Polls Raise Fear Among GOP That Shutdown Severely Hurt Party

Americans seem to be laying the brunt of their disapproval on Republicans in Congress.
11:40 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Polls Raise Fear Among GOP That Shutdown Severely Hurt Party
This is a special room. When I'm down Cutler -- New York with this ABC news digital special report the fallout over the government shut down after forty years of polling. Are -- ABC news Washington Post poll has found that the approval of congress. Is at a new low a ripple effect just a year before the mid term elections. -- -- Travis joins us from Washington with more Karen. Good afternoon Dan last week after that deal was struck in the senate there are a lot of high -- yes we did something historic Harry Reid said -- the next day once the government reopened you -- really strong sense of pessimism. Because nobody came out of this looking good in the ABC news Washington Post poll proves -- All time lows for congress and it is the house republicans' congressional Republicans who are taking the most blame. The US economy added -- 148000. Jobs in September. Fewer than economists were projecting but strong enough to lower the unemployment rate to seven point 2% a nearly five year low. The jobs report was delayed by more than two weeks due to the government shut down. And new ABC news Washington Post poll shows that the sixteen day standoff left everyone in Washington battered and bruised there were no winners in this. It's understandable that your frustration what what goes on in Washington has never been higher. It's a new low for congress only 12% approve of the job lawmakers are doing 85%. Disapprove. I join the American people and their disgust at what happened -- terms of the shutdown of government. Criticism of the shutdown is focused on Republicans the poll found that 77% of Americans disapproved of the way congressional Republicans handled the budget talks that led to the crisis. Only 21%. Approved. Shutting down the government in my view. And is not conservative policy so -- not be another government shutdown you can count on. -- midterm elections are just over a year away any comments you -- The ABC news post poll found that only a quarter of registered voters now say they're likely to reelect their member of congress. A whopping two thirds say they are inclined to look elsewhere that the public is ready for the congress to behave better. This is a second chance. His approval re. He did not see the same shot down slide that congress did. But obviously the reaction coming in very strongly Karen thank you for that care -- in Washington. I want to bring in our political director declined to talk about some of these numbers Rick all right who was this hitting the hardest. Re Republicans they are taking it on the -- members of congress across the board President Obama largely immune from the discuss the anger out there among the public. This could be a major moment we seen this shot down take a severe tolls on Republicans on the Tea Party movement. And people -- conservatives in the past -- -- it generally supported their comments souring and souring fast the conventional was a for a long time has been. Democrats have no shots when he fourteen. Polls like this show exactly where the ground workers being laid for something much different than that. So -- -- and not necessarily those long standing in comments but those that may have been brought Anderson this past election. That's right -- having congressman next to your name or -- next year they will not be an advantage. In this upcoming election now that number 66%. The -- -- shop -- shop around for something for someone else. It's more operational than it is reality -- because honestly you have to. Think about -- the choices are in these districts in some cases it'll be primary opponents as opposed to. In the general election but this is bad news across the board and particularly bad news Republicans. They have seen their brands of yearly tarnished and a lot of folks thought there was no way that the Republican Party could be worse off after Mitt Romney's loss and after the loss of senate seats and house seats in last year's election. The last year those shown that it could go lower so is there a potential that in fact if that does play out in the polling booths that we would have a more divided a more partisan congress. Next year. Working on the other direction depending on how this week crash isn't -- -- -- hits -- more during the primaries or in the -- if it happens in the primaries and we see. More moderate Republicans who punished for their vote sending the shut down for example. Then yes we're -- -- see even more division for president Obama's final two years in office if though it crashes against Republicans were generally. Democrats pick up more seats than expected. We could see a kind of return to the beginning of the Obama presidency -- -- -- united democratic control of congress hug your a long time but we're seeing this scenes of something significant here. Talk to me a little bit about the mindset of the American voter -- often times when they're asked these polling questions. They will reflect and say you know what I can say bad things about my family but you can't say bad things about my family because usually when you have -- drop in congressional approval. It is not necessarily reflective of their own representative frank. There's an adage that goes back a long time -- -- people love to hate congress but they love their congressman and because they're able to. -- the district well bring home the bacon and show up at ribbon cuttings and smile and talk about those bastards in Washington and how you have to. Change what they're up to. It's such an easy thing to separate yourself that's getting -- that people aren't buying it anymore they are increasingly frustrated with even their own members of congress across party lines. And particularly though in Republican parts of the country. That number 66%. Goes up to 72% in -- the -- states that Mitt Romney won last year more Republican states. So the frustration is everywhere the anger is everywhere and this time at least that looks like -- incumbent members of congress individual members of congress will not be immune. And less of a Pulitzer go at a touchy about some other numbers -- coming out of Washington DC and obviously being moved around a little bit and that is the unemployment report that was delayed because the government shut down. Came out this morning -- 140000 jobs added last month economists had expected or predicted a 180000. At the same time the unemployment rate had dropped down from seven point 37 point 2%. Is still at the same time economists are saying not necessarily the kind of strength they wanna see for a good economy -- the White House react. -- A little disappointed from the White House they acknowledge that the pace of job growth has slowed that's a troublesome sign. And more problematic for -- is that these numbers. Are