just yesterday Rick Santorum trying to corner the market on on social conservatives of Rand Paul in the headlines with the libertarian line. In a much different view on foreign policy and on privacy and national security issues so you're seeing just. A rather wide range of opinions. Policies aren't all that different in most city areas but the way they approach the policies you're seeing the spectrum of the Republican Party here on display. I'm Rick wanna thank you so much for spending little time with us we're gonna jump now to this announcement which will happen momentarily BC's political director Rick client let's listen. Could be no better person to ring the bell of liberty in this country. And to uphold. Everything that we hold dear in our hearts about this country. A country we love with all our hearts hearts have always loved. And we'll protect and defend start dying grant so thank you so much for being here we are truly honored. And here's my wonderful that's. Thank you thank you thank you so much and let me thank you. Where introducing me bet most important. Thank ye fair. For 41 years standing at my side and helping us have one of the greatest families and Stanley that I am just so proud thank you all for being here god bless you you're the reason. That I am here this morning to help Europe futures be better. YouTube's. As I look around this room I see so many friends from Peekskill New York State. From Texas and Elena on. And of course from across New Hampshire thank you all for being here. Many of you help me get elected as governor of New York three times and you're here again. Thank you for your loyalty. It down again not totals was amigos gets done on the sword for us boy graciette. Crystal Foley. Okay. Sesame got CN Fred what I am today. We're here in Exeter New Hampshire birthplace of the Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln's part who saved the union and news brought the promise of freedom to all Americans. Teddy Roosevelt's party. Who full up for the square deal also that the rich and powerful couldn't limit the freedom of working Americans. And Ronald Reagan's party who restored americans' belief in ourselves. And him transcendent value of free. The freedom that has given us the greatest country the world has ever known. The freedom that a man named Amos tuck to clear the foundation of that party right here in Exeter New Hampshire. The same freedom that I fear is that risk today from an ever more powerful more intrusive government and Washington. It is to preserve and protect that freedom for us that I stay in here today it is to preserve and protect. It is to preserve and protect that freedom for future generations that I speak. It is to preserve and protect that freedom that this morning I announced Simon candidate for the Republican now. A okay. I. Thank you. Thank you when people think at New York they generally think it New York City and I understand that but my upbringing was quite different. I grew up in small farm in a small town in the Hudson Valley gold Peekskill, New York. My four grandparents. For all immigrants who went through Ellis Island. Peace deals well wasn't and its money but it makes people black and white Christian and Jew both rural and urban have the same time. We weren't wealthy we weren't well connected we weren't well. And he had every one of us growing up in that small town believe the American dream believed in hard work and believe that our sell us. We believed mountain he really knew that if we dream something we couldn't do it. If we worked hard studied car. Had faith family and friends encouraging us nothing could be beyond our reach. We believe in the American dream. And it was real. My father was on them. When he went to first grade he couldn't speak one word of English. I don't ignore him or lowered their expectations. Instead they helped him learn the skills he needed to succeed. My mother had that. And down a scholarship to Cornell because it was the depth of the depression and she was the only one in the family working so she took a job as a waitress. By the way my mother's 99 and at home doing great she is watching this live right now on C staff. They never. All themselves as victims were manner us. And though they might panic had every real opportunity for themselves. They knew that their children could accomplish any. My brother Lou and I worked on our farm justice. When I was in college during Christmas and summer vacations I worked at the Fleischman spectre with my cousin Bob. And then in the evenings and weekends we come home and work on the form of their other cousins. For my dad working two jobs was the norm. He'd leave the house Biden morning delivered mail during the day come home and work on the farm until it was dark. And and that's the alarm rang in the middle of the night TV answer the bell as captain of our volunteer firefighters. It wasn't always easy for them but today my Brothers and astrophysicist. And I am a candidate for the highest office in our country. I. This is the promise of unlimited opportunity America help for my family and for me. It is that promise of unlimited opportunity. That belief in America which I want to restore for every family and every child and every community in America today. There. Today too many Americans. Feel the best days of America are behind us. That our children aren't going to have the same opportunities that we. Government has grown to get too powerful too expensive too intrusive. Washington politicians and bureaucrats believe they know better than us again tell us how to live our lives from what health care each of us must