Boehner Says There 'Are a lot of Opinions' On How to End Shutdown

Speaker of the House discusses House negotiations as the Senate nears its own deal to end shutdown.
16:33 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Boehner Says There 'Are a lot of Opinions' On How to End Shutdown
This is a special room. I'm -- avenue are -- this ABC news digital special report now less than two days until the country hits its borrowing limit and there is major progress in negotiations on Capitol Hill. The senate has the broad strokes of a deal that would reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling democratic majority leader Harry Reid sounded this. Optimistic note a little after 10 o'clock this morning. -- productive negotiations. Going on with the Republican leader. I'm confident -- be able to reach a comprehensive agreement this week -- times over a catastrophic default. On the nation's bills. The Republican -- I will keep our members informed us how negotiations are going. And I trust corporation -- -- appreciation to everyone for their patients. But that agreement should it come will live or die in the house -- hardline Republicans could hold out for more changes to Obama care the Affordable Care Act. So we are waiting for a news conference from house Republicans speaker John Boehner about take the podium just you know with the first to anybody ABC's -- -- -- in Washington DC DeVon. What is the difference -- that we're understanding from the senate plan and -- house plan. That's right Campbell the senate plan is starting to come together it's it's optimistic development today but there -- two big questions going on right now one. That senate TO isn't even -- sure -- yet the question is will any senators act to block it if it comes to the Florida. Most likely senator being that conservative from Texas Tech -- -- so that could scuttle that plan -- while we heard from the house Republicans this morning they said wait a second. We're gonna come up with our own plan and that's what we're waiting for right now. We're starting to hear some of the outlines of their plan -- big difference no surprise here is over provisions to obamacare. We expect house speaker John Boehner to come out and announce when they wanted to do and then as you said. They'll have to start working on reconciling the two plants later this week. But the fact the matter is though is that these are still being considered short term solutions. That's right. Now the positive news today is that both plans -- the outlines of both plans that were beginning to see both the senate. And house plans have the same dates so they're on they appear to be on the same page. When it comes to extending government funding through about. Mid January and then can pushing out the debt limit through early February so both plants would do both of those things that's the good news. The bad news is you just mentioned is that that's very short term so we could find ourselves back at this same juncture in just a few months. It's and the fact the matter is is that now that you're still gonna have to get coordination from both chambers on any kind of a plan whether it is short term for a long term deal. The fact is is that you brought up a point that the attention had been on the house as far as building a strong and -- support from house Republicans but now. With the possibly -- that that any kind of a resolution in the senate though that might not get overwhelming but are. And support. Well that's the goal in the senate after talks broke down -- house Republicans. Late last week in the White House over the weekend. -- the ball kind of went over to the Senate's court the senate Ted OK we're gonna work together and they have made a lot of progress a lot of bipartisan progress led by. Susan Collins of Maine -- one of the lead figures they're trying to hash out a plan. We saw us senate majority leader Harry Reid Mitch McConnell working together these two. Men generally don't spend a lot of time together they've been huddled behind closed doors today. So there is definitely -- sense of optimism that they'll be be able to come up with some sort of short term deal but again. The big question is we have not heard yet from some of these Tea Party conservatives and of course you know that in the senate. Any of these lawmakers can launch a filibuster they can try to block this time is running now. We haven't heard from them yet what they think of this plan that's starting to emerge between -- -- this. I guess that sort of speaks to the length of time that we've been talking about this now entering into the third week of this shutdown. And insisting that these developments have occurred so much so that the debt ceiling discussions have been almost intrinsically linked to any kind of. That's right this is all together now one big pot and of course the debt ceiling issue. Is the bigger issue it's the more dangerous issue the Treasury Department says that on Thursday the seventeenth just two days from now. They government will have exhausted all of its power borrowing authority that means they can't get any more loans to pay their bills. We'll have about thirty billion dollars of cash on hand in the coffers and of course every day. There's an in an outflow of tax receipts into the treasury so there's a little bit of flexibility there. But it's