What Gordon Sondland’s testimony means for impeachment

An ABC News/Ipsos poll shows that 70% of Americans believe President Donald Trump did something wrong in regards to Ukraine.
2:49 | 11/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Gordon Sondland’s testimony means for impeachment
We we've now consume four days of this we want to think a lot of the American public may be is consumed four days of this. Maybe there bandwidth for for the average if you were they haven't been able to watch all the hours like we have hadn't seen moments that say. The president needs to be impeached have Democrats made that case you think. To the public we know what's gonna happen in the house but have they moved a single Republican either in the house or any of the senate that we know so far. What would they have moved Republicans. In the American public polls show that. Certainly on the question of did the president do something wrong in our poll 70%. Of Americans. To the president did something wrong it's hard to get 70% of Americans agree on anything. These days and so they've moved the needle other polls show that more than 50% of the country agrees that what they've heard warrants impeachment. So there are mines being changed in the public but given gerrymandering and given the way the State's organized I don't think any Republican votes have been changed in congress. I think the bottom line. Public is listening are listening to every hour they want the headlines Gordon's Tomlin. Is a headline it was a vivid witness. He was deeply involved and as I say he brings the investigation. Fish into the steps of the White House just inside the White House it would be John Bolton national security advisor make more many. They're chief of staff Mike Pompeo the secretary of state people would have much more direct knowledge about what the president said and did. Terry briefly you know how fast the news cycle moves now if the president is not impeached is there collateral damage going to 20/20 or a year from now. Less than a year from now when Americans go to vote. Is this going to be the review mirror. I don't think you'll be in the rearview mirror in part because it does play into what went to get polls show is one of the frustrations that a lot of voters have with the president is. That that the chaos. The chaos. The craziness of it the tweets that that go off. Off the cuff governance of it a lot of people love that about trump but I think there are a lot of voters in the metal. Who might even buy into the notion that he's made the economy excellent and that they're okay with the way the word that country's being run. But that the manner in which he governed is exhausting. And I think that that however this impeachment turns out it will be exhibit hey. In that the trump style of governance is a risk for the country that a Democrat would argue the country can't take. You could argue that voters that they were on the fence and though they supported the president the first time this impeachment proceedings all these days of hearing this testimony may push more aligned. You could also argue though Republicans are gonna say this the voters who voted for trump knew exactly who they were voting for. When when they saw him through the campaign because it was so much coverage over nearly two years so they're not surprised by a lot of this they could come down at things like the economy and other factors foreign policy. We're not the way and see Terry we appreciate your perspective.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"An ABC News/Ipsos poll shows that 70% of Americans believe President Donald Trump did something wrong in regards to Ukraine. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67176199","title":"What Gordon Sondland’s testimony means for impeachment","url":"/Politics/video/gordon-sondlands-testimony-means-impeachment-67176199"}