half. To trying to dictate to every child in every school what they must learn. A young mother seeking to start a small businesses inundated with the press of paperwork and regulations. And gives them. A small manufacturers seeking to build the next planting create American jobs. Is faced with the excessive taxation and forced to build that factory overseas. Too many Americans feel the path of opportunity is closed to them. We must make sure it's. The problems we face are real. But I've never been one to dwell on problems. And solutions. When you grow up on the far and you have a problem. You don't have to government to sell. You just like figure out what needs to be done and go do it that's the American way. If I had the honor to lead this country. Let me tell you some of the things I do right away to get oppressive government off the backs of Americans. Today. There's one former member of congress lobbying for every current member. And the first thing I would do is say that if you ever served one day in congress you will never be a lobbyist there will be a lifetime ban on members of congress. A thank. Repeal oppressive laws like Obama care and end common core. I'd eliminate excessive taxes that crush small business. Throw out. An incomprehensible. Tax through written by lawyers at the direction of lobbyists in the interest of the powerful. And replace it with a simpler lower rates that are fair for all of us. At lower taxes on manufacturers. The lowest in the developed world so that factories and jobs could spring up across America. And it shrink the size of the federal work force starting with the bureaucrats overseeing Obama care. And I fired every current IRS employee he abusing government power to. Discriminate on the basis of politics or religion. And let's let every Washington politician now. From now you're going to live under the same rules and laws that we did. No exemptions for politicians the laws they impose on us no special rules for the powerful. Our just that the our Justice Department. We'll treat all fairly and uphold the constitution. No one will be above the law not even if you're a former secretary of state whose name happens to be Clinton. Okay. Let's deliver a clear message to the politicians in Washington. You an hour or servants. Not our masks. We do this and small business will thrive. We will make things and build things here in America again we woke her gay and innovate. Jobs will flourish in people's faith in America's future will soar. You know some are going to say. You can't do this that the course of this really is an act served lead to bigger more expensive more powerful government. Don't you believe that for a second. They told me that when I ran for governor of New York based that I couldn't win. Too many people work dependent on government. Did bureaucrats and powerful interest we're too strong. That people couldn't regain their confidence in the Europe's future. In a sense they were right. They couldn't. But I knew I could and we'd dip. In twelve years New York went from state with the highest tax burden the lowest credit rating and billions of dollars in deficit. To the state with a 143. Billion lower taxes billions in surplus in its highest credit rating in generations. All it took was for me to get government adult the people's way. Seems like. Liberals have so much compassion for the four were the poor that they treat keep creating more of them. When I took office we had every poverty program government could think up. And yet line and eleven of every single New York State resident was on welfare. Not on medic catered disability. Want an eleven if every man woman and child in the State of New York from the tip of Long Island. To the shores of Lake Erie were on welfare. The American dream did not seem real to them. But after twelve years of my conservative policies. We replace dependency with the opportunity. Resignation with hope. Mere existence with dreams a welfare check with a paycheck. When I left office over one million fewer people were on welfare than when I began. Conservative policies replace the pendency with the opportunity in New York State. I know we can do the same thing would be in nine states. I was governor of New York on September 11. It was a horrible time for us and I'm sure for all of you as well. The personal loss was devastating. It's still lives. I saw up close the horrible consequences. Of too many believing that because radical Islamist thousands of miles away. Across an ocean. That we were safe in America. Sadly it wasn't true then and it's not true now. The most important thing government does is to provide for the security and safety of its citizens. Sadly Washington is not doing that. I will not forget the lessons of September 11 I fear too many in Washington will already had. To protect us first we must secure the border. This I'm a proud product of immigrants. But we must know that everyone coming to America is coming here legally and that everyone coming here as coming not to harm us. But to be a part of a better America. And in the face of an increasingly. Dangerous world. This is not the time to weaken America's military it's time to strengthen our military. Yeah. Not so that we can use it but so that we don't. To use it a strong America as they save. Ronald Reagan proved that piece for its strength is more than a slow. Peace through strength as a policy that works. Weakness equivocation and false promises lead only to chaos brutality and war. The world is a better place when America is strong and it champion of liberty and for. Allies and friends of America must know that our workers