GOP health care bill in jeopardy?

ABC News' Rick Klein has the latest developments as Republicans scramble to get enough votes for the AHCA.
6:34 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for GOP health care bill in jeopardy?
Guys on the nods here in New York we're bringing you your latest update. On the Republican health care bill this is the wanted to considering right now to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act also known. As Obama care we don't even know if there's going to be a vote yet we've got Rick Klein he's gonna bring us up to date on the latest. Of where this bill stands down in DC our political director Rick what are we now. Reading tea leaves the speaker of the house does not go to the White House at this late hour with good news he's delivering some kind of a message to the White House to the president directly we would presume. About where the votes staff and for all the state all of the county that we've done in the public pronouncement that we count they are short of the votes that we need. We also know that members of the freedom caucus who generally opposed are now saying they believe that people will be delayed. I it would make sense for the speaker of the house a lay out the options right now the president himself and they're there are two options either of them are very good to you go ahead with the vote. Knowing that you could very well fail. Or do you pull it. You pull back and say okay we we understand that we don't have what we take we'll have to revisit another day in the meantime we're we're anxious to. Address other priorities either one would be huge egg on the face of this president and this White House. But we we we just don't know where he's gonna steady never face a decision like this before it's possible they want our out at with the voted that. President trump believes that in his own persuasive powers that he won't be defiant on the floor of the house or that that people know that he's taking names along the way it is it is high drama and on certain. Times Eric a huge risk for them to take at this point when just there reminder of where we stand here Republicans need 215. Votes right to pass this version of the bill. They can afford to lose no more than 22 based on a number of different outlets reporting that he mentioned. Those numbers just aren't there right now but. We think this is gonna turn I mean based on the relationship that we note speaker Ryan and president trump have. Is there any indication of what we expect to unfold it's just past 1 o'clock right now it's a reminder to people that still a lot of daylight laughed. I'll tell you what I don't see happening which is the health care bill passing. I think he either gets pulled or it goes down in in defeat because the president insists on a vote. An in on the it's the kind of vote that doesn't lose by one or two if it's clear it's going down it'll lose by thirty or forty. Because members of congress will feel free to it to vote their conscience on it about the way their districts where expect you'll see conservatives. And and moderates unite in opposing this thing it would go down badly it would be it's stinging defeat. For the White House. I I don't know that there's any past the study to try to judge with that behavior is. Is likely to be it is a judgment call for the president of the United States because he put it this deadline on the house said. I want this vote by the end of the day he can be angry about it he. Can be dismissive about it you can tweet. About it as much as he wants but if he doesn't have to fifteen doesn't have to fifteen math. Still bows down to this president you there's there is one thing that is very stubborn it's just vote counting in Washington you don't have the votes it can't get something done even that reality exists and Donald Trump's reality of Washington. And the numbers are what they are bet Rick I think we talk again about how this is about deal making with his lot about politics and how this just works business as usual. Before the millions of Americans out there. Whose lives could be in a very real way affected by whatever does or does not happen today how should they be processing with ASEAN folding. Down on Capitol Hill. Well look passing the bill has obvious consequences because it changes the structure of obamacare and there are millions of Americans will lose their health insurance millions more will have. Other options out there that might be a lot cheaper but might not include nearly as much coverage and it's gonna change insurance marketplaces for Everett this thing actually goes a goes ahead if it doesn't. Go ahead then you're you're sort of stuck with a status ball for a while there's not going to be a big appetite to revisit any flaws in obamacare maybe some things around the edges. And it's gonna take months if not longer than that before there's an appetite in congress to bring it back again because the wait is to set up on that never seen anything quite like that you had. This deadline set up by ago between the White House and house leaders say this is the time to do it this is our goal from march it will be what we do in March sets up other things down the road. You really can't attraction that strategy and say well let's give it another few weeks will visit in April or may you have to be all in or out on this and it's forcing a lot of folks the show there. Parts Rick outside of this one particular issue for all the folks who are watching all of this and how it's going down. If you voted for president trump thinking that he could be the one to change the way. Business works in Washington. If this goes down the way it looks like it might right now either weather postponed vote or a failed votes it looks like business as usual doesn't. Well yeah I any ad he's pretty sharp and harsh realities that Donald Trump would be crashing into. The flip side of this on the is that trump is it personality alike we've ever seen here. And he actually railed against that kind of system and I would look for him. To be quite angry and agitated about the fact that that system frustrated him he may be tweeting about although special interest that allied against them. He will be isolated but he won't be silent and and that's one thing I think is an important caveat that all of this you know it's very easy I think and it. In a court what normal presidency to say you lose this you lose everything you can't get this daughter that's on. He is it different creature as president of the United States he derives its power from different places in the party and beyond and it's still possible that they get something I I wouldn't count out president trump. Even with this kind of stinging awful to defeat. Rick laughing only get you on here in march of last year. President trump had mentioned when he was asked about his relationship with speaker Ryan moving forward if he were elected he said they would had a great relationship. But if they didn't that speaker of high and would pay a quote big price. Do you see something like that shaking out for me I mean how cool kind of bears the weight if this thing does not go as both sides want it. I won. Wouldn't imagine president Tom is gonna turn publicly on speaker Ryan. But looking at the private Nash and a actions in some of the leaks and some of the headlines that are out there after the press. It suggests that there's already a whole lot of tension in that relationship it is no secret. That president trump has a test the tenuous relation to speaker line there are some folks. It is inner circle who advocated openly for him to be toppled as speaker there will be calls for its head there will be calls it to replace him depending on how it goes down. This afternoon. I don't think the relationship is over as a result of any of this they'll actually worked closely together and there are lots of good things that are heard from all sides. But a tenuous relationship will be even further strain. ABC's political director Rick Klein in Washington thanks Iran. Seven.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein has the latest developments as Republicans scramble to get enough votes for the AHCA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46356982","title":"GOP health care bill in jeopardy?","url":"/Politics/video/gop-health-care-bill-jeopardy-46356982"}