Growing environmental crisis in the Amazon as fires are still ablaze

Co-founder of WeForest, Bill Liao, discusses the importance of reforesting in the midst of climate change and deteriorating global health, saying "it is such a tragedy what is happening right now."
5:52 | 08/27/19

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Transcript for Growing environmental crisis in the Amazon as fires are still ablaze
Turning now to the growing crisis in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil those thousands of acres of forest on fire the fires getting worse as our Mac gotten in has been reporting from down there. Well the police is our common this time of year scientists have been saying that these fires now have reached dangerous proportions. Not just locally there but for global health 20%. Of the Earth's oxygen is produced by the Amazon. After the G-7 countries in the past week the weekend meeting in France have offered to help the Brazilians. Fight those fires today after first rejecting that help job Brazil's president Jere Paulson are signaled he may reversed course to president. President trump also between the United States is willing to help those forced. Fire efforts Donna Brazil. About all of this has led us to wonder here in the version room can be Amazon be re grown and what can be done. A to curb the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere right now specifically. With those dwindling forests were one person now leading the charge on that front the reforestation front. Is our necks he has billed the hours of co-founder of we four assists in organization. That is set up pretty ambitious goal of planting more than 25 million trees around the world. By twenty to 41 bill thanks for join us your says Skyping and from Ireland. Appreciate you at joining us from across the pond. To tell us how you're gonna do it how how do you plant more trees after a fire is devastating is what we're seen. Statement. Rick. The local people I mean there're law all very loading people around. Unit one of the reasons the treatment plus incentives that way it but the best way. Korea carrying out land is the burned down. And that's what we do we live people haven't already read on to 22 million trees. Our goals are hundreds of millions of trees and record many partner organizations. And weave through gonna the last ten years that. You could really make it are good living for local people's by refunding are. And and bill when we talk about the Amazon I think it's getting guys are extraordinary attention on social media young people really sort of engage this idea that. That forest in particular produces so much oxygen. Is really enemy in this conversation and a sense of worry. About the consequences. Of these fires. In sort of a practical sense key in the Amazon be re grown I mean can. Authorities there are Brazil plant enough trees in any short reasonable amount of time to her to replenish what's been lost. Well right now an enormous potter ruptures and are enormous economy with workers aren't billed as. Much woman beautiful. And you can't actually rigor of the Amazon is that every. What's happening here is a huge impetus the loss of species and here you worried about the commercial implications on health implications like. Not be a look fund and its cancer drug or not being handles it. Have enough rent Laura wrote the actual crops. Or if you just log Douglas. You know if you're a cat lava. You don't want to see this stuff but I'm so we have to try to put the fire out. You know I I just eight years Brazil till till it L been. You're a prison truck blizzard sends are significant I. Probably the best thing he would it would do and be remembered for up because we can't afford to lose the species Douglas. We can gore are not far. Like we can grow up forresters read it sold 300. Did get tons. On CO2 that all the pollution that's ever been put into the atmosphere we have enough left to do we we just the will to do it. But we shouldn't just a really growing chorus we should also be saving it and it is such a tragedy what is happening right now. At its departure want ignorance. On TV and greedy. One of our viewers bill or wrote me on Twitter rented to ask you question about wage actually what you just said there's playland. To re rural forested perhaps there's a growing will to do it to plant trees to help suck that CO2 out of the atmosphere. But what a water which need a heck of a lot of water. To sustain mirrors she new force that you plant places an isn't that part of the problem. With climate changes or are we really in a bind on natural. Here's the thing most people don't I'm Stan. Rain forests do not grow where it rings. It rains where there rank first if you manage the water gently and you reeker the forest. The trees actually cause more inflammation in cash and recruits there's that would ours but it takes Humana. We had to land we have the people. We just need the will and we need people to actually realize that this is the peak Costas why. Third and belittling to infect tendon that mr. we don't have bullets on. The do it we can do what we don't all of it on to a. And we know that your organization is making a big push to get out awareness also. Martial law global interest in planting more trees gathering donations to do it it's we forest. Dot org it's a great site great organization bill Lee Powell is that co-founder of we force think you so much sir for joining us. From a late afternoon there in Ireland thank you. Or in each.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Co-founder of WeForest, Bill Liao, discusses the importance of reforesting in the midst of climate change and deteriorating global health, saying \"it is such a tragedy what is happening right now.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65228518","title":"Growing environmental crisis in the Amazon as fires are still ablaze","url":"/Politics/video/growing-environmental-crisis-amazon-fires-ablaze-65228518"}