One-on-one with Gov. Steve Bullock

ABC News' deputy political director Mary Alice Parks spends time with Montana Governor Steve Bullock on the day his presidential run became official.
3:33 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for One-on-one with Gov. Steve Bullock
Adversity you have to do is sign her bag aside some things. Of this society do you that is. Actually makes me. An official camp. I'm excited to go Geithner this morning. Not really I mean I. He this big day. This is and that is Don Benton partners morning excited this morning really excited about being share what we. Done what we candidate. It feels casual round table. He that's how you got good field to announce that there is right president. I. Announcing other candidates our minds that and it's the minds that they want. Change the world you work. Many fell through its affairs and think yeah. We're. But smoke and as. So when the speer adding up exam can I do you like a lightning. Round of all the crazy. Ought that you're right now I couldn't I couldn't. Yeah all apart from my perspective we gotta talk about. How it is we're not winning in these places instead of getting rid of that expand its offering our. I'm actually argued in front in the US Supreme Court want to believe it's non political. I think when senator McConnell although Garland that showed a little bit different site open to options to make sure that we don't politicize the court. And your expanding Medicaid what I can't prop I. Access and affordability for the two things we've really got to focus in Montana we've increased the access. Temps and more of our population has Medicare expansion. And we've. Crackdown portability from prescription benefit managers pharmacy benefit managers to high risk pools. And there are way east to get there without Medicare crawl. Governor Bullock says that his success winning in a red state provides a road map now for his presidential campaign. Still he's going to have to convince voters that he can replicate what he did a Montana nationwide. Good about it. It's a beautiful spot it is beautiful spot and you look out. Which cosic all of this public where so it's all running trails Thorsten wanna. My favors spots from running because used to live just right over there were so. A real house and the kids were Henry's mr. Group loop but Democrats from the cows are often asked how they can relate the middle the country. So you're making this face that you can relate to rural America. But what do you say to a voter and an LA in New York City about how you relate to their. He and you know I've lived in those heirs who went to college right out so Los Angeles with the law school and worked. In New York really people want the same things that we want receive community. Decent good schools which can be better for your kids grandkids some people could call this the flyover. Part of the country right if all the flyover states are sort of don't feel like the Democratic Party can connect with them even if we win we'll never be able to get backed governing.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"ABC News' deputy political director Mary Alice Parks spends time with Montana Governor Steve Bullock on the day his presidential run became official.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63064488","title":"One-on-one with Gov. Steve Bullock","url":"/Politics/video/gov-steve-bullock-63064488"}