uncharted territory we've never been. To that point beyond the exhaustion of borrowing authority -- all we have left is the cash in the coffers and there are some very big payments on the horizon to Social Security recipients. Veterans others interest on our debt. Those payments are all gonna start to come due that's when the risk of default would be very serious so. That's the big deadline right now in your right these things are all woven together into one package and lawmakers appear eager to knock them both out at one. The biggest concern that I had been hearing both from the house and the senate is that they wanted to get some kind of a resolution short term as it may be. At least to get through the holidays to alleviate any kind of an economic hardship. Why the that the private or the public sector might had to endure if in fact the shutdown does continue for an extended period of time. What -- are -- right what what are we -- them because I know that the details of house plan have not been released just yet and we've been kind of getting sort of drips and drabs of some of the details but the main sticking point I know -- the Affordable Care Act has really been crucial in both of these proposals but. What are the main differences regarding Affordable Care Act between house and senate for. Well what that is that is the key sticking point in these two different proposals that are emerging is what to do. About the Affordable Care Act and of course the senate -- it pretty much removed all of them all the big changes taken them off the table so we were at a point here the past couple of days. Looking like Republicans were gonna walk away with not very much the only change they were talking about including and that was some fraud for anti fraud protection to. Sort of verify the income levels of people seeking subsidies that something. Many Republicans felt that Democrats the White House could go along with also. Seeking to delay tax. Some reinsurance and other insurance plans that would be in there that also had some. Democratic support particularly from the labor unions that was in the senate plan. But were back at the same place we were just a few weeks ago on the house plan is as we expect to hear shortly from house speaker John Boehner. House Republicans coming back to the table and saying wait a second here forget that small ball on the Affordable Care Act let's talk about making sure that. Members of congress and hill staffers don't get. Subsidies taxpayer subsidies to buy their insurance that there -- in the Republican view upheld to the same standards -- obamacare. And also they wanna see that delay a two year delay on a medical device tax -- included in obamacare -- -- a non starter with the president and Democrats. Many Democrats but house Republicans appear eager to keep down the table -- No agreement yet on -- points. And -- let me ask you about this because the house speaker said to his added -- to some of the -- GOP -- -- house trust me. In making any kind of negotiation with the White House or with the senate. Has he been able to corral additional support. From those that that it may have that sort of wavering in the house. -- really remains to be seen that's a big question here. I think the sense on the hill and from what my colleagues have reported is that many house Republicans. Really came to respect the way -- speaker Boehner pushed this to the brink he did the view is that. He fought very hard he battled the White House that the White House has just simply not going to budge there's a lot of outrage about about that but that. Speaker Boehner did his best as a leader to kind of push his case. Of course you're always gonna have -- -- Tea Party conservatives. Who are not happy with any of this and aren't going to be happy -- speaker Boehner brings this forward agrees to a vote in the senate bill or any compromise here. But that is the big question if he's going to take this compromise plan and allow it to come to a vote with mostly democratic support. And whether he'd vote for himself. And whether any of that we'll have an impact on his leadership and ability to remain speaker a lot of big questions about speaker Boehner. In a lot of the focus has been on the house and the senate but at the same time -- -- you bring up the White House. What has that what -- the Obama administration's role Ben how was that transform just in the past 24 hours it was just yesterday afternoon. The White House and -- an invitation for congressional leadership to meet at the White House at 3 o'clock that meeting was then postponed. To allow both the senate and the house to work on their own proposals. He is the president sort of sitting back and waiting to see how this happens today in congress. Right what it difference a week makes when it comes to just looking at President Obama a week ago. We were having this same conversation and the White House was insistent that there would be no talks no negotiations and there were done at that point one week ago. -- -- of this business until the government was reopened in until. -- debt limit was increased of course neither of those things that's happened the president now has played host. To all members of congress of all parties in and caucuses at the White House late last week over the weekend. Now participated in phone calls when we learned