GOP congressman on if senators will change mind in trial: ‘Not likely, but possible'

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., who voted to impeach in the House, weighs in on whether former President Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate
5:45 | 02/10/21

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Transcript for GOP congressman on if senators will change mind in trial: ‘Not likely, but possible'
For more on the impeachment of former presidential over the future of the Republican Party let's bring an Illinois Republican representative Adam choosing your thank you so much for your time tonight congressman. Now you of course voted to impeach president trump in the house I understand that you were watching the proceedings today by all of us a consensus is that the house impeachment managers did a better job making their argument they won over one additional Republican Louisiana senator bill Cassidy what did you make of the arguments from both sides today. You know and on the background watched it as much of that is I couldn't night I would agree with that assessment I mean I think it's pretty obvious. By the defense. That they were brought on about a week ago. It's pretty clear. I actually from the prosecution's. Side of things they did their homework I think the video at the beginning was very tactful and and it's important to see because. I think over the last month we've lost the wrongness of what happened and we've allowed. You know what about isn't used false equivalents stood to cloud our judgment. But seen that firsthand with some of the things people were saying you couldn't at least deny. That people were there. For what they thought was strong Smart option orders but you know obviously there's going to be debate over whether he bears. This is crystal ball kind of question of course but do you think it's likely not just possible but likely that more Republican senators what ultimately changed their minds in the coming days as they hear more argument stores this. A foregone conclusion. You know I'm not have to say probably not what they clean. But possible and it it just depends I guess on how this goes helped. Public pressure as politicians are. You know naturally very receptive to what people are telling them their constituents should and so I think it the general American public reacts to what they're seeing with horror and Dan and with the belief that he needs removed as I believe. I think it's quite possible but unfortunately politics is so much clout in every drank that even something as important as this. It's hard for people to take him load outside of what the political implications are so you don't have the perception necessarily that this is a ring jury here. Right now I guess I kind of feel like. It may be slightly rigged because people that Marty kind of made up their decision but I do think there's a possibility. Over the next fumes from whatever Dave said that we could pick up some more I think it's highly unlikely though that you get seventeen Republicans to remove Donald Trump. And you of course penned an op Ed in the Washington Post this week saying my fellow Republicans can evicting chump is necessary to save America. He went on to say that this isn't a waste of time it's a matter of accountability. What inspired you to write this sobbed and an if there is no conviction are you worried about more hate inspired violence in the near future. I am worried about all that so on contract first start content with a one ST I did a video which basically kind of puts out what does Eddie goes further which has the Republican Party used to be great we've lost our way and we have a real choice to make and I think that's where fighting for the soul of the party. Is really were that fight this what is it we're gonna stand for and I think we have fed too much for too long in the people's fears and anxieties to win elections. And it's high time people get inspired again. By the great country we are and and I think over time people are gonna wake up. It's a really how bad at least the tone was in the last four years particularly January 6. And I don't think history's gonna judge too kindly and those that stood by and and and picked politics over that both keeping decision. Hey you say you've received an outpouring of support after your impeachment vote I'd imagine some threats as well. In the closed door house Republican meeting last week the party voted overwhelmingly in private to keep Liz Cheney and leadership despite her impeachment vote. The senate impeachment well would be different if it was in private. Certainly yes certainly end. I think it's very telling I'd set even before the wiz Cheney vote that. You know I thought if it was a secret valley you can get upwards of a hundred Republicans. Be on the one hand it's sad right because this is such a serious vote on the other hand you know there were some districts are worried about the politics out at plot. This is not a moment you know maybe if you have to make a decision on obamacare taxes. And this is that she didn't and you can only one person in my district seven or 50000. Had to swear an owed to the constitution in this capacity. That person's knee I'm the only one responsible. For whether or not the constitution was violated and I certainly think it was. And lastly when we had your colleague representative Mack gates on her show she suggests a test in his size there's no place in the Republican party for house members like you voted for impeachment. Does your vision of their future of the Republican Party include people like him. Well not not if he keeps saying stuff like that you know he's obviously somebody who just wants to be famous so I would expect him to moderate if the party did so but. If we think we can pick up somewhere probably isn't white supremacists to make up for conservatives like me that actually just believe in this country. It'll be a forever minority party and so I think you'll see his tone change when people start waking up and demand better. Just one more frail would you consider all leaving your party if you feel it your views are falling on deaf ears. Not today and I'm determined to fight for my party but if it continues down this track emotional hopes for a I I I certainly wouldn't be able to. Stay under the Republican banner as much as I want to you know. I need to be associated with a party that's optimistic about the future costs and I'm not there yet I must fight to Seoul this party. Pride and down the road and hopefully that won't be a decision not to make. Congressman Adam can singer we thank you so much for your time appreciate talking with us tonight Steve back.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., who voted to impeach in the House, weighs in on whether former President Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75790016","title":"GOP congressman on if senators will change mind in trial: ‘Not likely, but possible'","url":"/Politics/video/gop-congressman-senators-change-mind-trial-75790016"}