Government shutdown enters 4th day

The government shutdown stretches into another day with no sign of progress toward funding President Trump's border wall. ABC News' Lana Zak reports.
2:21 | 12/25/18

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Transcript for Government shutdown enters 4th day
And now to the fight to fund the federal government it's now day four of the shut down. The president still a Washington law Capitol Hill is empty until Thursday. In the First Lady attending this service overnight experiencing some com. Amid the bell over the border wall funding with senate Democrats ABC's Ron Issac joins us from Washington with more good morning wanna. Good morning Merry Christmas tea Issac engine I. Let's have the Santa bring something other than coal to Washington and Wall Street the markets. Affected by their worst December since the Great Depression many analysts saying that they are being negatively affected by what's happening right here in. Washington it. Overnight president trump attended church with the First Lady at the national cathedral. The president had planned to spend Christmas at his Florida resort mar Alando. But remained in Washington because of the partial government shutdown in between taking Christmas polls from children the president said that. That we need voters here. Lawmakers are due back in town Thursday to resume negotiations on government funding. The biggest sticking point the president's desire for US taxpayers to contribute five billion dollars to a border wall. On Monday the president summoned Homeland Security officials to the White House to discuss border security. But not pork launching a slew of tweets. Airing his grievances with Democrats some Republicans in departing members of the administration at 1 point rating I am all alone for me in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed border security. But it was his attacks on the Federal Reserve that's being criticized for heightening fears about the economy. The president tweeting. The only problem our economy has is the Fed they don't have a feel for the market they don't understand necessary trade wars or strong dollars the day before the secretary of the treasury is sought to reassure the heads of the six largest US banks. But the move backfired and on Monday the stock market faced the worst Christmas Eve stock decline in history. Now democratic leaders were also firing off their shots at the president accusing him of quote plunging the country into chaos they also say. And they believe that the president does not now how to get them out of this partial government shutdown. Let's hope for the sake of all those hundreds of thousands of government workers though that this is resolved soon. The action and a lot of the president had to Florida stick it to Washington to address the shut down thank you there in Washington Lana.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The government shutdown stretches into another day with no sign of progress toward funding President Trump's border wall. ABC News' Lana Zak reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60007771","title":"Government shutdown enters 4th day ","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-enters-4th-day-60007771"}