last night my colleague John -- was reported that the president spoke. But Republican minority leader in the senate Mitch McConnell about this possible plan. No movement from the president today he still kind of -- wait in see. But now let's hear her house speaker John Boehner winner has. Yeah yeah yeah. That we continue to -- fair to the American people. There are a lot of opinions about -- what work. Both the try to make you look that your little. Paul good to get our government we'll. We just talked remembers -- things it's been very clear. All along what we. I'm we wanted the Democrats to sit and talk do. Out of differences. We've been saying since day one that we believe -- that it. The long division in fairness for all Americans reflected those of and I'm glad city -- Harry Reid the senate has finally gotten sick. Video. Peter -- As we heard that. We also know -- It's it's very very important for us to distrust one another. Proposal we move forward what reflect our position. It's no special treatment for anybody. Very an artist connections that. We think individuals being treated there. -- business should not have special treatment. You don't have special. Week we -- very confident that count. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Police now the Republicans in the house and Levy -- solutions and we believe that. It's that time for solutions. And he -- be -- upon. Fairness call we recognize that -- all across this kind. Continue to struggle and Heather can't. The foundation. We want to ensure that -- -- and -- it -- five. And voluntary mom -- business owners seniors don't. That are trying to find their way forward and eat -- house we remain committed to be part of the solution. To work in a bipartisan fashion to find the common sense when leaf nation that we're dealing with the -- the -- and I've -- -- to -- here. Your bill the president. Are. We're working whatever. Everything. Mr. speaker can you guarantee to the American people congress will not -- That deadline input from -- -- -- -- -- Apparently -- vote today. And it would obviously he defendants now through -- -- government. Moves on both sides -- -- -- -- A speaker John Boehner making a very brief statement this morning city. Press all gathered outside -- trying to get some of the details. Four potential deal that might have been cobble together in the house but as we also heard from house majority leader Eric Cantor. Details are not coming out today in fact house speaker saying no decisions on what will do at this point want to bring in -- to -- talk about this -- -- the fact the matter is we were. Almost anticipating. Some kind of of of nugget that that there might be close to a compromise and yet nothing. Well in -- began and from we what we've heard from -- house Republican sources behind the scenes here is that they feel that they are compromising. They are floating some. Possible tweaks to the senate plan which we have. More details on of course best candidate to. So what's happening here is both sides are sort of jockeying for position they're playing to their audiences they're trying to test out -- out. Where there might be areas of compromised. I've got to tell you that while he was speaking of miles speaker Boehner was speaking there White House put out a statement they don't like. Any changes that the house Republicans have proposed today or at least floated behind the scenes those thinks we were talking about additional changes to Obama care. Like delaying the medical device tax as an example they don't like that they're back to calling that a ransom. And they will refuse to accept -- -- the White House much warmer to that senate plan. And the White House also announced in -- -- meeting wit that democratic leadership deception at the same time. That's right they're gonna President Obama who's gonna have that meeting yesterday with the leaders. -- -- top congressional leaders is this afternoon going to -- just with house Democrats at the White House we also know he's giving a round of interviews to some local news stations. So he's gonna start to make a little bit more of a push -- as we come up against that deadline to keep up the pressure on his and to rally house Democrats to stand firm. Try to keep those house Republicans and a quarter up against the wall the White House does feel that they have the winning hand here especially with all the polling. Showing that Republicans have taken a hit. And -- from what it scenes from the statement that just came out to us from the White House. They are liking that senate compromise which is a very small compromise for Republicans but one that might save the day here. And so this shall wait and see if the day will in fact be safe before those two days run out this Thursday ABC's -- Brian Washington Devin thank you so much appreciated that goes have a complete report on For now I'm down -- New York with this digital special report.

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{"id":20577123,"title":"Boehner Says There 'Are a lot of Opinions' On How to End Shutdown","duration":"16:33","description":"Speaker of the House discusses House negotiations as the Senate nears its own deal to end shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-day-15-boehner-lot-opinions-end-20577123","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}