GOP Debate Preview: Talking Politics at a New Hampshire Barbershop

ABC News' Brad Mielke visits a Manchester barbershop ahead of the Republican debate for a trim and some political conversation.
19:28 | 02/06/16

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Transcript for GOP Debate Preview: Talking Politics at a New Hampshire Barbershop
You guys. It's debate day is one of the best days of the year in the political calendar and we are here in Manchester, New Hampshire I'm NBC's Fred milky we're live on ABC digital right now and I thought it would take you to some of the places around Manchester today that are just so exciting to be at this time of year and politics really permeates everything including. Who local barbershop and people around here Manchester constantly talking about politics as candidates roll in and out of town. And this weekend even more so you've got thousands of people for the media the political parties candidates themselves will be here and that some candidates have stopped in to this very barbershop to ask you for their votes. As a dual air behind these kinds of hair right now and the wealthy gonna chat with us some of the barbers who really here. You know half a ton of stories hey you know have a ton of interactions with different customers throughout the day Sony entries for you right now to the owner of as far as I was Roland hello. I whole idea and so you won't display. I sure do point five years 45 years in Manchester right it's that means that you must have seen it Harlan of politics and seen people wa politicians. And the Irish. I had the privilege of giving Larry King air. On broke up here. Many presidential candidates. And and on and on and we discussed politics IO time. And now who are you happy miniature. You gave it. It is an investment firm Davis you trust this guy gave you good hair cut if I was we do. Years and now I just heard you talk about politics as I was sitting right here so this is sort of the place that you feel if you can come and just had a casual conversation absolutely yeah. We talked. Women very entrances. Tribal Roland what was on what was on tap today what what do you see happening in their political landscape right. I mean now with the Republican debate. I think real. We'll the latter. Can dark outcrop. Could slip and you know we'll. In my view. I think you reached to pick up a few wobbles and anything. Yet. But then outside of New England burdens. Hard time. New. Italy by. Rules are they I mean. Why do you mean political analysts and your TV that's when you could just comment. To the barbershop and hear it straight from the horse's mouth with Rowland here and that is what a show you guys around the sport up because this is old school you. Manchester are keeping local school here's the war here. With let's see are your eyes your your patriots rallied yes and I aren't they yeah. And then what else we miss her more acts is a picture of you yes it is when I was in the military and served our country. I'm so proud to be in a veteran. I was in the name be. And I have professional after. Pizza coming to barber shops and this is the barbershop in nineteen fought this this this is barbershop was established in 1929. This is the deer I killed only a couple years ago it looked yeah shot they shot me in the next two years ago. Columns yours she's my house beautiful spot. And we a lot of sports figures. I got autographed pictures. Of John Hanna. Harrison. Larry Bird club mule or so this is an all of wounds. Some old school new little guy here parents haven't what do you foresee dire. Great great old traditions that are in the city in the sister survivor pulls its traditional martial arts yet. He knows who and what's so it you can get back to work here I would I don't want to interrupt human. You know what's might see you leading candidates coming in here than what yes we do we've gotten Martin O'Malley twice you've cut as an. Oh yeah iPad is here have to cut his hair he he was great very least I wanted to give my hair and on a house. But he says I gotta pay for our Raleigh. Let me see this SuSE duels this year yes. That's view columnists. Make sure we get this in the life here says human Martin O'Malley yes and that would seem like Abdul isn't like dealing with all these candidates as they come and she is good. Plus niceness off. And is he's cut down so. It's an additional based on the politics of your customers probably. Or thinks that it is. Brokers. And here's an. For genius excellence. I'm become citizen in nineteen six. You from the rock that is offering criticized Iraq. So any politics probably mattered note did it to you and your family progress in in the last fifteen years as more than anyone else when you talk about. Foreign policy in the Iraq War and ensure that must have been coming up a lot when you cut your gear we don't token. And many bureau they die here. I like him that I mean we took in about what kinds it is tuition. But through it we're on America. And then god bless America. Whose. And so what are you what are you working on a day you're whose customer my. Mario nebula in Manchester Mario soon and so what's what's do doing Judy you trust and what's your air there I've been pressing him four here's a yours. And now he's is he right at it this is politics sort of thing with discussed here a lot especially this time here he has. And in what's it been like in the city's dealers are heating up with a bunch of people. Oh more movement. Now especially in. Weather permitting. One wet miles. It's. Much more. And means. Is like on the times people come in here that surely its primary insurance. This is what it's all. It's just great for the state of New Hampshire. The cities. In all the restaurants. And hotels. And the income coming in just really. This coming primaries he's seen her whole life scenes. Authorities. Are well. