Obama 'Encouraged' By Recent Shutdown Developments

White House press secretary Jay Carney reacts to news negotiations are underway to end shutdown.
6:02 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Obama 'Encouraged' By Recent Shutdown Developments
As a Nobel laureate does the president think the Nobel -- blew it by not giving the Nobel Peace Prize -- Let me say first. There will be putting out a statement but I wanted to say that President Obama congratulations. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons the OP CW. On being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize which reinforces the international community's commitment. To the international prohibition against use of chemical weapons. One of the president's highest priorities is to prevent the proliferation or use of weapons of mass destruction and this award honors those who make it their life's work. To advance this vital goal. Since its establishment sixteen years ago the OP CW has stood at the forefront of the international community's efforts. To verifiably eliminate some of the world's most dangerous weapons today's award recognizes that commitment and reinforces the trust and confidence. The world has placed in GOP CW. In its Director General and and the courageous so PCW. Experts and inspectors. Taking on the unprecedented challenge. Right now of eliminating serious chemical weapons program. The US strongly supports CO PCW including its joint work with the United Nations. To ensure that Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles are placed under international control and ultimately destroyed. Today we again call on all nations to work to bring. To an end the conflict that has cost the lives of more than a 100000 Syrians and to support -- UB ZW's efforts. And I hope that future generations can -- in a world free from the horrors of chemical weapons. You answered your question. That young woman's. Parade courage. And efforts are remarkable and the president. Absolutely honors them so many people around the world did they know me Lewis. -- presidency -- like most. You know the president. -- I just noted face the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and obviously thinks that there's an enormous amount of good work being done around the world. On behalf of peace and all of it should be recognized. So that the Republicans started this -- off by. Demanding full funding. Or care act exchange public six weeks. -- whole long laundry list of Republican priorities. In exchange for reasons that's -- Is -- your sense given where we are now Republicans. Have backed down. John I would just say as I mentioned before that it's. It's not really. How it should be viewed. You know that -- so win lose zero sum. Competition. Because. There are losers regardless in a process like this where. Government shut down. -- -- -- And the president wants that dynamic to change and his. He is made so very clear his willingness to negotiate and reach a compromise with the Republicans on. A longer term budget -- But he doesn't. Think that it's appropriate to. Exact a price from the American people or to punish the American economy. In an effort to try it is. Tip the balance of those discussions and negotiations. Five Republicans and he's been pretty firm about that he's encouraged by some of the developments that we've seen. And he agrees with speaker that we need to continue talking and hopes that we can reach resolution here that removes. The threat of default from the table. For a considerable duration. That's certainly the president's view. Allows the government to reopen as soon as possible put people back to work in and this situation where there are. Terrible consequences occurring every day that we all hear about and and you report on. And then we can get about the business of hammering out a compromise -- If -- -- who will give each side. Something to be -- something -- point to and say you know we got that because. We thought it was so important and we were willing to work with the president and the Democrats. This is a Republican speaking. On on what you know they insist it was important and we reached a compromise and and if we can do that. You know on a longer term how long obviously depends on what those negotiations look like it would be good to the American people good for the economy virtually none of those original Republican restaurant tables are. Again when it comes. Threatening the full faith and credit of the United States no demand no matter how small is acceptable. You have to. Except the basic premise that using that as leverage is is. Highly. Damaging to the economy into the American middle class and you know I think that we against seen over the course of the last several days and and weeks developing recognition that this going down this path is not was not the right way to go and for all the reasons that it did and lessons that we learned back in 2011. And no one -- the -- -- Josh. Q can you explain to me how it is that west -- week is still being part is that really -- central government service as well -- shutout as part of China. I would be afraid of the office of -- and budget in terms of what how. I don't know -- -- You can weekly video webcast call me you know and they put the -- the communications office obviously is significantly slimmed down as are so many offices here. But communications are part of what we need to do -- the White House.

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{"id":20548580,"title":"Obama 'Encouraged' By Recent Shutdown Developments","duration":"6:02","description":"White House press secretary Jay Carney reacts to news negotiations are underway to end shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-day-11-obama-encouraged-recent-shutdown-20548580","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}