What the GOP opposition is saying about the proposed health care bill

Some GOP lawmakers are speaking out against the proposed health care bill.
4:18 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for What the GOP opposition is saying about the proposed health care bill
Let's talk about. What the chances are there are some Republicans that RD sent this morning at this bill was dead on arrival adding not to read all the weeds and it. Yeah exactly so so. So we'll talk about Republican. Opposition to this. Not just opposition there are obviously. Some folks who really like it but in terms of the opposition you've got a couple different factions here. You've got the Rand Paul might only ten crews coalition of Republican senators who say. We don't like the fact that this bill includes. A tax credit date they will not support anything that includes a tax credit because they say it's Obama Carroll light that was the term that we heard Albany today with obamacare light. And then actually. And it could be another form of entitled how to exactly government benefiting. Or an apartment chat and that's that's sort of goes against some real your public and orthodox absolutely so there out on that score. Other senators as we mentioned before the medic he expansion. Very popular in states that are majority Republican control including. Ohio for example Republican governor Jon K sick except it. This Medicaid expansion allowed him to bring on a lot of people under Medicaid rolls and so now Ohio's senators including Republican senator Rob Portman. Coming out and think we get behind this because we have concerns that this won't protect our Medicaid recipients adequately enough. On top of that at least in terms these senate coalitions you also had at least one moderate Republicans Susan Collins of Maine who is saying she doesn't like the fact that this bill. Would also and federal funding of Planned Parenthood she says that. And that should not be the case so be I don't all of those coalitions we're up to eight senators why does that matter there's only 52 with senate Republicans. They need. Fifty plus vice president Mike Pence who can act as a tiebreaker to. Vote in favor of any sort of obamacare belt so then you think you only really afford to lose to Republican senators. Assuming that all Democrats boat against this bill. So that's been calculus on the senate side on the house side at. A holder ever complicated but on the house side. They can only lose about 21 I believe Republican votes. And still have this thing passed on a party line vote so he can't. They have to build a big tent here and right now there's a lot of Republicans who say this isn't gonna work for us. Yet we've heard even on the house side some conservative members there. Notice the freedom caucus there on the house night they have been objecting to this and that was rolled out they say again it looks like Obama Karen light they want full repeal of the old block. If that's when they campaigned on and that's what their constituents dessert so it'll be interesting to see eating its at a house let alone think it's ridiculous and it's is back had a. Interesting you bring that up and Mary Alice because and yes they would say that yes we campaigned on repealing obamacare. And that's going to be the line that house and Senate Leadership used to try to get to convince them to vote for something that they don't totally love. They're gonna say well fine then you're going to be on the record opposing. Obamacare repeal is that really what you want is that would voters bode viewing here for and they are betting that that's not going to be case. And meanwhile Democrats aren't you calling this trump care. That was the line we heard from the other side of the dialogue day is that it's gonna result in higher premiums and really Democrats horning in on idea. That this bill specifically cut any federal funding for Planned Parenthood obviously Democrats think that those clinics are essential to women's health. Across the country not only providing abortion services a Miree add. Cancer screenings and birth control options and that's something we side Democrat senators really riled up about today so. The fight is just beginning you're got a lot that's been on health care. But the bill ends. That is really getting serious and it's thank you are blocked its cash and we keep act that you can't keep watching live the talking about this bill. Any change it into work. Marking up making changes a mending this bill this week looking for votes at the end of the month. And you can keep checking back here ABC news Albrecht capital coverage I'm Mary Alice parks I mountain road and believe it a shot of it's very cool. Senate gallery a little. Sneak peek into what we do here on capitol thanks.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Some GOP lawmakers are speaking out against the proposed health care bill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45978402","title":"What the GOP opposition is saying about the proposed health care bill","url":"/Politics/video/gop-opposition-proposed-health-care-bill-45978402"}