Former Gov. Jeb Bush Hits Donald Trump on Business Mogul's Return to Debate Stage

LZ Granderson and Matt Dowd on former Florida governor's readiness to take on Trump at ABC News GOP Debate.
3:46 | 02/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Gov. Jeb Bush Hits Donald Trump on Business Mogul's Return to Debate Stage
So just briefly recount. Carson who fitness Beckett in a recent poll. Stars that orbit tonight he predicted his big hurdles aids it's up to states. Ted Cruz was expected as a rough Iowa right I have won the debate performance was bad knees to his resume and it run and we exactly this week. Rubio looks like the number two guy having her debate the keys at our top. Some time and time again to society. Yet I think it you know and I said this at the end of the show it they say well our move on from here on this and I said and that folks percent while South Carolina becomes. I don't think the Republican establishment is ready for these words Donald Trump. As just one to answer Republican primary when those words are ahead. If they're said and I think they are but rise of right now they would be that is going to be a boom. In alliance. Which is why Jeff Lewis god bless them made one more attack at. Try to get us to actually bet Donald Trump as a businessman which I don't Smart tactic be to play that clip about. The conflict between Burress and and trop please. The what Donald Trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip and Atlantic City. That is not helping. And it is down. It will take. There's a problem. The problem was it was the Jared Allen who was to get its ambiguity we have shared your albeit tough guy connected terabyte and the relative rapper and the net result plus you tried I didn't digital property or the woman ultimately didn't wanna do that I that was not a group and is a great but I didn't. To turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is not a publicly. And in floor. Did he made that impossible it is part of our constitution. That's the better approach that is the conservative approach is to protect present that would reduce unit wants to be tough guy a lot of times. You'll have you'll have an and it doesn't work very well how tough physical. Let times property from an elderly woman beat up. Why it held up. I notes are. To his credit now of course doesn't help when trump says quite yards record never helped me do that but to his credit. He actually. Forced the audience and the public to think about. Dollars child's business practices. Not just what he says but what he's actually has done besides its make money how did you make that mighty. And it works really well do you think the fact that Bernie's standards and the other sort of it's it's on the aisle it's the same with Hillary Clinton. Geology how she made her Marty Wear that when he came from. I thought it would protect rights. I've because it's great for help but it's great for the establishment of credit Gifford avenue which hundreds of rail to GOP ticket going to yet don't. The only moment that anybody got under I think is the only boat real moment that a it was really affected that dynamic in the course that. I was ready for somebody because Ted Cruz is criticize doubt trapped for. Four eminent domain and I wanted if I were down I would return to a instead. I get a bill the wall on the Mexican border without eminent domain there. Maybe to get it beats you because. And I will look at talks that are crews becomes this great DC and to be willing to attacked from all night long and it started with the very first question. I don't know he left them alone he left them alone and it's just voted. And in power I think that cruises happy tonight here's why not because anything heated. Marco Rubio because I think if Marco Rubio is rising like a rocket at puts Ted Cruz very difficult position. He was his left there's a bloody pulp when officer I think there's that number pepper like you keep dog Governor Christie.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"LZ Granderson and Matt Dowd on former Florida governor's readiness to take on Trump at ABC News GOP Debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36768284","title":"Former Gov. Jeb Bush Hits Donald Trump on Business Mogul's Return to Debate Stage","url":"/Politics/video/gov-jeb-bush-hits-donald-trump-business-moguls-36768284"}