Mike Huckabee Campaigns at the Iowa State Fair

Huckabee is the first Presidential candidate to speak to voters from the soap box.
19:51 | 08/13/15

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Transcript for Mike Huckabee Campaigns at the Iowa State Fair
Hillary probably is not going to come she'll email in her appearances. I say I know it was pretty well but when I was born in Hope, Arkansas the same. Count Bill Clinton was born and people wonder sometimes it's impossible and so many politicians would come from one small town answers I don't know. But here's what I do know. That for the Republicans who are deciding. How to vote go to vote far. A lot of questions art is there anybody on our side. That has a good opportunity to take on the Clinton political machine. Folks I'm the only one who's ever Donna because every election I've ever ran in Arkansas. Every time. I can just run against an opponent. I ran against the entire political apparatus of the clintons have built over 25 year period analysts tell you something it's formidable. I don't most of you probably think that the most democratic state and the country is Massachusetts. Maybe you think it's Oregon Vermont being. New Yorker New Jersey that you would be wrong but in the 1990s because democratic state in all of America was Arkansas. But I was elected lieutenant governor I was only a fourth Republican elected in a 150 years. When I was elected lieutenant governor of the State Capitol. And it was so happy to see be the only Republican in the State Capitol. That might door was nailed shot from the inside. Literally Gil shot. And by the way it stayed that way for my first 59 days as the elected lieutenant governor of the state. That was my introduction to the hardball politics. That the Clinton political machine knows how to play. Every time I was ever on the ballot vote Philip Hillary Clinton came and campaigned for my opponent. I've never been bitter about it may be a better candidate because here's the fact. I not only took a long. But I repeatedly beat them. And I lived to tell about it that's why. You'll hear from the other side that they've done such a great job running the country in the Indian economy is in recovery. Everywhere I go across this country and right here I don't talk to people who say yeah the economy is recovering. There's I talk to people whose economy is not become. Last night I was at a pizza ranch of course allies. I was at a pizza ranch in lucky and a guy comes up to me it's a contractor owns a small business he does landscaping. And I've been talking about a guy that I met South Carolina three weeks ago a guy named mark. And the guys South Carolina they park I met at the Fairfield inn in Aiken south Carolina at 6 o'clock in the morning. My team stays the Fairfield and because it's a cheap hotel they got free Internet free breakfast. We spend your campaign money like you wish the federal government spends your tax money we try to be frugal. Counted 6 o'clock in the morning for breakfast and markets work it and shipped there for the airfield and then he strikes up a conversation we get to talking. Mark as a college educated accountant and three years ago. He was working as an accountant for a manufacturing company Daryn Aiken South Carolina. What the company closed down and shipped to all 300 jobs of that company to Mexico. 300 factory workers and front office people of which he was one all lost their jobs. Now mark is working three. Part time jobs and with three part time jobs he doesn't make as much money as he used to make no one job he once had a factory. Mark's story is this story of five million Americans who have lost jobs in manufacturing since the year 2000. 60000 manufacturing plants are closed in this country since the year 2000. And last night when I was talking to the landscape contractor in wok heat. He was saying to he could relate. So mark story that I told he said because that's mine. He's as I'm working a hundred hours a week. Folks that's a lot of work. And there are a lot of Americans who are sweating through their clothes every day they're lifting heavy things. And they're not getting a lot to show for it. It used to be that you would just get through high school get a good job it worked hard you could take good care of your family. You can move up in the middle class lord knows I was able to do that. Because of a hard working dad who works two full time jobs. But with two full time jobs could barely pay the rent on the little orange brick ranch house that I believe in on second street home Arkansas. Guys I'm not blue blood. I'm Stanley did not come over on the mayflower. I family's blue power. We got dumped off the shores of Georgia after being dumped out of the debtor's prisons in Great Britain. I ancestry is not something that is all that no. My dad always told me sits on don't look very far your family tree skirts and step up their you don't need to say. But on the table I love this country. Because. If it hit likely. They grow up like idea. But parents who never happened opportunities in grade education. My father never finished high school his father did his father didn't. I'm the first male in my entire family lineage than ever graduated high school much less with the college. If a kid like me and incumbent governor of a state. And can aspire to be the forties that president of the United States. This is an amazing place to live. And I'm frankly has got. I'm got a few years on me now. Three grown children. And five grandchildren. When people say why are you running for president. Sometimes I ask myself that. Behind got you line. The Bible does five grandkids of mine to have the same kind of hopes opportunities. I wanted to be as optimistic