U.S. Senate Moves to Avoid Government Shutdown

House Republicans declare they are against the Senate's temporary solution to prevent a shutdown.
8:08 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for U.S. Senate Moves to Avoid Government Shutdown
This is a special report from NBC news. Heller let anti Hernandez in New York for -- ABC news digital special report. Time is running out for lawmakers in Washington to reach a deal to stop the government from shutting down here -- -- Monday. That it's considering a temporary measure to keep paying the nation's bills but Republican House leaders won't support it also keeps funding Obama care while they're determined to stop -- ABC's Karen Travers reports. He's on Capitol Hill suggests a government shutdown is less likely to the next few days are going to be the very contentious. This is moving forward and build it -- the government running temporarily in keeps funding for Obama -- -- -- But the big question -- the house except that a new -- that. This week the house passed a spending bill that would fund the government through mid December when it stripped all funding for Obama care. -- be able don't want president's health care bill. They don't want the government to -- and a the Republicans are listening. But even if congress avert a crisis this time another one is looming right around corner and it seems like house Republicans are keeping their powder dry for that battle. Yesterday Treasury Secretary Jack -- -- the government -- hit its credit limit on October 17 unless congress votes to raise the debt ceiling. You can see this as a golden opportunity to try and force the White House's hand. -- a plan that raises the debt ceiling in exchange for a one year delay -- implementing the health care law. As well as government spending cuts but the White House says cut a deal on the debt ceiling is not happening. -- will not negotiate. Things went. -- -- I'm sorry but it just doesn't work that way. After the last big showdown over the debt ceiling in 2011 the US credit rating was downgraded and the stock market plummeted. Wall Street is once again worried that congress is taking the economy to the brink. Karen Travers ABC news Washington. And now -- ABC news senior Washington correspondent -- sounding with us he's been following this story joins us now from DC. -- we saw there the president very passionate obviously senate and house Republicans very much entrenched in their view is anyone. Actually negotiating a compromise at this point with less than reaching out. There's not much compromise being negotiated on the above board but beneath the surface of this he can definitely feel some negotiations that. After senator Ted -- Republican and texas'. Marathon speech a couple nights ago in the senate. That really. Was all that some Republicans could stand quite frankly they tell me so they know that they have to move this forward here there really is widespread agreement. -- shutting down the government would be bad for both parties that bad in particular for the Republican Party. -- that would -- -- blame for this because they control the house so. Things are -- moving along very slowly senators are giving their floor speeches today. Why they're opposed to the Affordable Care Act -- why they supported so we do see the end in sight here but the path to direct path. -- compromise is still not clear. While this is happening in Washington the president has traveled to reach out to ordinary Americans and supporters about the health care bill -- south. About the health exchanges -- -- getting started soon. He's also got a difficult road ahead with that explain that. What he does and he was in Missouri last week he was in Maryland today he almost feels like in this is his third campaign in -- sensitive says third campaign he is really. Reprising some of the line send messages he used to when he was running for reelection. Saying why health care coverage is good for -- but now. Mean the reality of this says it is beginning very soon on Tuesday people can start enrolling in this and it's really a long period they don't have to enroll. Until next march but then the individual mandate kicks in and what that means is everyone has to have insurance so. There really is a ferocious campaign going on with. Opponents to health care act you know. Advertising heavily in raising money heavily. Trying to. I convince people to not sign up for this at the same time. In this is coming at the exact same moment of the budget showdown the government runs out of money. On Tuesday to keep functioning so all these things are happening. At one time. Not by accident here Republicans are hoping to get extra attention here for some more opposition on the Affordable Care Act but the reality is it's the law of the land. We heard Senator John McCain so yesterday on the senate floor quite -- -- -- look we've lost this fight. We have to -- and move forward here this is the law this will be implemented. You know as we see this division in Washington we're also getting a sense of division. Among. Americans there's a new poll that shows that neither side is winning this fight. -- -- Americans still are deeply skeptical of the Affordable Care Act. They like. What may be in. The Affordable Care Act they like what's you know some specific provisions like people with preexisting medical conditions now can be covered they must be covered by law. -- people who are under the age of 27 now can stay on there. Their parents insurance plans today like those elements but they are confused by the bureaucracy -- -- they don't like the government necessarily being involved in this. And the really is this information and misinformation campaign on both sides so the Affordable Care Act remains unpopular. As a whole but even more unpopular is shutting down the government because of it or. -- -- public does not love this but there is a sense out there even among those who don't like it it should be used to shut down the government. That we heard the threat of shutting down the government for what exactly does that mean if this happens we wake up on Tuesday. What would be different. When your lights are still going to come on you. In some places your trash may -- be collected particularly here in the District of Columbia a federalists. Us city a lot of services would not be but only picked up -- basically it means this all nonessential government employees. Would have to stay home they are not allowed to come to work only. Employees that have national security purpose would be allowed to work so you would see this you would see. A shutdown of a parks museums passports would not be processed that TSA -- agents would be cut all the way back at the airport so you may have longer lines. And things like that the national institute of health. -- may not be able to screen for outbreaks of diseases and other things -- -- became an emergency its season just. Basic government services that people come across in their everyday lives -- may slow down now the last time we saw this was nearly two decades ago in 1995. The government -- did -- Shut down a couple times that here. And what it means is that -- government effectively -- to a halt -- this actually expensive you'd think that shutting down the government may actually save money and actually costs money. Because of the economic impact the trickle down effect if you will. And also agencies right now across the government are preparing to. And for contingency plans and shutting down the government. So they're not getting their normal -- work done but. Again people on both sides of the capitol speaker John Boehner the Republican speaker of the house said today that that he does not believe the government will shut down. The Republicans and Democrats in the senate and they believe that they can find a way out of this so. The Smart money at this point talking to a lot of people as we do here on Capitol Hill. That this will get worked out but they have until midnight Monday night if it goes into Tuesday a little bit more. You know as Karen said in her report a little bit earlier that there is some brinksmanship involved here but -- it's a lose lose proposition. For any elected official if the government actually shuts down. All right so we shall wait and -- but. Positive ABC's -- Melanie and -- that they believe the -- -- here thanks to thank and are -- -- Hernandez in New York thank you for watching his ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20388017,"title":"U.S. Senate Moves to Avoid Government Shutdown","duration":"8:08","description":"House Republicans declare they are against the Senate's temporary solution to prevent a shutdown.","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-us-senate-moves-avoid-costly-government-20388017","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}