GOP health care bill collapses

ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discusses what went wrong for Trump's health care bill.
7:04 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for GOP health care bill collapses
Hey guys come on in the botany work you want to bring you the latest on Republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare something remarkable to me it just happened on the house floor. Let's bring in a recliner political director down in DC who'd been watching this unfold over the course of the last couple a days. Rick it looks like they just called to the house in two Reese that's sent out into recess. After a few hours. Debating. This potential bill this Republican proposal that would replace the eight CA what just happened. Well we're told that Republicans have been meeting behind closed doors to figure out the next steps technically they are in recess subject to the call of the charities they can come back at any time but 330. Was the witching hour that was the time that the White House are that they expected. A vote to take place I'd imagine that some last minute strategizing right now on on the eve of what could still be a vote conceivably but also could be a postponement on the this of course is not good news for those who are expecting to see. Via the obamacare replacement voted on today in the house they're all sorts of signals coming out to suggested this vote. If and when it were to be held would go down and go down big. So in that sense not a surprise however the White House was assistant house leadership insistent. That there would be a vote in this 330 range we're now. Back in delayed bill trying to figure out went when we might reconvene you can hear the audible boos on the house floor as Democrats have been geared up for this moment to see this go down in defeat. Our have to wait a little while longer at least. Rick we heard the boos we heard several people calling for a vote this comes after I think it was about four hours of debate. There on the floor and seven years of debate he's going back and forth about whether or not the Affordable Care Act was working and how well but. He's been sort of a remarkable dynamic set up between the administration and the Republican Party controlled both houses of congress right now. Where did they go from here I mean this is the speaks to how fluid the situation is if if anything. So I break it down into a short term and and a longer term strategy omnimedia medium term strategy in the short term that got to figure out today wanna think this vote not. Because house members are there they're ready to be put on the record on the bill that is currently before them house Republicans evidently want to talk about it a little bit before. Even deciding to go ahead or pull the plug is nothing that stops. Speaker Ryan from at any point to saying we're done for the week go home enjoy your families enjoy your constituents and we'll be back to fight another day another battle next week or whenever. That said the president has made clear he wants a vote so do you decide to go forward with this or not Havel the names put on the record or not secondarily. How do you pick up the pieces because if this is either pull or defeated it's it's a crippling blow to the Ryan trump partnership. President trump put his name on this just as much as Paul Ryan did I think this fall operable for them. And did they decide to actually move on. From attempts to repeal and replace obamacare leaving it in place this Donald office said. Are there other legislative attempts where today focused their legislative energy's next in the immediately turned the tax reform which is not too easy by itself. Infrastructure reform which scrambles the coalition's what do you do in terms of punishment for all the members who. But making leadership it's impossible for this white house with with their despite the Republican majorities. So it sets up a whole series of short and long term choices for this house leadership that still has a very uneasy relationship with this White House. Rick I gotta ask though we have been reporting for much of the day several news ballots have been reporting for much of the day they just didn't have the numbers to get this to pass. But of course this morning the president that we'll have to see will latency Sean Spicer in his briefing expressed limited confidence is wealth that they were gonna move ahead to a vote. At 330 is there any chance but they come back and they have the votes. Yeah and it's as we said Immelman and reporting to sound a little bit that there they're going to meet behind closed doors that figure it out. My read of the circumstances that what we know based on today it you mention a whole series of house moderates and some conservatives come out against the bill. A by our count how we are well north of the 22 the need in terms of defections to ensure this bill cannot pass. I think you have speaker Ryan going to the White House is what we believed to be a pretty unmistakable message. That they do not have the votes and how do you wanna proceed they're told we wanna proceed he's told they wanna proceed we are the white house Press Secretary about an hour or so ago. Say that the president wanted to see that vote ahead but he's talking about this effort. As if it's in the past tense as if they're moving on self. I don't see this scenario that turns this around they're done with the carrots they gamble it limited stakes at their disposal was only so much they can do as. As you heard from the White House they left everything on the field as far as they're concerned you can debate that but the fact is that they made this a very good effort. I don't see them getting the votes under any scenario today. Break it looks like we have a little bit of information coming in right now as well our colleagues in Washington saying that president trump. Cult speaker Ryan and told him to pull the bill. Your take on happen. Well it's a reversal from about an hour hour and a half ago but eight it did this strikes me as the compassionate way. To handle what would have been a stinging defeat ball for the White House and House of Representatives haven't talking to people this afternoon. Trying to figure out what the strategy is behind going ahead with the vote the you know you're going to lose that's very hot does not happen. In in congress I know we'd like to think about our civic institutions is like oh with a majority rules you vote tech. Speaking technically speaking yes that's true but on a practical level in almost never happens that you call a vote that you know you're gonna lose unless you're trying to prove a point. Now the point might have been to show. To put on record all these Republicans to force them on the record one way or the other to say are you with us or you're against at that point may have been too embarrassed Paul Ryan. So it strikes me that the White House deciding not to do this is. The escalating any potential tensions with Paul Ryan. And is recognizing the reality. They don't have the votes if they have the votes they would have approved this yesterday. Our last night or this morning at any point when you don't have the votes and as even the White House acknowledged today is only so much you can go. And Rick where another little piece of information they can share we do now it's coming in in real time himself. We just let it speaker Ryan will hold a press conference. At 4 PM today so it just over twenty minutes away now what do you expect to hear from him there what he possibly say at this moment in time. I mean this is a bitter disappointment the fault line just had to back up he has talked about aid replacements. Or substitute for the for obamacare for going about 73 years back when he was just the 39 year olds rather obscure congressman from Wisconsin early in the bombing years he's been talking about the need for these reforms. So this FISA legislation even though it didn't have anywhere near. The supported needed by all accounts. He's living in out of a long time as a policy I think just on a personal level there's disappointment then on the on the policy and leadership level. To have the first major vote. Of the trump White House years and like this with it having the embarrassment having to pull it from the floor after this extraordinary. 4872. Hours of the public pressure that was brought to bear all us town hall meetings his members of equipment through quite a lot over the last weeks and months.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"ABC News Political Director Rick Klein discusses what went wrong for Trump's health care bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46361157","title":"GOP health care bill collapses ","url":"/Politics/video/gop-health-care-bill-collapses-46361157"}