GOP senator: Trump hasn't demonstrated 'stability,' 'competence'

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is calling for "radical changes" from Trump, knocking him for his lack of discipline in how he responds in moments of crisis.
2:52 | 08/17/17

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Transcript for GOP senator: Trump hasn't demonstrated 'stability,' 'competence'
I do think in movies radical. President has not. Not yet been able to demonstrate. Stability. North. He needs and then sprayed. He also recently has not demonstrated that he understands it here. He has not demonstrated. Please understand what. Nation. It is he's got a demonstrate the characteristics. And without. The things that I just mentioned have. Our nation. His ministry here we should hold he. Speier. Doesn't self reflection then he. Does what is necessary to. To demonstrate stability to demonstrate. Confidence to demonstrate. Character in the nation the character of our nation. And works daily news to bring out the best and keep our nation helping inspire. Divisions. Because it did generate support from your political base. This is not one. Causing our nation to enhance our nation overcome. And then she. Those of us who have positions every time. Ability. We have two. A understand. At the end of the day inspired him whether people. Misunderstood man. Or understand. Differently. Are our role is it is to make our nation great overcome these issues and it takes far more disciplined sometimes weigh more this more strength in our spring city. Two. To be measured and trying to. You try to solve problems but I will say we're at a point now where there's an easily radical changes take place. And White House itself it has to happen. I think your resignation takes stock of the role that he plays in our nation. And hand. Move beyond himself. Moved way beyond himself. And moved to a place. Where Daly making things and.

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{"id":49281352,"title":"GOP senator: Trump hasn't demonstrated 'stability,' 'competence'","duration":"2:52","description":"Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is calling for \"radical changes\" from Trump, knocking him for his lack of discipline in how he responds in moments of crisis.","url":"/Politics/video/gop-senator-trump-demonstrated-stability-competence-49281352","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}