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. To forty years with the primary. This five years as what does this one rank in terms of craziness just one one out of date yes all right I'll and I'll leave it. This people that are running it strategy. It's. This is companies are and how to haircuts and it got better or worse yeah they're always trade Cuddy how did you hear it. David. Into I would be directed. Excellent excellent. Rented. I'd also that you see Donna Brazil there on TV before you know she's she's one of our contributors for ABC news that's my first. Insists it isn't democratic strategist and he's pretty. What preferences and she's not see us government. There's. Great Willa. Again if you if you liked. You must just be talking to this are people is that what is like people coming just ask you what's going on it shortly it is always in downtown. And they a close. Election it. And then. Ice I don't know lack and it's in the united. The my life. It's. So he would lose this appeal. This is my 1982. Yeah. Yeah yeah. The sentence. But what is true she listens. Alan yeah. Sometimes it. Because you. You're his barber Ivan his moment and says my own business when Osmond important in my experience and how well there you go so. Only recognizes. You know I egg got its you can tell. I don't have a whole lot of hair to trim. But we might see if I can actually get role until would you be able to give me let my customary debate Dave beard trimmed this is a big day for ABC news want to make sure look my best. Are angry and being stuck somewhere citizens this might outbreaks are sorry guys self. We're gonna go ahead and get started here and he bodily Ehrlich has you know you know who you're voting for you that's when you talk about what people. Yes I am not only. Some forty or so Hillary Clinton guy. And what's this. I thought things would agree when he was president. When Bill Clinton as president note deficit. More money in my pocket than ever back then. That age it's not that way. And I think Hillary. Could make three changes. In the country. And her husband. Leading her probably the only way. He'll help her. Oh that's my opinion it will bit you dearly to Manchester actually is that pretty Republican town has a lot of Republicans intense I imagine probably get into some debates with people every year or do I get customers are costly when water continent yet later that for a right now. Holly thinks so I really don't let people know like vote for. Analysts by. Really want to. All right well here's I'm thinking I'm thinking we should probably do like K like like a three. Here on this thing you think you can immediately how clean up the line up that little via our problem. All right well you know labeled this key will stick live for us just a moment while we sort of get underway feel comfortable with vascular. You guys so we're gonna see. Let's see how this works here as we had just bring you live some real debate day preparations this is what it's like for a lot of people here at ABC news as a dispute will spit stuff. Before the big moments we will have that debate tonight. 8 o'clock is when the debate will starter at 830 but we will have a live streaming coverage for you thank you very much feels next thing. We'll have. Like streaming coverage for you at 6 PM eastern 3 PM Pacific right here on ABC digital to go to Philly pretty fun. And but didn't started. And Preston yeah. Even pick up my glasses you know. All my years relation to stay alive and higher times and into the final product. So it is viewed as a Dallas. Undone can you you handle that Roland. Itself that would essentially government left here looking. Let's talk about. What you're see and so using a lot of movement in the Republican front of him. A what you talk here aside and that's what about the Democrats and your big Hillary Clinton got what you see another Bernie Sanders. People seem to really like him in the state he's got this big value whiteness that. Well they'd like for. You. College students who we've been through the streets calling. This school. Play. And scream from the extreme cold you both camps. I've been told. You don't play from here. No proof away. Will say you know Bernie Sanders has actually gotten the sport quite a few you. Union members here in the state you know you're taught me. You think gets a good message for you. You worry about that I worry about that because you. Watch hi. They want a proposal fifteen dollar hike on an hourly wages. And yeah MSNBC. You'll be the one that that the Teamsters. In. Strong unions which supporting their biggest go to