Gun Violence Takes Center Stage at DNC

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis who was shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida.
13:25 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Gun Violence Takes Center Stage at DNC
At night. It's all about make that case. Clinton at. Her credentials yesterday it Dylan bio. But at. Night to more serious turn despite that Rock Creek Park. It typically hard seriously brought break. Up. Lot at. Well. How army. Yes. They really need to Carl what they stroll or policy purposes I talked about that's getting. Or parts of broadcasting that fact is that despite that protest when there repaid its speed suits. Up we still have not heard a great deal about crisis. Terrorism about what we have done and we're we're ready or doing at these are early support issues the American people. They had a great deal attempted to be social justice issues at unity politics. Period port. You look at the polls are there kids are concerned about straight here and abroad and not hurt the Democrats talk about this. We've noticed again and again and the people in bringing you not just those that it actually various organizations. And social media anecdotally what people are talking about. National security does consistently rate in those top here or issues. So it's no surprise at eight dedicated entire EH tried to lose her credentials. In that went arena. But we'll see if that actually resonates with voters are also continuing to take. Some of your actions out on FaceBook that you watching out there thank you. Actions. Coming and what questions that would let out there was something we spoke earlier I spoke about yesterday it also that they are I'll hear Imus spoke about. So eloquently about the question at the politicians are often punished at the polls were supporting gun control. Hillary Clinton acted. By her and this is on the issue what he. I think you look at. Increases that are ourselves. You look at what Pete Beatty the media outlets have zones does that give prayer to be current party wants a sort of sensible gun control. A lot of Eric Wright talked to its workers who saw him that we're there were being interviewed over the course of the last few weeks. Some people its terrorism watch list be able to iconic product or you were shocked by speeding acting deputy access. Politician that wants to decrease the courts 52 carpet together was respectable policies that Americans who. At a news due process in the operatives of what's risk estimate the Constance right. Don't sit your there are currently it's at right. Provinces loss like that are part of the receipts that we hope. If Clinton wins or Donald Charles lucrative. Business to be fair to people because Dartmouth party. Records are saying we want to broker across. You know it's sad to say but it's on it ain't that it's. Death last part. In last week's. Numbers here it seems to. And just when it go out. And that rise the level it's kind of attention because there is something here SC or year follow up odd but as you're out earlier. Eric it every day at acting. I got violence and it's already here at this and it get outs late you again sports that special report that mentioned earlier. Ott shots fired it looks at eleven days into an aide Eric at ID that it happens when it is actually. Out last year. Shots fired out on a stock out you're watching. Audit ABC is not opt out or every always go a lot of rock eat actually we're gonna go right there on speed it's well let's than. More. For eleven years I was a law school dean. For thirty years. I served proudly in the United States navy including as the judge advocate general. Go navy. Donald Trump. Calls himself the law and order candidate. But he will violate international law. In his words. He endorses torture at a minimum. You'll order our troops to commit war crimes like killing civilians. And he actually sad. You have to take out their families. And what it means what he's saying when he was told that was illegal. He said. Our troops who refuse. Believe me. This morning this very morning. He personally invited Russia. Jeff hack us. That's not law and order. That's criminal intent. Am. Donald Trump would abandon our allies. And let more countries get nuclear weapons. He lied about donating to veterans. And he called the military that I served in. A disaster. It's embarrassing I know. That he's the face of one of our political parties. The real disaster. Would be if we let Donald Trump. Become the face of the country that we loan. More than a hundred and won the Republican. National security leaders Republican national security leaders recently warned the Donald Trump would in their words. Make America. Less safe. He even mocks RO POWs. Like John McCain. I serve in the same native John McCain. I used to bullet in the same party as John McCain. Donald. You're not fit to Polley John McCain's boom. Line. But. America I. We have a better choice. Hillary Clinton. It's the only candidate. Who knows how to work with our allies. Who has a specific plan to defeat crisis. She's Smart and she's steady. She has the experience the temperament and that's fine. To be a superb commander in chief. She knows what makes us the envy of the world. If not are abundant natural resources. Or a resilient economy. Or even that we have the strongest military on her. Hours. Thanks for staying with us teaming cover it Democratic National Convention actually act air. You see me act mother. A shortened to Gil aged. Let's set and T took the stage. Yesterday an art and others. Spoke eloquently about change would like to. Thank you for happened just give us its what was it like to stand there. Its share yours done so it. Last several months. Well. It was it was but not adults for me I kept thinking up about Jordan. And it kept thinking about my father. Because my father was Sobel rights leader. He was ill at night branch president of the police to keep Herbert gears at so I remembers a child watch us other speeches and watching us father. At the rallies are just as we berths on the facts are what they are like its chips and coloring books. And we were halt all around the country as a father and his speeches aren't we where with. So it just kind of brought its full circle I thought wow. I get a chance you release a list that worked my father started. But at the same time I was feeling Erie Corry innocence because of us bothered you why. I was here. Having to do that work that it was done because his grants spot. That you know he would be reached over that but at the saint aren't I think he'd be proud at the short lets out. I was incredibly moved speech. I have girls. He is hurt by world. As you barrel children are close to. As I just advances the it's where he's had so what's accurate here in our heart. But ice all you. And I slow. That's absolutely match fixing and that the faith back wrap but it comes from we actually believe it living out love acceptance and forgiveness. And I pet T forget Michael Dunn. For the murder of my son otherwise I actually don't believe I'd be here today. Reporter you don't doubt that does work. Which you. I was in Chicago with family happy Thanksgiving and this is the day after Thanksgiving I got the boat up a spot. And that is caught you'd ever want to get its. Just my entire world completely went black it every sphere that I head we're Jordan. About it got involved with a car accidents or LB. Got eighty spy. Got hurt all of those fears that you're happier children at that want opponents they all came crashing down on me I thought like. I felt like ex mail I felt like I didn't quite do it up and that's a horrible very overbought placed at the end but. Cents in all I. Its last eight years and understand that there was adequate it's done. That I did nothing wrong and George did nothing wrong it's just the circumstances by which we adults. You up on it age. Yes. I wonder. That unity is what brings together something that you would probably hall. Let you forget to send your least on. To. So Whitney's back are what is that like we ought to be deathly call it the sister it out where we call ourselves other sisters. Because we are puppets that we have bonded as sisters. It's very. What are they liberating for us a sense because we are still very well across. We get to be vulnerable it ways that no one else outside our families these seats. We get to let are here now. Now we get to laugh and makes fun of ourselves but we also to talk about our children. You know we we talked fondly about our children. We talk about the work that we're doing we support what and other. And at times we have suits just kinda put her arms around each other at Charlotte took us a lot because first degree. I don't want it there's a park or sort. Don't always sparks. My goodness Jordan always want CU beat that best dancer our expert at. And hope what do you what his father Jacksonville you come back to it you always depict me in. I'd bet your and it's that op I don't watch look bad when you go out there. Your Chris top priorities so let me show you. He was always trying to show. At least one day she caught. He was cookie. It's doing this and you always make me do that stance. Just so I would look good spore. Our newest look at how. Well we. Think. You're. Our apps. So are beyond where they. I you.

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{"duration":"13:25","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson interview Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis who was shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40944598","title":"Gun Violence Takes Center Stage at DNC ","url":"/Politics/video/gun-violence-takes-center-stage-dnc-40944598"}