GOP chair reacts to impeachment trial

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel joins Linsey Davis to explain what an acquittal would mean for President Donald Trump.
5:42 | 02/04/20

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Transcript for GOP chair reacts to impeachment trial
And we're joined now by RNC chair Ron they Daniel from Washington run out welcome to ABC news live thank you for your time today. Thank you for having am excited to be here. Of course president trouble likely be acquitted by the senate this Wednesday but Democrats have argued that more information we'll just keep coming out that makes their case stronger even GOP senator Lamar Alexander. So that the president's actions were inappropriate. Even as he voted against calling for witnesses. So in your estimation will be impeachment case continue to hang over the president and potentially call causing even more fallout going forward. One surprise of the Democrats want to accept the results of vehicle at all on Wednesday. They didn't accept the election down charm to begin wet I'm sure we'll see a drip dirt get continue until November so the fundamental facts of what actually happened. I shall that the president did nothing wrong and that's why he's going to be acquitted by the Clinton the by the senate on Wednesday. Of course many Republicans blame the house process for being partisan and rushed. But were also overwhelming majorities of Americans including a majority of Republicans who supported having witnesses in the senate trial are you concerned that there might be some blowback for Republicans in 22 money. From voters who think that possibly this trial was a sham. I'm not I think Muslim they American people recognize that there were seventeen witnesses. And the house trial that they. At during their evidence gathering process they chose not to subpoena John Bolton. And I think that people recognize the role of the senate verse the house to house gathers the evidence they presented to the senate and then the senate decides. Nine innocence or guilt and the senate is saying. There was not enough evidence here to impeach this president and the fundamental facts matter how many witnesses come forward are the same that the aid was give and that president excellence he felt no pressure and there was no investigation. But you don't needed their concern about not having any witnesses in the trial which is unprecedented the battle cause a problem. Yeah I think that voters are not paying attention and that's I've been traveling the whole country. We've seen that voters not really interest in an impeachment. I'm the one way that we've seen an uptick on up on the Republican side is sort donations and added a million new small donors. Since the impeachment began it is really energize our base because they feel like it hasn't been a fair process because. The president wasn't allowed to bring his attorneys and or have rebuttal witnesses things that where. Not accident you know not part of the Clinton Clinton I'm impeachment things that anybody should be provided I mean if you're accused Democrat and you should be able to have. Council president present and this is something that our president was denied. What you said it is now. You said it over the week anything that impeachment will actually be an asset for the president's reelection noting how it's helped with fund raising but. But despite a strong economy we saw sweeping losses for Republicans in the 2018 in terms especially in moderate suburbs so. How will the president win back those voters who have been potentially turned off by his time in office. So in 2018 I do think it's important to recognize that we did pick up three senate seats. Which was critical certainly critical cotton this coming Wednesday that we added to our majority in the senate which is not comment. In a mid term election. I and then the president being on the ballot in 22 when he at the currency we've identified eight million voters that turned out and 2016. That skips the mid terms. But we'll come out to vote for president trap again and turning trying to eighties are trapped voters. They came out for him some of them are Democrats or independents and we think it'll really help us. Win back some of these battleground house seats especially when like you said these Democrats ran as moderates all work let's Republican ends. I'll I'll be. I'll be against Nancy Pelosi as speaker and they've come to Washington and at Ben and lock step with their parties and now they have a record Iran on not just rhetoric of being somebody who would be. A mater and in the medal. Of course democratic voters are headed to caucus sites throughout Iowa tonight asking announce it to take out your crystal ball I was here. I think will ultimately go on to take on the president and who do you think they he'd most like to face he's he's not been quiet about this. I I don't think. We know who's gonna take on the president IE at NA and I think that's fair I don't think anybody can look into the crystal bonds say. This is going to be the definitive Weiner. Especially when you get delegates if you reach that 15% threshold Joseph Biden should win tonight in Iowa he should when overwhelmingly he had. Iowa all to himself the past nine days. I think Nancy Pelosi put our thumb on the scale holding these impeachment articles for over a month to try and make sure she timed it so Bernie Sanders and have a chance to go. Campaign so Joseph Biden should have stride and I think she did this. I absolutely dale I mean why else would she hold it for thirty days I don't understand and thank had a McCarthy came out that I think you seen the Democrat leadership. Come out very strongly against. Bernie Sanders I know yesterday was Groundhog Day but I think it's a repeat of 2016 all of her again and before you go reducing the president from would like to run against. Well he did yesterday he'd like to run against Bloomberg I think he's ready to run against any of that I mean as you see in the debates. Nobody is become the presumptive front runner you're still seeing people jump into the race it is really a jumbled field and the president has strong economic numbers he gets to around seven million new jobs wages going up on the accomplishments of this administration trade deals. And people are feeling better than they did four years Don that's a question I ask you are you better off than you were four years ago we've heard that question in politics before. And we see overwhelmingly that Americans do feel better off and they're not gonna switch presidents. When they feel like they're going batter. All right our thanks to you run a McDaniel we appreciate. You talking with us tonight. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel joins Linsey Davis to explain what an acquittal would mean for President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68731800","title":"GOP chair reacts to impeachment trial ","url":"/Politics/video/gop-chair-reacts-impeachment-trial-68731800"}