Gov. Mike Huckabee and Martin O'Malley Talk 2016 Election

ABC News' Rick Klein interviews former presidential candidates Gov. Mike Huckabee and Martin O'Malley.
6:07 | 04/13/16

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Transcript for Gov. Mike Huckabee and Martin O'Malley Talk 2016 Election
And hey there we are alive here in Washington DC with two very familiar faces governor Mike Huckabee governor Martin O'Malley former governor of Arkansas the former governor of Maryland here. To talk about the AMC series turn of course about revolutionary war spies so. Compare what they were going through the revolutionary. To be an intrigue we're seeing right now on politics. Well there were actually shooting each other and so so far avoided that. And and I do think Americans sometimes think all this is the worst election we've never had this is the worst political environment it actually isn't. And died it's better it's it's painful and there are a lot of things in that plain ugly. But it's still part of our process in an open system with transparency and people can express themselves. And the good thing is we will ultimately decide this election night ballots not bullets governor what's the lesson used to think back on the revolutionary period all the intrigue and of course that the killing that happened earlier in American history are going through now be able fortunately we don't have any payments we're not we're not hanging spies and traitors right now. Am. The OI guess that is the lesson that I. And a molester from history particularly the American revolution. Is that. The the reaching a consensus the coming together as a country. It's not something that happens easily without a lot of pain. And by. Or over 240 years we've managed to find a way to come together even over our visions and doubts worries anchors and fears and we're going to do it again this. This campaign span. Unique in so many ways but let's not unique. Is that. We will finally he'll have to move forward isn't it Governor Huckabee a lot of talk now about it riots contested convention all of these things what is your forecast for what do you think that the system is rigged as Donald the suggesting right now. And some ways I think it's probably fair to say it is rigged but it's not new it's always been a little bit rig. But that's part of the system we know it's read go into if windows. Everybody knows that the rules are sure and and so you recognize that there are certain things better navigator are you probably even if you get the most votes in and I went and we've had elections and it. The presidential race where the person that the most votes didn't get the presidency because an electoral college for those of the rules map liken it may not seem fair but it's what the rules are. And and that's part of what I think it's hard to sort out because there are certain things that look right. But they may not be legal and I'm one of the great frustration diver and as a governor wasn't ideal but the difference between something being right and something illegal. Governor governor O'Malley as you watch your your two former rivals in a debate stage again tomorrow night. Is there any party that this is that it at this stage obviously wanted to be on that stage with them the last couple of months going to be a lot more restful for you. At that your path that we're going to have a terrific debate coming up and I hope that. That are candidates reclaim. The C the frame if you will. Immigration. And the fact that. We're a nation as nations we're a nation of immigrants and I think as a party we sunshine away from that issue. In New York that the bankrupt the statue of liberty and their candidates have the opportunity to reclaim that. And so what do I miss it occasionally. Designed to lead giving voice right here passionately about. And that that candidates offer the people decide and I think that among them over to the debate them. Do you plan to make an endorsement for the Maryland primary idea I'm blown through I'm going to channel all of my energies into the healing process that will follow this primary. And so I don't plan to make an endorsement have a lot of respect but if you're gonna vote you're gonna vote for one of them it is not gonna make it publicly known right now but I've been elevated. To the highest office in the land that is that is. I'm going to news reserves the the the sanctity line. Mine private ballot. Then I look forward supporting democratic party's nominee hopeful Governor Huckabee or your daughter now working for Donald golf of course bureau also staying out with no particular reason you feel of a lot of people listening it's time to take sides it's time to. Decide this would be what why not why not declare you're gonna support football. Well because I think maintaining a level objectivity right now it's more important for me. Let the voters make this decision they didn't choose me for reasons I'll never stand but it really messed up my mind and it. But having said that you know this is their decision not mine and whoever gets nomination will have my support if the contested convention comes back to Mike Huckabee would you accept. You know I guess what Paul Ryan said if nominated I will not run right elected elements are. Could do that it will look I don't think that's. Anywhere in the cards that someone who was not near the top of the run. Is going to be somehow reached. Four in and brought to the stage. And frank you'd be disasters that have. Do you think it should be one of the current candidates who has of getting the nomination you know I did because they're the ones who have the most votes and I just feel like if you do anything else. You're really cheating all those voters who voted for people to be at the front of the race and you're pushing them aside to reach back in the back for someone who didn't he didn't get that part. Finally your your both musicians accomplished musicians that Senior Bowl perform and he glanced at the play together have you ever play together content. Do it make little bipartisan band at we were talking on the walk over here we were talking about them. And we could probably do so wouldn't it be fun you know little by artists in music proving that. Arts and be stabilizing force and I really believe that way never music that an international meetings. It's the music really does bring and it Martin O'Malley and Mike Huckabee could get together on the same stage and and I'm Tom harmony. That would be his story. Any in a space that I mean are still. On any ticket it could be massive. We looking at it that we're both looking for something to do right but. That's true. I have to get the beginnings on the are looking towards that's or Governor Huckabee governor O'Malley thanks so much appreciate it appreciate it. All right guys there you have it governor Martin O'Malley and governor Mike obviously this wasn't quite the stage they thought they'd be sharing decided Bjorkman. But haven't some on here talking about the AMC series turned.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"ABC News' Rick Klein interviews former presidential candidates Gov. Mike Huckabee and Martin O'Malley.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38361551","title":"Gov. Mike Huckabee and Martin O'Malley Talk 2016 Election","url":"/Politics/video/gov-mike-huckabee-martin-omalley-talk-2016-election-38361551"}