from before the government shut down and the debt ceiling debacle that we almost went through last week. So October's numbers are likely to be even worse because that will show the -- dragged that it had a on the economy over this over these last couple weeks where things were basically stagnant so. They are concerned about the pace and more worried about what October will look like. And -- -- use all of this is an argument for moving beyond these partisan fights moving beyond -- fights that just got to leave us standing in place. Rick let me ask you this think is as we are approaching the mid term elections -- and have even seen those that are going to be up for reelection come next year. Been able to successfully distanced themselves from the -- having no part of it. -- -- -- -- -- you look at what people are saying back its a town hall meetings it's hard to do what ever side you -- wrong here you want to anger someone in this getting people disappointed in your conduct. Over the government shutdown and is a more generalized feeling of why can't they just get something done even if my congressman agrees with me -- immoral war. I don't care just work with the other side get something done stop this this madness because it really is silly. And it's wasteful and people that working their own budgets I sent a focus group last week you people made this point over and over again I have to make tough choices I have to make ends meet why can't members of. Congress -- the -- and as we're going to be going into those next deadlines because of course second session that was made. Was obviously to fund the government for short term basis and raise the debts and only for short term basis so then what is going to be the atmosphere going into those negotiations in January everywhere. We're seeing a mainstream in the Republican Party trying to tamp down the rhetoric Mitch McConnell you just play the sound -- -- insane it will not be another government -- Only problem is a lot of this Tea Party members including Ted Cruz may disagree with that and they -- going to be the ones that are driving the train when it comes to. A confrontation like that so you -- -- see a concerted effort on behalf of Republicans are worried about the future of the party. The say. Enough of this we're moving beyond that's -- we'll have living fights but we're not gonna threaten default not and it threatened shutdown. However you still see this is angst out there this is energy out there that pushes -- in the other direction. The Tea Party movement who do many of whom feel like the last few weeks was a success because -- got the American people talking about issues of debt and deficit obamacare. They just have a different take comments they think that it it may be time to use the same strategy is they just used it to really no effect last week. And I want action bring up the Dow right now -- how the markets -- reaction because obviously that was a report those job numbers. That Wall Street -- but necessarily the economy not so much Wall Street is up about the -- about forty points 151432. Or -- brought up obamacare because the fact the matter is that the president earlier this week. Had to address some of the problems that his administration was having with rolling that out with those web site glitches but it's trying to sort of message that we may get the message out there that there are other ways that you can role in this and that it isn't necessarily the legislation that was a problem but it was the execution. That's right they're saying obamacare more than a web -- the problem is the website was the primary -- they're asking people to access the system and they roll this out with such fanfare -- easy as ordering a package on Amazon or. Booking a flight on on Orbitz but he obviously is a lot worse than that and we don't even have a timeframe now for when that which is will be fixed. And there's a ticking clock here it's not a significant problem now because the -- doesn't kick in until January but. If by the middle of December if this is not possible for people sign on as of now that the law will state that if you don't sign up for assurance you're subject to fines the penalties. A lot of pressures that come to bear on the white house on the administration to say you can even get them a tax of this right. Helping you find people for not participating and so if they don't get this right and fast it's going to be a problem. And that was that are -- Jonathan Karl pressed Jay Carney for in the press briefing yesterday about the fact that if in fact it -- been delayed for three -- access to how could you still continued to hold a kind of penalty up there. And now health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius has had to testify before congress about the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. That's racial got a lot of tough questions that hearing won't be until next weekend and the hope in the administration is that things will be thickness fixed largely. Since then but that will be a month into the of the three month roll out of this this window for people to enroll in the program. And we -- even have a single number of how many Americans have signed office of the White House. Has been trying to it to spin -- and and -- the president came in for some mocking with late night comics yesterday for even suggesting that parts of the -- working better than expected. When the basic web site doesn't work this is a problem and it's a -- one. And a lot of Republicans feel like -- beating even bigger problem if not for the shut down that distracted everyone for the first three weeks of the month. It is almost like headline over headline over headline -- who's competing to -- -- almost stay out of the spotlight in Washington. I think that's right David they and hope that among the democratic side on the supporting obamacare side is that this wouldn't be a headline at all. This would all be about the operation of the program. He pictured band that is what matters is what is how this program plays out will people sign up in the right proportions to make sure the system. Finances itself that's the big -- that's the big gamble no one's gonna remember -- a glitzy web site. If in fact people sign up an adequate numbers to make obamacare war if though this is just emblematic of larger problems is going to be a long hard road ahead. And so -- -- -- wait to see where that long road will lead us ABC's Rick Klein Washington Rick thank you for that we appreciate it. I spent we have a complete report on abcnews.com. For now understand -- New York. With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20647206,"title":"Polls Raise Fear Among GOP That Shutdown Severely Hurt Party","duration":"11:40","description":"Americans seem to be laying the brunt of their disapproval on Republicans in Congress.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-effects-polls-raise-fear-gop-shutdown-20647206","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}