GOP congressman on why he voted ‘no’ on impeachment

South Dakota Rep. Dustin Johnson says the president bears responsibility for the Capitol mob, but there is not enough time left and the process will further divide the country.
5:37 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for GOP congressman on why he voted ‘no’ on impeachment
And joining us now is South Dakota Republican representative dusty Johnson thank you so much for your time tonight congressman that you voted no on the article of impeachment today in a statement you said the president trump does share responsibility for what happened last week what is your mind would've been an impeachable offense. Well I think I've got well more process concerns than anything having Corley the president's actions and words have not been helpful. And I do think they're worthy of criticism but I do think he deserves more than has there are sure buoyant but the reality is we've got seven days left in this administration I don't even really know what impeaching somebody. But rather convicting them when they're out of office does is. I think due process matters and it takes us a few months you know convict somebody who robbed a gas station not. And I know we like to talk about the house version of some sort of a grand jury. That's really not what the constitution envisions and I just don't like it's nap repeat that would not in the best interest of the country. So what would accountability look like in your estimation. Well I think there are a number of ways you know per Sodom and I think the fourteenth amendment. Section three the something a lot of members are talking about. Censure would be another igniting impeachment for someone who was not a off. Looks like some sort of formal reprimand real and you can't come out one or already gone and that's what's century ears and I think it Nancy palsy chosen to. Build bridges. Gone with something that would try to eat unify. Us unify the country. I think she could've gotten a hundred Republican votes percent church she chose a different approach I would also adjustment when deep it. I do think they'll be judicial proceeding snow that will hold the president a cop always a private citizen. That's how we hold private citizens accountable. But is you know there would be repercussions. For impeachment even after office as far as getting pension or site indoor Secret Service access in do you think in those kinds of punishments would be warranted. Well I'm not sure I understand the Secret Service component on them now we're saying that we don't want to keep him safe. But we're saying that we were so concerned about the violence that we want to make and I should know me incredibly credible death of six individuals don't wanna you don't run pass. But we're so concerned about the violence that we want to make violence against him are more likely I just can't get better. Now if you do not support impeachment what direct consequences do you think that president Chung could face in this role beyond censure any thing or would you support an effort to disqualify him from running again perhaps. Schwartz center would have been something imminent Pinkett we have bar barked on a more bipartisan approach that is absolutely something that I would have been opened to. And I've talked to a lot of Republicans dozens who tell the same way. I mean there's frustration there are not a lot of people who were defending the president's actions. Over the course of the last few weeks and then frankly prior to. Nancy poles he decided you would differ. She got largely a party line vote to end its I don't know what's gonna happen the center mobile I suspect it's gonna look and feel very civil. Now congresswoman Mikey Cheryl alleges that she saw lawmakers actually leading rioters on a quote reconnaissance store one day before the mob stormed the capital if we learn that that in fact turns out to be true in that case would you support expelling those members of congress. I mean if they knew what was going down they knew that there was going to be an attempt to get overwhelmed the cap. Apple yes they were giving that tour in an attempt to need that kind of seditious. Spinster record activity there and yes. I think. I think the congresswoman had better have some pretty firm packs. Before leveling all kind of chilling accusations. And you know look at the facts out and and then we can decide that that's where C. You always many her colleagues have said that now's a time for unity not device witnesses comes of course. Weeks and no weeks after weeks and weeks of proven false claims of election fraud echoed not only by president trumpet many congressional Republicans including the 147. Who voted to overturn the results of a free and fair election last week. What can you in your fellow Republicans do along with the Democrats to tone down this hostile environments and move forward. Yeah and I knew a melon mentioned district two points by way of context number one although it certainly have not been perfect I have tried it my two years and it's a model good but I have not been one of the ones on either side at the L most is quick to pull the trigger. Like questioning my colleague's motives or questioning their patriotism. Like he's doing trying to lead by example on the do an even better and I'm gonna try to look better job of calling my colleagues to child publicly as well. I would note last week I voted to accept the state certification sparkle like that was what the constitution called me to do. Stand. Clearly that was very complicated bull to lots of numbers but what can we do going forward while I would just note. That would go to the rhetoric on the house porch at day would be most toxic I have seen in my two years. It was the most rancorous and that's one of the reasons why I was trying to get some of my democratic colleagues or interest if it bipartisan censure. They more unifying approach done I think. It largely single party impeachment. Process. Congressman Johnson thank you so much for your time especially on what has passed via along an exhausting day for you we appreciate you coming on the show. What banks are adamant.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"South Dakota Rep. Dustin Johnson says the president bears responsibility for the Capitol mob, but there is not enough time left and the process will further divide the country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75237691","title":"GOP congressman on why he voted ‘no’ on impeachment ","url":"/Politics/video/gop-congressman-voted-impeachment-75237691"}