our bond. We will stand with our ally Israel a democracy on the front lines of terror and Barbara's. We will stand up their allies in NATO and the free Baltic States against the resurgent Russia. We will make sure the number won't sponsor of state turner in the world angry and never has a nuclear weapons. We will provide whatever it is necessary to those already fighting nicest on the ground to stop their barbarism and in humanity. And yes that master. American forces will be used to actually defeat and destroy crisis so they can pose no threat to us here. We will not spend a trillion dollars over a decade nation building overseas. But I will never forget the lessons Kimberlin. We will destroy radical islam's ability to attack us over there before they have the chance to attack us. Our allies must trust that's our enemies must fear us and they will. We will defend our freedom. But we will not be of the world's policeman. Libyan I have two sons both of whom served overseas. Teddy it's marine lieutenant. Deployed to Iraq for a year. Arlen Hansen lieutenant in the tenth mountain division returning from Afghanistan. Just this past September. Please we're proud of them where private every single. Person here food but only beautiful and perfect act that protect our freedom. I better bring your hand. View god bless him. Living and I know what it's like to fly away dreading it Paul in the middle of the night when your child is in harm's way overseas. I do not want one parent one husband one wife. One child or loved one to experience that fear unless it's absolutely necessary. But we will do whatever is required to protect the American people. Well the challenges facing America today are real. I've no doubt we will rise them. Think of what this great country is overcome. Washington valley Fort. Lee can trying to hold together a nation divided. Roosevelt facing both the Great Depression Nazi Germany. And yes the challenges of a large and oppressive government in Washington are real. But this still America. The power of freedom is real. And compared to those talents is we've overcome in the past. These seem like trivial things. I have no doubt we will rise about these as well. Today. Those in the other part. Instead of offering ideas seek to divine. When you have no solutions. Instead you offer here. They say we are anti immigrant. We the proud children and grandchildren and direct descendants of immigrants. We know that immigration to pass and will continue to enhance the greatness of this country. Let's send that party a clear message. Unlike them we don't believe that this that they come to this country so they can getting government hand. We know immigrants come to work to strive to build a lot better life for their families and we welcome all who come here legally. They say we are against the middle class. This too is nonsense. Everyone here under state rooms it's the men and women who go to work pay the bills and follow the rules that are the backbone of this country. We are the party of the middle class. Unless by middle class they mean someone who left the White House they had broken ten years later and a hundred million dollar. Unless by middle class they need someone who charges a poor country 500000. Dollars for a half hour speech. That's the error parties can. She speaks with a middle class. Bay are the party of privilege we are the party of the middle plan. They are the party of the past. We must be the party of the future. I know that the policies we believe and we can change the world. Let the next decade in the decade when the American worker and innovators the best work horse the world accomplished things we can only dream. Let the next decade be the decade when Americans finally cure cancer and for all time. The scourge of also on us. Let the next decade be that to actively decade when American energy powers the world with our own clean unlimited resource. Let the next decade that decade when Americans traveled from city this city. In trains faster than planes and cars that drive themselves an overpass. We have yet to a match. Let the next decade to decade where Americans can have boundless economic growth while enhancing and preserving the natural empire. That the next decade be that decade when America proves to the world you ain't seen nothing yet. Well I saw. Horrors of September 11 led efforts stand. In the days weeks and months that follow. I also solve the strength of America on display. For those months we were not Republicans Democrats black or white young or old we Americans. We have been attacked them we were going to stand to get to show the world that we were unbowed unafraid. And would come back stronger than ever. I completely reject the idea that we can only unite in adverse. We're so much better than. I know we had true greatness within its because I have seen that greatness count countless times. I have seen what Americans can do when we understand we share common dream a common future upcoming desk that he. I know that working together. With the support of a government dedicated to restoring freedom. Rather than restraining it we will once again this Donna's the world what what we can accomplish. Let us come together as Americans and unite to face the challenges ahead. Let us transcend those challenges and seize the unlimited opportunities the future polls let us move forward. So just as the dreams of that young child growing up in Peekskill, New York ring trader. So to the dreams of a young child born today. Whether in downtown Baltimore or here in Nashua, New Hampshire changed country news spam Abbas let's go forward. Together