Gov. Walker signs bill decried as 'power grab'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed into law Friday legislation that weakens the power of the state's incoming Democratic governor amid widespread criticism.
2:35 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Gov. Walker signs bill decried as 'power grab'
There's a lot of hype and hysteria about. The three pieces of legislation that brought up during an extra orders session. And I think it's really really import for people began. By putting in context with the fact that no matter what I do a few moments. Whether I sign all three bills as they are. I don't know whether or use a line that veto. For portion of one of the bill's words technically possible. Whether that I were to veto that no matter what happened ages three scenarios that people talked about. All these things remained consistent. And that is the overwhelming. Executive authority. Eyes gather here today remain us. You look at these lists deputies and on the line you can see. The appointment authority remains intact the new governor will continue to no matter what happens with this legislation. Will continue to be in a position. Or he can appoint the members of his cabinet you can appoint a major boards and commissions beat the border regions or other work out there. Be able to make appointments is nine other governors done in the past he. Positions like the judiciary. That the county circuit her Court of Appeals at the state level. Mobile clinic appointments to sheer district attorney in other positions up there. Those don't change. It looked as well administrative rules authority. He and his administration available put rules together you know the final say. Through his office before sending him on the legislature. That remains intact in look at the budget authority. The most powerful budgets in the nation. That'll come out a few months probably late January early February. Depending on his schedule in the yours shoots the legislature but you know the fall authority to present a comprehensive two year buying budget. Set the parameters for the budget debate. For the next 456 months into the future in nineteen that doesn't change. You'll have veto authority. He can veto pieces of legislation like. Others can all across the country but in addition. He'll have one of the most comprehensive and powerful line kind of vehicle authorities. Any governor of air.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed into law Friday legislation that weakens the power of the state's incoming Democratic governor amid widespread criticism.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59827004","title":"Gov. Walker signs bill decried as 'power grab'","url":"/Politics/video/gov-walker-signs-bill-decried-power-grab-59827004"}