Gov. Chris Christie to Congress: Shame On You

New Jersey governor says his constituents didn't receive Sandy aid because of a "political game."
3:03 | 01/02/13

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Transcript for Gov. Chris Christie to Congress: Shame On You
For 62 United States senators of both parties to vote this past this was good enough for a majority of the House of Representatives. It -- cable factual challenges. We just could not overcome the toxic. Internal politics of the house majority. -- New Jersey Yor Rudy among those generously to the nation to our growth states. We vote for disaster relief for other states in the we are -- -- State's. Spending. Said -- much more Washington DC that we ever get back federal spending. Despite this history of -- -- generosity. In -- A desperate need -- wait for help six times longer than the victims of Katrina. We know it's. Americans. Are talk. Of the palace intrigue and political partisanship of this congress. Which places one upmanship. Ahead of the lives of the citizens. Sent these people to Washington DC in the first place. New Jersey -- -- New Yorkers are tired. Of being treated like second class citizens. New York deserves better the selflessness. We saw on display last night New Jersey deserve better and the duplicity. We saw this witness. America. Deserve better than just another example of government has forgotten their -- server. And -- 66 days -- Shame on shame on congress. Despite my anger and disappointment my hope is that. The good people in congress and there are good people congress will prevail upon their -- findings. Fine. Put aside politics and -- our. That's the only hope we have left. This -- good people. Rebel how many hours every day that we don't you get is a RVs that we can't help people get back to their homes. -- businesses -- get our economy removing this. Those are the real consequences. In Italy for people who play -- futures. It's it's absolutely. -- -- And I think it. This used to be something that was not political. You don't disaster relief was something that -- did play games. Put down -- this current atmosphere everything is the subject that would marksmanship. Everything if this is is that possibility and potential piece of faith. For the political game and it's just. It is why the American people -- congress. It's widely. And governor -- are frustrated as two people could be because. Unlike people congress -- actual responsibilities. And we responsibility to big things happen.

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{"id":18115183,"title":"Gov. Chris Christie to Congress: Shame On You","duration":"3:03","description":"New Jersey governor says his constituents didn't receive Sandy aid because of a \"political game.\"","url":"/Politics/video/gov-chris-christie-congress-shame-18115183","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}