GOP Sens. on Opposition to Immigration Bill, Border Security Amendment

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah calls for "broad based immigration reform with bipartisan support."
30:34 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for GOP Sens. on Opposition to Immigration Bill, Border Security Amendment
Welcome. I thank you for joining us today money is likely -- a senator from Utah I'm joined today by several of my senate colleagues. Along with activists and concerned citizens from our around the country. Who have some feelings about this bill. Sit at the outset that we're a nation of immigrants we always happen and I hope we always will be is that look around the group assembled today I suspect that. Most or all of as a reader immigrants ourselves -- the descendants of immigrants. One of the reasons why we've been an attractive place for records to come is because we're a nation that adheres to the rule of law. As a result this is a great place to live. In order for that to continue to be the place in order for this to continue to be the world's last best hope we need to continue to stand by the rule of law. Now something interest thing -- happen in Washington in recent weeks you've had proponents of the getting a -- legislation. Suggesting that. The world in Washington right now could be divided into two hemispheres. Between those people who like. The idea of reforming immigration like the idea of coming up -- laws that are more realistic more modern and -- Likely to treat our corporate population with dignity and respect. And those who don't want -- -- any immigration reform at all and they suggest that those in the former category. Are uniformly willing to back the -- of -- proposal. That isn't true. What we have a they gave a proposal. Is a series of requirements. A series of promises. Many of which approves -- proven false. We're promised it somewhat the same way we were back in 1986. That if we just legalize those who -- here illegally right now. Will secure the border later. And as the gang of eight proponents say over and over again we will end illegal immigration once and for all. Here's the problem. We didn't secure the quarterback in 1986. And under this bill if we go -- and pass this bill as it's written now I don't think it's going to happen now either. We've been given a number of promises about the qualifications for those. -- will be entitled to legalize their status and eventually become citizens we've been promised for example. That they'll be required to paid back taxes. Well when you read the fine print of the thousand page bill turns out that isn't true -- correctly -- They're required nominally to pay taxes but only those taxes that have been assessed -- IRS. -- of course if you've been working off the books you won't have anything assessed by the IRS -- that promise is an illusory one. We're also told that it will be a -- long and arduous -- -- process for those. Who want to become citizens when when you look at the text of the bill makes clear that a lot of people even people who have committed felony offenses along the way. -- themselves and -- citizens under this legislation. We've been told that this will secure the Porter. And yet there's nothing in this legislation that makes sure that that will happen as a condition of opening to legalization and eventual citizenship process. So in short. This bill and the promises surrounding it are full of although. And ultimately illusory. Assertions. And we have some concerns about this we do believe that we can bring about. Broad based immigration reform with a lot of bipartisan support but that needs to be done in a proper sequence in needs to be done in a step by step manner. -- addressing. Border security in one bill another -- dealing with FISA modernization. Bringing our immigration code. Into the 21 century once those things are in place the border secured we have a functioning entry exit system. Then we can look at how to address the needs of the eleven million -- document with dignity respect compassion and justice. -- what that I'd like now to. Turn the floor over to my friend my colleague the senator from Alabama -- Jeff Sessions. Thank you very much sun now the tab for the American people that I have their voice heard. River racing apart rove -- -- big -- -- key votes. In the fight of this legislation will be decided. I think it's exceedingly important and valuable it. Get a bath and the Tea Party patriots and those guesses he has here today are heard on this issue. -- -- the American people seize this opportunity to communicate with their senators to share with them their views about the need. -- a lawful system of immigration concerns the national interest of the United States. That makes life better for working Americans not worse as a CBO said this bill -- bow down wages and increase unemployment. It's not the casting we ought to be doing so I am delighted to be here today. And fair these thoughts and hear from yes. -- -- You are on the up beat him in option and David Vitter are also here -- share your remarks. Yeah I'm Jim in -- Oklahoma this year -- thoughts with the I've been lest he give a lot of speeches -- naturalization ceremonies. -- when you do that you looked across the crowd you see these people that. Have worked hard they've they've -- in the language they know more about our history in this country than most of us right here know. And I'm not do anything that is gonna put them back let someone fast forward in front of them -- than one of my major concern. The second thing is that I'm the ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Very much concerned about the national security elements of this. -- that you are aware of the fact that the non Mexicans who come across that border just in the past year have increased by 67%. And we had -- our law give a speech on the floor of the senate this morning on this says it these. Because of the supreme court's decisions if you have someone -- committed a crime so long as they can keep them would be for six you. And in the end of that time they would have actually have to be turned that is. It if the between that game room but not -- -- -- -- we have a lot of these problems and we're gonna try to sort these