GoStream: Carly Fiorina Responds to Donald Trump's Opinion of Her HP Leadership

ABC's Josh Haskell asks the presidential candidate about Trump and immigration issues as she campaigns at the Iowa State Fair.
7:46 | 08/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GoStream: Carly Fiorina Responds to Donald Trump's Opinion of Her HP Leadership
Right behind me is Carly Fiorina she's of course running for president. Still the Iowa state fair still meeting voters and eating we saw her first half morning cup which we brought to life. She's got a lemonade and ordered something else I wanna go in and ask her which she ordered. And we're gonna stay with her and polluting get a questioner to. She's right now talk you. Press time is elected president how would you address global poverty. We know one of the things that. It is interesting to me having traveled. And lived at work from all over the world opinion about charity and business. Is. Sometimes the free market gets the bad ram its. Free market as. Yeah. The best way to lift people out of is to make sure that they have access to plentiful. Clean water. Good education. That's what we need. Thank you so I thank you I have days and territorial. From the one. I get a victory isn't right. Yeah thanks. Thing. I'm from I'm not an inch thick and don't know anything here. I. Yeah. Live on ABC did you right now partly seems like I'm making my lemonade I would eliminated. It's fantastic. You think you're having so much funnier your am not a cook time you little island god. How much fun is this first off I've come to love coming to Iowa now for eight year and I just love the people like. State and here we have. Honestly is probably the most famous state fair in the world because it's such a ritual and tradition of presidential. So how cool thing that's wrong. I saw both soft soap box of their Scott Walker's your tone was very different scene into your very engaged didn't lot of questions. Talk about what you really want these voters to know there will differentiate you. I have a very different. Resnick you know I am not a politician. I haven't spent all my life in politics. But what I am here. Today proven leader of the track record of problems they understand the economy and how it works I am standing. The world who's in it and our ports and understand big bureaucracies have a kind of down signs. I understand acknowledge. And I think we need in this nation now is leadership any time. Leadership to get our economy going in leadership to hold government accountable finally. Get some things done. And talk about thirty years on the planes and lead once again in the. And the other night in New Hampshire Donald Trump went after UV when half your record Hewlett-Packard. What's your response of that extra it is still someone that people are talking about today even Monday but this helicopter and presence over the weekend. You know Donald comes on everything just about everybody that he's entitled to obviously we'll I guess I would say is Hewlett-Packard was publicly traded company. The results are there for everybody to see it can't item it's not just can't find the numbers and I am yeah. And the results are clear I let the business from about 44 billion almost ninety. I'm him on the top line revenue growth rate in the middle of the biggest technology business in 29. Triple innovation more than eleven. We thank them lagging behind the leading in every product category in every market. 8000. And now employs 300000 people just flat out run on that record all things wrong in. You tell us we're live on ABC this bill does little question your thoughts on Trump's immigration plan. Arts event it makes sense I mean it makes sense to deport illegals who have committed crimes it makes sense. To have an employer verification system that actually works and is an inventory. And sentenced to hold Sanctuary Cities accountable I'm talking about all these things for a long time whether people who are paying attention not but he. I'm talking about immigration for 25 years. Talking about it for 25 years and yet the border remains insecure illegal immigration system broke out about what we need him. It's about something we get it done. It's just heard from Carly Fiorina live on ABC digital. Answering our questions that she's walking through the Iowa state fair each talked about everything from trump. Said she agreed with parts of his immigration plan. Which does stand behind her record and the Packard which courts trump a few nights ago in New Hampshire. When after pretty hard saying I'm not gonna say it. And then he went and said. For the longest walk it's been interesting to see Carly feel really comfortable here at home she's stopping talking to children pushing a stroller or one point ordering a lemonade now she's stopping and talking more voters. Com and we will continue to bring that lives so prominent just flip the room. Show you Carly right now. Right. I got an arsonist actually I was in place. Aren't valley it's my colleague Ali. Does your wearing Chrysler and makes us think well that's. Winning yes. Nearly 800. Thank you it's fairly finally find. I. We're good. Yeah. He needed for. So we're gonna sign off for the moment after speaking with Carly Fiorina. We'll have that. Full interview on our website shortly and our mobile app ABC news and all of our platforms. He can continue our coverage we have a live blog running but everything is happening at the Iowa state fair to quick recap of just today Monday sorry I'm okay I just my step down. Scott Walker soapbox Carly Fiorina soapbox both of them walking around. Eating pork order in a lemonade Carly having corner com or. Just capturing all these great moments with candidates here. Running for president of course have Lindsey Graham soapbox later today. And more interview in moments those Carly walks behind me signing off for the moment Josh Haskell ABC's go straight.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"ABC's Josh Haskell asks the presidential candidate about Trump and immigration issues as she campaigns at the Iowa State Fair.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"33139084","title":"GoStream: Carly Fiorina Responds to Donald Trump's Opinion of Her HP Leadership","url":"/Politics/video/gostream-carly-fiorina-responds-donald-trumps-opinion-hp-33139084"}