Government shutdown showdown continues

The government shutdown continues to drag on as President Trump demands border wall funding.
4:37 | 12/26/18

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Transcript for Government shutdown showdown continues
Very let's get started great now with the government shutdown and that partial shutdown that is in its fourth and dates are primary. Joining us from Washington DC and the White House good morning terror. Any end in sight. Good morning ten as it doesn't look like an. Congress main mark meadows told arm Ben Siegel that there has been no substantial progress since the leaders Matt on Saturday and add minority leader Chuck Schumer Democrat turned down the latest offer from the White House it was about two billion dollars in border. Funding for a wall specifically he has an issue. But the fact that the money would be going towards a wall which is why you've heard president from these different types of phrasing like fanned small artistically designed steel slats. But the wall is UA's at this sad Arab holidays and they don't seem to be getting any closer to finding a resolution at least not before the new congress starts in January 3. Yet to the point that Nancy Pelosi has been making fun saying now it's just beaded curtains and you mirror cause some years ago when nine trumpets running for office. And Mitt Romney said its offense he's like no there's a difference. Brady how things change. He's an egg drones in technology or bells and whistles we need the walls of these sort of wavered back and forth by. He is a true conservative supporters they want a wall they think that if he doesn't. Buckled down and Jake in now that he won't be able to fulfill this main campaign promise before Tony twenty when he runs for reelection. That indeed but how is this really the government shut down impacting the real folks out there many Americans now in the fourth day right now of not getting a paycheck. Right we'll today's the first full business day since the government sends out. The government shut down on Saturday it was a weekend and you have the holidays and now we had a real. Full business day so will be feeling the effects more today than ever. You know. The National Park Service is close people are on vacation they wanna go visit their parks. They might not be able to do so would the Christmas tree here in Washington a man climbed update on Friday in damage some of the tree. And there's been a bit of complications about fixing that because of the fact that. The park service is close. So you're does start to see you real facts at about 800000 federal workers were impacted by and the president says. That the federal workers who may not getting paid over the holidays are behind him on this one listen to the house. Well I think they understand what's happening they want border security and many of those workers have sent to me communicated. Stay out until you get the funding for the walls. These federal workers want the war. So we've been reaching out to some federal workers to see if they agree with president trump and they are happy. I see they're not be working or working without pay and at least we found Harry clients Snyder. He's a government trip contractor with an eight month old child and he says he feels like he's being held hostage listens and us. Border security is Corey. So basically. Like extortion news hole now dogs passage if America's first or is certainly America weren't. So as you can see president John may be talking to some federal workers. The security guys over here at the White House their working without pay right now but he's not probably having that much contact. With these federal federal workers I think a lot of your sort of shocked to hear that. Yeah and that's a thing many of these folks are living paycheck to paycheck and so these are the folks that. It's really really impacting. So you have a government shut down the ice that it's a business answering the president has a very very busy day at. Talks and trying to get this thing resolved right. But this staff level we know that negotiations are our kids picking up again congress is not back in session until tomorrow and Nancy Pelosi who will be in the next us speaker of the house in January 3 she says it. She's going to give her members 24 hours notice to come back to congress actually vote so we had at least 24 hours until. Another vote to reopen the government but it doesn't seem like that's going to be happening in the next you days. Let's not forget the Democrats are getting more power every single day passes I'll take over the majority in the new year. But president trumbull ultimately has the ability to veto whatever bill they propose it it doesn't include the law funding and he could keep the government shut down. For many weeks into the new year. Yes tillage Mitch McConnell is just kind of like Joseph handle your business we're just I'm just gonna be over here ahead and figure doll. Terra common area firm the White House which is very busy on this day after Christmas and thanks to you.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The government shutdown continues to drag on as President Trump demands border wall funding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60022524","title":"Government shutdown showdown continues","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-showdown-continues-60022524"}