out but I don't see it happening in this bill. I'm David Vitter from Louisiana and I too am really pleased and proud to -- -- the Tea Party patriots here today. And all of their gas that you're gonna hear from. And I think in particular once you hear from them amerigas you'll see that we all support America as a nation of immigrants and we support fix things. Truly fix them. Our broken. Immigration system. But this is where we are with regard to this bill. You know this -- debate bill was supposed to come to the senate and essentially sail through with over sixty votes. But then once it was actually introduced. And debated. That support. Started to erode and a lot of legitimate concerns started to -- -- And I don't think it has -- sixty votes right now as we speak. Without an amendment. So now we're going on to plan B and apparently plan B is to bring up this corker Hoeven amendment. Very very quickly. Have a lot of hoopla about border security. And try to pass -- then with that amendment. Over sixty votes. Again I think it's important that we look at the details of the -- -- what's actually read it before we vote on it. And I think. Once the American people do they'll understand the same thing that came to understand about the underlying bill it doesn't truly fix the problem. For two main reasons. First of all because an immediate amnesty. And immediate legalization happens for us. And only after that. Or their promises of enforcement. Secondly in the corker of -- bill because all they guarantee is imports basically spending money. There is no measurement of success of results of actually securing the border and they have rejected. Are having any. Verifiable measurement -- actually securing the border. So those are the two big problems with underlying bill and they remain. The two big problems what this court are open amendment to all be pushing for a time so we can actually read and understand the amendment the American people. Need to be able to read and understand the amendment and then -- have a full debate and thank you. Okay next we're gonna hear from. My neighbor and. Friend to the south from the state of Nevada Niger Ennis chief strategist with the party gotten. Thank you senator. I'm thinking anything he was senator sessions but -- is Niger NS -- -- chief strategist for the Tea Party dot net and it's clear here. What what the senators -- said in what. Other community organizations Tea Party express -- -- that we are looking for solutions to the problem of immigration. My organization the Tea Party that next several months ago. Issued a series of principles eight principles for comprehensive immigration reform in America first. Comprehensive immigration reform plan not for politics. Not to get Latino votes. Not for a certain segment of Americans but for all of the American people. You can see these principles at our website which is secure. America now. Dot US. That secure America now that US. Since we launched -- a day and a half ago we have gotten over 151000. Grassroots Tea Party activists from across the country. That war in favor. -- certain aspects of immigration reform. We are looking for solutions unfortunately. What is currently being called to gain of eight bill is not the solution. -- border security is our first principle. Among our conservative principles for immigration reform. And several amendments from the -- amendment to the Paul trust but verify amendment had either been defeated or table -- seems clear to me. That's senator Schumer and senator Reid are not serious about -- a bipartisan. Immigration reform bill passed through the senate and to the House of Representatives they're interested in playing politics. Our Tea Party organization. My organization the Tea Party that net other Tea Party groups the over 151000. Tea Party organizations that have signed on to an America first immigration policy will not play that political game. And with that I'm going to introduce my colleague and my dear friend Jenny Beth -- But the Tea Party express. The patriots patriots aren't. That. I'm Jenny Beth Martin my Tea Party patriots. As many -- you are aware Tea Party patriots many other -- from around the country. He to have Tea Party or patriots 912. Liberty. In their name have been targeted by the IRS. The IRS interpreted. And lie and did not apply that law fairly equally every one. And they interpreted. The -- in a subjective manner because. They each there are no objective measurements for it. As we look your -- in this immigration bill it makes border security subjective. Rather than objective. And we see personally what happens when you allow things it should be objective. He -- subjected been subjected to a person's opinion. Our border cannot be an opinion as to whether it's secure not secure or not. It must be secure period. Today we have people who are joining us who are local coordinators and -- from around the country and are also immigrants to America. And -- -- these people are actually steep coordinators for Tea Party patriots they've lived under other types of of countries with other types of government and they love our country and they love the freedom in our country. And they liked the rule of law in America and they want to make sure that the rule of law continues to exist in America. The first person I'm going to -- speak is seizing and you can time she's from Texas. She was born on. The doctor told her -- -- was born in France on. The -- grant them -- I'm sorry hungry on. The Americans have landed before they told her mother that she had a girl. She lived under fascism socialism communism and capitalism -- -- Thank you very much and thank you for -- Giving me the opportunity to be there yes I -- -- Geneva's say bend Nancy stemming Hungary day begins and communities. And I was and raised in France and those to authorities and make most of their illegal immigrant I came to America to find what we were ordered to fall freedom and they'll vote to -- -- but those two. Concept and -- even survive we have ruled over now. After -- in 198 DC send these the job. And I just say no to yes to began -- is -- of this country and happened we expect it and respect -- scenarios. Because of that best and -- CBO that. Made just three media and he'd be given Amy