union issues. Young and I think it is I think throughout the country we got them over thirty million Teamsters and United States. People realize how many. People belong to the Teamsters union truck drivers and press and then all types of people of or until two youngsters and it's. Strong organization. Very strong. It would say anything we can speak a little more broadly as we continue doing it we're delivering a live stream. Of my beard trim here at a Manchester barber shop for role in the her coffin and advanced fuel. And can. Here in New Hampshire and you're gonna hear a lot of tonight's debate about New Hampshire issues. At the state and that the Manchester area changeable and you've been here for 45 years. As changed. You know worry where. The whole lot of younger kids aren't working and not finding jobs. And then we're having a serious problem with drugs. The COLT keys. Hanging out of the heroin addiction is just terrible. Just terrible and they gathered to something about it and social. Never remember arresting that is the justice was in the last two years heroin deaths have doubled. Here in the serie earlier opiate addiction desk overdose deaths have done here in the state and announced them day issue that New Hampshire writes care about more than any other issue more than the economy more than jobs. Drug addiction issue has really become the top priority I easily slow. Questions you would like to see people laughing kind of I think today. Well on the Republican ticket nobody talks about those who are here. No wouldn't go so well. Then just people that are right Ireland sold through. There's no. If she gets that was so I thought Social Security at all in New Hampshire because of the price of oil that's what they said and I feel it. You know people that are on social groups Social Security she can't 33%. Increase every year. But this year it in the so that's a problem so then is that the prospectus. Is some of the challenges. That a New Hampshire voters. Are facing and is an interest in saying that it's it's this tape is becoming older it's a state you know so you're talking to a lot of veterans a lot of people that are dealing with social security and entitlements Medicare Medicaid it is a big issue and say that's within him a lot as we've been here for the last several months beginning some of these voters. But you know today sort of the Natick were really start to see if he up with the national coverage you can that's a good thing for New Hampshire by the way that all these were. Orders impress people coming in that's why don't think it hurts like me you're gonna get feedback from all. TV. ABC and BC gonna get them all. But sometimes. They use. Hand to really attack the end of days and it's really state what I'm. And they get those feet that they get the momentum go when Donald Trump at the beginning. Now it's eating away at work. Now movie deals coming up the latter. So it is it does make a difference. I what are we working on here what you're what do you Otis Williams are what do you look oh my mustache. Volunteer. For fat all right love them. We'll talk about later not all your all your thoughts on Elena. And we goodness you guys this is this is really a bar result they've been out. As business for you by the there's this holiday parade is a growing. Now today I don't say is booming but it's been pretty good reason that local economy. Good location I for the tremendous okay. And. And that's good you know it's been good you know these years of hopefuls tell our history. Downtown merchants in the clothing store groups who are really helps and ask questions you and Abdul get along at all we had that we get along that we're in very close quarters here we get along. He must have some interesting story and only shoot guns shoot at us. If you're you're just tuning in you guys yes this is ABC's Brett Melky and yes I am getting at your trim here at a Manchester at a Manchester. A barbershop on debate day. Biggest hit a political year for us here at ABC and ended its three days away from the primary that we're gonna have. He brushing off we don't we're. Let's see here so let's get right in here than how do you think he did oh this looks this looks good you guys. All right. Did you put them did you put the gray America now Lloyd Banks alive while area. Well you guys that is what we got for you today I am gonna get out of here I'm ahead over the debate. Hall at Saint Anselm College that's where it's all going on the day the Republicans will be facing off this is the last debate before the New Hampshire primary. Which a lot of the lot is almost lawn is on the line today. Lot at stake. As Republicans really battling it out. Well when he. Prediction for who's gonna win this Republican. Tonight and a commonly used the shot through PO and traveled area that's one prediction. We will also have Donna Brazil ABC news contributor and you just heard from she does happen walking and we'll see what she says later tonight we're going to be streaming. All day we will have it will. Great broadcast starting at 6 PM along with several of these sort of stops throughout the day so until then I mean BC's Brett milky we'll see and I.

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