GOP leader says Republicans ‘will not repeat this’ impeachment process

Kevin McCarthy said when Republicans are in the majority they will “govern differently.”
4:21 | 12/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GOP leader says Republicans ‘will not repeat this’ impeachment process
Whiplash. Whiplash that's how some people describe the major announcements house Democrats have delivered this week. Beg for momma always on Tuesday speaker Pelosi continue to follow through on her caucus long term goals of removing the president. Our duly elected president from office as she made that announcement less than one hour yet another press gone. To announce that she will finally relent and allow US MCI's states Mexico and an agreement to come forth. What's more interesting in this process is that. In a talk just this week or last week she says she's been working on impeachment for the last two and half years 22 months. Long before any phone call in Ukraine. And she'd been holding US and Thea more than twelve month. So what we have found is not only has the speaker. And the ultimate goal of impeaching the president why she wanted to capture the majority. We saw the other evidence. The committee that is meeting right now that has a responsibility. For impeachment. There when they wanted to decide who should chair that committee the one who won campaigned on it. Mr. Nadler that he would be the very best to chair an impeachment. Are the freshman who gave them the majority. But a few mere hours after she swore her hand. Uphold the constitution. To celebrate that night. Heard Maine statement. She's gonna impeach the mother. And then now we have Al Green. Who started this and moved it many times. Said if the senate does not follow through that they'll just impeach the president again. So what do we have to believe will happen if the Democrats keep the majority. Or the same or impeachment. More subpoenas being issued than laws creating. And really ultimate goal they've always dreamed about. They're more afraid that they cannot beat this president in the polls. They're just gonna have to continue to impeach him. I think the more that the public sees this the more that the public understands. The less support he read to wash imposed today. We're now learning that more Democrats. Are now saying they'll vote against. The most disturbing of all of this this year. Speaker Pelosi laid out her requirements to even move forward with impeachment. Where she said it was so divisive to this nation it after the overwhelming. Compelling and bipartisan. She did not meet one of her requirements. And now we have a Democrat constitutional scholars saying that its thinnest. Weekends fastest impeachment in American. That's why today. In an interview. I made this place. We will not repeat this. We will not do what Alexander Hamilton feared most. That if we are entrusted with the majority. We would governor's responsibility. Regardless who's in the lighthouse that we'd uphold the constitution. We'd actually stand by the requirements the speaker Pelosi gave. Overwhelming compelling and bipartisan but more importantly stand the level of constitution. It we would govern differently that we would not use our power simply for the sake of dislike. Another individual. Hope congress approves it gets better cause there's so much we need to do. Now getting United States Mexico and candid agreement passed. Will be a major accomplishment not only make this country stronger but the president has worked a great deal to put this together was no easy task. It's just another promise that he made that he's keeping. But when I went back and I looked at. The campaign to get it to move forward and I took all the times it's been mentioned on the floor. 91%. The house republic. I want to thank this team for how hard they work to make America strong. And that will continue to grow our economy and look forward to more that the future.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Kevin McCarthy said when Republicans are in the majority they will “govern differently.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67690899","title":"GOP leader says Republicans ‘will not repeat this’ impeachment process","url":"/Politics/video/gop-leader-republicans-repeat-impeachment-process-67690899"}