Grant school in front of -- -- Vieira -- goes right to gang of eight I think we may feed that's fast we made them delivered -- mockery. Now -- me. That's but is -- deep impact that. Speaking to sixteen media and illegal and we have analysis cited the and now I know me we. Compromise. I -- huge in terrible ways. So I hope that -- to the senate says that that he would leading to fight Louis -- -- conclude this please. Think he's he's AM. Next we have camped out. Here is an immigrant from England she thirsty coordinator in Idaho and she's actually been on the David Letterman check. Thank you for being here. I was born in England and my family moved to the United States in 1954. We left behind -- war torn nation that was still rationing. -- -- meat and sugar. We came to a land of plenty and we really did. Live the American dream we all worked very hard and it. -- that we were able to. Fully lived the American dream today as I seen our borders being so open the signatures are really express their concerns with the bill. I agree with virtually everything they say. We must secure our borders we must check her thesis my daughter in law. Is an Australian and she left the country after three months because her visa expired. People need to be made to do what -- law requires thank you very much. Thank you can't. Next we have doctor Elvira hasty this from Jacksonville Florida. She is that an immigrant from Cuba and she came here on the -- European program. Thank -- stand up -- I'd like to say my -- named Ferdinand this case they I've lost money Cuba parents from Spain. I came to their annual Fram program 1961. Basket program but -- -- 141000. Children. -- the United States illegally. -- -- -- -- -- I remember how difficult it was to my parents on how much of us parents have to sacrifice. Some -- never sought an average gain annual assault portals -- -- freedom. And the body of education and Wendy's bluntly pat -- provide for a futures. Today I am very concerned that that is not on that happening I am appalled that these -- racial via. May you all -- is back and well liked by many patients -- you. All these -- are not -- and we really find it very understanding when they paint -- with the same brush. I for example have absolutely. Nothing me -- what we've also support. A group like that wraps which isn't very far left -- wrapping up. My city's site. -- -- Are we do not spam or that we stand for the rule -- and that's for the old fashion that they're -- but Rovio some. What is their compassion -- American citizens to America -- base. That should be our number one priority in every field -- -- congressman little -- And maybe beyond that we would support. I know so even there's not calm rational but lately I mean they weren't they Democrats -- -- likely have their boats. I mean what other Republican -- -- I just importing cheap today -- best facial injuries fake you for -- -- Picking the next half time Martha and here is that legal -- who lives in Kentucky he has from the UK's. And he is on a green card. And he is our -- coordinator for Kentucky. In case with being monitored I just want to prove. My great -- competitive. I came over in 1976. -- -- vacation. In California. I've figured this was the country I want to live -- -- -- legally as many of my friends have done. And now I find. But the government has decided even though it was in the house that they've -- to give them amnesty. And felt that -- stuff illegal immigration. And I would like to tell the government. If you. Give amnesty to millions of people all you're doing is encouraging. Millions moat company. Because unless the border is secure. You'll never stopped them coming in. In fact that go as far as to say. If the government does grant this amnesty this thing for the rest of the world you're funeral -- to line. Just go to Mexico come across the beaudet and you'll automatically. Eligible. For all sorts of programs to support you include -- Obama -- Which could be up to 20000 dollars a year for reform and its family of -- So I'm against it. And I would do whatever support the people like the senators. Who as -- -- against this bill thank. We have one more I'm coordinator for Tea Party patriots but before again -- and we're going to have Maria as beneath them. As soon as I apologize and Espinosa speak. She's with the remembrance projects that's not what Tea Party patriots we've connected with her through this site. There's definitely a message to tell that senator sessions is gonna speak briefly the Prius to get to the floor. Thank you do -- thank -- perfectly here. And the -- eight remembrance project a national organization dedicated to bringing awareness -- America's most forgotten the victims killed by illegal aliens is an attack -- light rail project that is going national. We are in eighteen states now will be memorialized -- the victim. Killed by aliens. I'm also the president he's -- -- -- first generation American. Of Hispanic descent whose father legally immigrated. -- Mexico. It closed at 744 in the strongest possible terms and clean it all lawmakers -- -- it is extremely dangerous bill. Its author's work hand in hand. With rich businessman amnesty advocates while never once considering the right. That. -- illegal aliens -- their decision to provide amnesty could keep criminals. Including gang members as a slap in the face it every single victim. The illegal aliens might be back here our families are being permanently separate from their -- winds through no fault of their own. This bill legalizing dangerous aliens who have been in and out of prison who have been beaten -- important who have lied to authorities. And that proven they care nothing about our lives. This debacle makes it impossible to import virtually anybody in that you can't guarantee -- remain in our country. Our borders will gradually be embraced his plan to -- enforcement in hand you. -- Border Patrol agents and law enforcement. At 77 at 744. -- played innocent civilians in more danger. And allow criminal gangs to continue preying upon innocent. They didn't come under one American life Bill Clinton by an illegal -- is one -- to me. Where where are the stars like Eva Longoria who -- -- support legislation. That threatened that they give Americans. Have they taken the time to speak with the family could make him feel that illegal -- I think not. This bill is -- disaster. In every possible respect it is quite evident that the American family did not have a seat at this negotiating table. There what it's done nothing strategy. I am asking everyone to -- the opposition had -- under the -- 44. Otherwise they're -- thousands more from. Thank you so much is that -- only senators. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you thank you so much Maria -- -- -- -- been called -- the forward. Some activities going on. I would just say this. The Tea Party represents. An expression the American people. What's good for the national and I've always stood for the national interest in the people's interest as opposed to is factually. Special interest wrote this bill. They eroded in secret they predicted to the floor without kind of promotional activities plans and agenda is to move it forward to final passage. Innovative people they need to speak out about it. And people made -- express themselves to their senators and congressman as this legislation is is pursued. Truly believe. Now we know three things allow but I happen will happen with this bill it will be amnesty for -- so that amnesty will occur. That is no doubt we know that authorities say the following common sense wages will be -- days. That they're gross domestic product per capita will go down and unemployment. We'll go up. This is not the kind of well thought out policy that serve the interest of the American people. The people there working and struggling to die. Open have a job with within hearings. And I and a retirement plan and a way it's sufficient to take care of their families and that's been in and decline for a decade -- allowing accelerated. I probably it is important -- American people to speak out. -- -- in -- team and these rights speakers and -- from their hearts they're concerned about the rule of law went in for the future of America. Thank you all for protests of fighting and no others will be speaking and thank you. -- -- -- -- and sorry -- run the ball back. Senator senate. We have humor speakers the next -- -- cons -- no higher than mine I'm so sorry. We have -- Arkady. And I have to look. Fox I have to look at things they get it right -- -- right. Build the last few pretty -- speaker we have is dark quiet kind Arkady. Packed road bitch. He lived in the Soviet Union under communism. And he is from California. Hello everyone. It's. A pleasure to be here. I grew up in the Soviet Union. I was educated there. Spend some years -- news Soviet military. And I took a full golf. All of this socialist our guys living under tyranny. I was fortunate enough to be able to immigrate. A -- in Austria. And Italy while my papers being processed. I was photographed fingerprint -- I was submitted my application forms I was given thorough medical exam. I've provided copies of my diploma and birth certificate and the reams of other papers that were required at that -- After all that process and I was waiting for a year I was grounded. An interview with the American Embassy in the home. Two months later I got. Against left and the work through it could be able to answer -- greatest country. -- commands our country. United States. After immigration. And working in different jobs -- there I'm an engineer by education. I was having before my. I'm -- being sworn in as a citizen I was interviewed by FBI. They wanted to make sure that information provided by me six years -- it was accurate. I became a citizen and never looked back. It was -- 34 years ago -- not what is now. The government that this country knew everything about me before I entered this country. Today this same government letting people -- without knowing who they are where they came from what is their intention of coming here. We received. A lot of sweet talk from politicians. This eight senators that are talking about. Doing legalization first. Doing pretty much -- lip service. As a former lieutenant of the Soviet army and retired engineer I can tell you that border camp if it -- and must be secured. Before we can do anything else. Because you perpetuating the problem instead of fixing it and I'm not saying on purpose. Sticks that are border first. It hasn't been and that sort of -- the border here is not always south border the border north. Which is S forest without -- border. And it's counterproductive to talk about. Immigration reform. Without doing number while it's blocking their -- I would like to doubted that this is very wonderful country. Exceptional nation. It pains me to see this magnificent ship all the United States of America failing to the destination I came from. We can change it -- our country. We must change -- because there is not a place to -- thank you very much. Things are tight and -- last speaker I'm going to have Maria interviews because he's actually went Maria street. The next figuring that Jordan will become apparent. -- isn't -- Didn't have been ten years ago the killer who know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we're like. George -- My name's George will version of the morning. Houston Texas governor -- -- lot. -- -- Merritt 45 years and have three children. Cause they gonna get this bail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- that they put -- But here I am. I'm just asking where's the common sense and all this. Just -- -- wore -- -- -- -- had to show my day. And absurd. While all the thousands of people are crossing the border or wide open southern border illegally. And no one seemed to care about it. I'm gonna ask each senator's voting -- -- 744. To go home. Gather up their kids. And decide which won't be setbacks. Which will Buczek back to make a -- relax. First no one else. For the want to keep continue to break our calls. We -- who these people are what their intentions are coming here. You can sit here and think that things are gonna get. Going to happen. Not going to happen like it did to me. So will it take a personal hit on your -- Before you get back to some common sense government. I ask you close the southern border first before -- -- make any move for this bill. Thank you for your time.

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