about their country as I grew up being. I want them to believe that America is the greatest nation on earth and I want them to believe that that's true because it is true and we have to fight for it to be true again. I'm not willing frost fifty a second rate nation. I want us to have the best military the best economy. And the best standard of right and wrong morality than any country has ever had in the history of civilization. And that's why I'm running for president because I want those grandkids to find the love America and and I have a great a clerical. Country great we got to make some big changes not little things not twist the screwdriver to cap a hammer. We have to make some truly. Major changes why can't the fair tax passed and quit punishing people for their work. And once and for all get rid of the criminal enterprise known. As the Internal Revenue Service. Let's get our military weren't strong again where nobody wants to fight within. The bullying and your school when he racket and I hope it was a new. But the bullet in your school only picked on the kids he thought he could beat. He never particularly hit it was so tough that you do. That would put a bully on his rear area. And it we want to keep America from having been going to a war. It may sound counter intuitive but the best way to do it is to have the most robust well trained well equipped. Ever military in the history as well. I. I took place. Let me be also very clear when people say what is the most important. Issued it faces this country. And some people ask you think the most important issue is the economy or is it national security. That's why can't meet between every airplane is most important. That the one local after the one on the right. Pipeline and the plane icon like for both wings to be on there just flies better. Of course we have to get our economy going people need to work. And we can't work when government regulation and taxation litigation. Creates job migration and folks are getting the jobs in China Mexico Japan South Korea and Indonesia but not the United States of America. I don't care whether they have jobs they are but I sure as heck here that people in this country have good jobs that pay good wages. Let's in feed their families and move ahead to the next rung on the ladder. We've got to make that both teams that beat. And national security can't be separated from that how secure the border within the first year. Because we've got to do something about. Letting our country. Become an open door where we no longer control our borders. How do you think it's presumption is my heart as they beat in particular order here ominous nugget that it can be done. 73. Years ago we built a road between British Columbia and Alaska. A 17100. Mile road. And we built it in less than a year. That was with the engineering capabilities of 73 years ago and doing the construction in the Arctic winters of the north. Of course we can secure the border but you have to have a president that says I'll do it and I don't make sure it gets done and I will be a president that will get it. Don that's a commitment to this country. Even we have both lanes of the airplane aisles of the lady got to have a steering mechanism otherwise. Without a steering mechanism to weasel just simply apply it to the crash site. And the steering mechanism for this country has to be. A strong. Moral fiber. That comes from what our founders. Said in the declaration of independence square in here it's for the laws of nature and the laws that nature's god. Let us never apologized. For who we are as a country. A country that cannot be explained apart from the Providence of god himself. There is no other explanation for the United States of America I. Well its blessing. As we often do and it doesn't matter whether it's a Democrat or Republican running for president here's something we always say the end of our speeches. God bless you. I'm not bless America. Every Democrat says that every Republican says it. But folks. I'm not sure how we fully expect to invoke God's blessing on this country. If we continue to slaughter of unborn children and their mother's wounds 68. Mark Kerrigan's. Let's stop the slaughter. And what I hear people say what will defund Planned Parenthood wonderful that's terrific we should do it. But let's do more than that. Let's not just in funding for this nightmare. West End the nightmare. And make it so that when we ask god to bless as he can look down from heaven. And say I will. I thank you very much yeah. That means questions and answers in your world but for me it's questions and avoidance. You ask questions. I won't try not to do anything to go in to my presidential aspirations here today at the soapbox. Use our front row. Question I don't we get the economy back to 45% Grotrian I believe we can get this six are higher with the fair tax I'm convinced here's why. Eleven trillion dollars of capital was parked offshore a I guarantee you we will goose the economy if you bring eleven trillion dollars in working capital back this country. When you stop punishing people for working and saving and investing. And quit rewarding people for making mistakes. Which is the way we are operating now we will transform the economy we will bring manufacturing jobs back to the country because under the bear attack. We aren't going to be at the competitive disadvantage to make things. Both his and operas to have an idea and designed and created something we have to make the things that we create. And right now we are designing things we're creating things but we're making them in China. And what we need to be doing is making them here that we can't because there's 22% embedded tax in everything we make here. It's not