I can tell you the 21 century is going to be America's. Greatest entry thank you god bless you. Thank god bless the United States back. Former New York governor George Pataki announcing his bid. For president as a GOP candidate let's bring in Holly Bailey senior national correspondent for Yahoo! News. Holly they have George Pataki announcing in New Hampshire apparently the birthplace the Republican Party also significant. For its socially moderate Republicans and that is exactly. We're George Pataki's position in this race now. Act mean and this is a state where it misses the place where he has to winner out that mean he's going to bet this whole entire campaign in New Hampshire. Mean it's funny to think back you know George Pataki we were talking about him running for president back in 2000. Ahead of George W. Bush and so that's really. You know it seems illogical talking about how it's time has passed he's hoping that people in New Hampshire member at sort of a Fuzzy hat back and in terms. Just trying to gain some momentum in this very very crowded Republican race how much of a long shot is this for Pataki. I mean but it kind of a lying shouting mean. It's it's again like most people talk about him you know from within remember him back in the day even you know in his speech today he talked a lot about September 11. But he you know I don't think people identify him with September 11 so much the talk about Rudy Giuliani and and so forth and so he's really got it it's gonna have a lot units due to get his name out there to get his name recognition up and I mean he's really betting on New Hampshire. The timing again we talk about how crowded this race is and George Pataki is a candidate who who set himself apart on a number of issues but time and again we see that these socially moderate Republican. Even Rudy Giuliani with great name recognition has a very tough time in the Republican primary which really tends toward the right. Right in and the problem is is that most of these candidates actually would do well in some of the other states later down the line but the problem as is that. That early primary states are very very conservative Iowa New Hampshire South Carolina. On the hamsters less moderate but I mean it's it's it's it's really you know and and in order to sort of game a meant to me after when one of those early states and mean. Just talk they'll never say this that you do you have to wonder if you sort of maybe gaming for vice president. On them one of these tickets are so forth are even really betting on some of these other candidates to fell mainly Chris Christie year Jeb Bush. ET on Hillary. You know very comical way in his speech he hitter pretty heart. Why do that want not. Say go after some of his more conservative opponents. Well I mean that's we're seeing all the candidates do that right now there really aiming all their moment there and their firepower towards Hillary Clinton and really not so much attacking each other. Phelan person I've actually seen attacking anybody is by the agent Don Rand Paul sort of having a back and forth over the last it is over. Foreign policy and so forth but. I mean really this is as this is what's played out in every presidential campaign you know going back many many years. It's they you know they all want to sort of cast themselves as the person I could stand up to that the other opposing party's candidate. And that really this isn't just a race about to really is the person that can be Hillary Clinton since he's such a front runner on the democratic side and so that's that's not really in much of a surprise to see Pataki doing that. An easy target. Holly. You know we got ten plus candidates here now C anticipate jumping in. Well that they'll hold the calendar is getting very Rick crowded I mean I think I believe Rick Perry's temping and next week it's our Rick Santorum yesterday. I mean this is really that busy time whenever these things are jumping and especially leading into the summer when I think. You know even though most of countries not paying attention people in Iowa and so forth are paying attention as as they start. State campaigning at the state fair in a straw poll later this summer and it's really the fault when this is really gonna pick up. Really hear that primaries are good for a candidate if it gets them out there they become practice. But it isn't a help or hurt the Republican parting is such a different story on the democratic side. Well I mean you know it's it's so early and Meehan I know that you know as reporters are all sort of focusing on the streets but it is so early in and that's what's really gonna happen I mean I think about the presidential campaigns I've covered and especially 2008 John McCain was. Written off for dead around this time had at the 2008 campaign and somehow. He battled his way back and so it is get the sort of have these early months when sir everyone gets into the race and they sort of debate policy ideas and you really get to see who they are especially when manner active voters and so. I mean this is you know it's a very credit fell on the Republican side in this certainly. It's it's very cut a competitive to previous years but in the end I think this is you know really get thing for democracy because it forces them to answer questions that. You know maybe they wouldn't be answering if it was just one person on the race. Well Holly Bailey Alan thank you so much for joining us senior national correspondent. Yeah and keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go out time Hernandez New York.

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