given what's being made in China is what comes back cheaper than what we connect. The fair tax changes that it gives us the competitive. Edge so we bring those banana factory jobs back. We stop the crazy regulatory environment. I've got to contractor friend and he has a great little plaque on the back it is hard hat you guys are no obvious. Here's what it says it is true. It ought to be at least it's hard to get welfare as it is to get a building permit. He took great. The question is would we continued to the fun things like the global fund. I've been to want to I seem to benefit of the mosquito nets that we provide we're about seven dollars and save thousands of lives. I think there are many humanitarian things we can do we can't fix every problem of the world we can't be the world's policeman we can't be the world's medical or. We've got to get our own house in order are our own children and grandchildren will never be able to have that strong and great America that can do great things across the world. So that's got to be job one. It doesn't mean we won't can't won't involve. But the number one goal for the next president is that they can so that people in this country will have the kind of money that they can contribute to those seven dollar mosquito nets that saved. Those children were right now dying of malaria unnecessarily. Let me just passes on. I think sometimes we we fail to understand. That aren't involvement in the world needs to be from a position of strength not weakness. And the one thing I'm committed to. Is that America will no longer be a nation that ask permission to speak our act. We will act in America's best interest and American workers best interest. We will make this country strong. And make it so that wages in this country are worth something again. Something that hasn't happened in forty years but the bottom 90% of the economy has had stagnant wages that has to change. OK yes ma'am that your old. Question is he says I'm a real champion for arts education. And I am as governor I was one Aaliyah only governors in America that everyone I'm Dave blue mandate art and education for K through twelve certified teachers. Look we want to get every three high school kids in America drop out of school you know line. Do you think they're dumb or not they're born. The reason that a lot of kids are born is because they're right brain dominance scenes which means there are creative in their nature they're the ones by the way to create things like your iPhone. But the problem is if you put them and I traditional classroom and say sit. Now he's still with your feet in front of you look forward listen to a teacher talked at 45 minutes. You lose them because they're big hitting three men out politically. Put music and art and dance and theater and a paintbrush in their hands and you have changed their lives that you have changed the outcome of those kids. Silk. Let me be very clear. This every student in America should have access not to US department of music and an art education. True that the eight federal requirement know your state should do it because I'm convinced that one of the biggest. A message we created an education. Instead of letting moms and dads and local school boards and states were under education we've let Washington run it. And Washington has no idea what's best for students in Iowa. But you ought to make sure that time if you don't let it get caught without a park and music its closure and education K through twelfth district I think. Just heard it and act like that that's that case. More ethanol. But because my support ethanol and renewable fuels the answer is yes and some people say well that's not a very conservative position. Folks let me yeah what's not a conservative position. A conservative positions says it the government tells people that do something and spend millions and millions of dollars in infrastructure. To follow a new government mandate and they do it. And in the same government comes back and pulls the rug out from under me and says well we're not gonna do that anymore. You jest mascot a whole lot of people who made the investment because they trusted their government. The reason that we can't just pull the rug out from Ibadan renewable fuels is because it was the government that ask. The American farmers to engage in this process. Now if you go back and change the rules after the guys who got in the middle of the game you're gonna disrupt another big piece of the economy. And this is one of the reasons that I'm running for president. It's time for somebody to understand when America makes a promise that ought to keep it. It ought to keep its promise not just to farmers and people ending renewable fuels industry but here's job. I keep its promises to the veterans who kept their promise to give us. And. I keep the nicest of people on social security and Medicare. You're look at it one Republican. Who will tell you straight up I have no intention of going in his tank we're gonna raise the age at which you retire take your benefits away from Ian this folks that. It is all our money. It doesn't have to walk in congress. I haven't sliced. About where there it came out of your check. And as a result. There's no way the government who has taken that money from you. Ought to be able to somehow. Not hear what happens via my time is up I want to thank you for yours I don't panic. Great comedy pilot daycare. Finally. I need your vote in February caucuses and I don't know how cold it is that kind. Please don't alternate. And it's crazy Tierney cook you're not gonna vote for me in the caucuses. But got sick stay home that night where it's warm and do not leave your home.

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