These New Hampshire Primary Voters Could Decide the Race

ABC News' Jonathan Karl explores why so many voters are still undecided.
15:22 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for These New Hampshire Primary Voters Could Decide the Race
Jonathan Karl auditor Mary Ann's diner awesome place I'm actually looking forward to get some scrambled eggs here in a minute but this is. We are in Derry New Hampshire with a group of Republicans Democrats independents. And the amazing thing here is this primary day. And in this room still have not meet the lines. I mean in this acts the state of New Hampshire poll going end to the primary showed 44%. Of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire saying they still haven't made up their mind. Little more made up on the democratic side there's still a lot of in his cited undecideds there and so many independent voters so wanted to presents. Of what people or they can air. Cern. You're age you're here your era era veteran. Tell me excited about for an. I still have. Real women and into his Barney by. So what is howdy gonna make that decision as you go into into the voting Walters is going to be able waffled over the hopeful that. But it's just take seriously. So spurred you average the choice here for your to the pan am and mystery. And that's correct so what was it down between. K sick on the Republican side and Hillary and the democratic side. And out of the very different people so tell me how do you how do you make that decision. I think it's gonna be a U in my heart who I think and actually made his or her ideas and and views on how to make America great whose could it be best able to make that happen. It's it's down with a Lar ya know I saw you at a Casey debate you've been going to these events how many different candidates to get a chance to actually go and listen and directly hear from first. I've only actually seeing two live but we've seen all the debates we've been reading all there. Ideas on their website so we've been doing our homework but we've only seen a complex in line. Yes want some answers for independence with rappers. Just more independence and actions are Republicans and Democrats and you guys can vote in either primary news decide when you get there which primary vote for it. So. As I understand you're the same predicament here well slightly different policies citing. I mean Marie. The right way. We need to work week that it needs we talked about him. It. A meeting with him interested in Kristi and Enders. Suitcase sic. Chris Christie Bernie Sanders act. What is user 125. Issue what's what's the war in most important issues to you whose primary. Whom that's the question. I think. Taxi. And disparity in. On the core I. Regulation is big. In terms of what's being regulated companies in speaking hard for smaller businesses. And it it's smaller businesses in the regulations that are being put and then be out be prosperous. So what is it that drives you possibly towards Bernie Sanders. He is not. Being. He's aides taking on this. Donations from the people. He's not being driven by special interests. And he cat seems have a lot of integrity he's been Spain. He's been calling it the way it is. He's been very half integrity. And he's trying to address some of the social issues that they added I'm stuck because there's social issues but there's also. Corporate issues. All right well thank you very much let's. Quite so. Let's take another show appearance here how many of you on the democratic side or. Likely to vote in the democratic primary. That we Bernie Sanders. We got some Sanders. Public Hillary Clinton. All right now I got an age that story back here because. These two gentlemen are with Hillary Clinton. And as I'm word 2008. Possible for somebody else. We're both of Barack Obama or cultures of here in New Hampshire for drug problem. So you know what it's like to get beat by Hillary Clinton we do we do. But I had to Hillary breakfast this morning which was sunny side up so that's Republican. It. All equipment but you also know. But boy you also go with the aids. If you lose the New Hampshire primary. It doesn't mean necessarily. The end of the road as I understand it kind of worked our way okay for Brock Obama and the and even though he lost here 2008. It came out RI it's a long trail but I think New Hampshire is an important places you've seen today. Didn't get a chance look up close and personal take good close look at it I think it cannot windows down the field but ultimately America will have a say afternoon temperatures well. OK let's head over that we got some awesome Bernie Sanders votes again great about the stated we are periods we've got. You know we got some folks here for Hillary Clinton across the way I think we know we're voting more do you really it. Yeah. So what do you think. Like yeah why why are you Bernie Sanders Weiss important Bernie sent. IAE. I'm very very concerned about the undisclosed money that is totally corrupting or system in the election system and I really would like to support someone who was taking money from we the people. So that when that person gets an office they are responsible to we the people and not a tiny tiny majority I'm minority. A very very wealthy. Dilemmas for cooperation some of them which unbeaten in this country. So does it bother you you know that he's been computed on a Democrat's supporters Hillary Clinton say Bernie Sanders a democratic socialist. The Republicans will eat him alive with that label in the fall election. The establishment. Republican you might not show that the people would. We he's supporting the people and very clear he's done for years. That's what his audiences that's what he's marking him. I hope people look through the politics. Look at what he is released in the people of varying treatments country. And they want the change in their government. She people. Able eventually. I'm take. Exactly and. It doesn't. I don't wanna boats one supports them blues. Filled with hatred of the people so I ask you one question about this though if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination the end of the road. Going to be fine supporting or. That's what I'll do. Funny and she has she has finally come out with some statements that she is what we the people. I'm just more comfortable with someone who's been doing it years and yes there. And you're all in Bernie Sanders I am yes yep. You know it. I hope so I do not so that epic thank you very much I don't get some Republicans in the recovery hair. I have an end. But he I'll ask you play pundit for a second though who'd you. It's gonna win this. On the Republican side asks. If it is one obviously the polls Hussein trump but it is clearly wouldn't be as big a victory ends I think the polls suggest. I think with the amount of independence here coming out a lot of undecideds still coming I think that it gap will be a lot closer and could even possibly via apps. So when I see that number we mentioned before 44%. In in one of the polls yesterday. Of likely Republican. Voters autos are independents say they still haven't made up their mind. That seems incredibly hide him is that what what what what do you make what does that say about this race by mean as you can see. In the audience when you pulled everybody yearly it is probably good 40% in this audience that hasn't made up their mind yet and people seem to be isolating between one and two candidates. Now the the trying to make the decision today you heard one gentleman rarely is gonna spend the day and thoughtful process to figure out what to do there and I think if you look at it. It has just a lot of candidates out there a lot of the messages oval lap. So it's really figuring out who you thinks the best candidate again in July office and move the country followed. So so what about you guys you minute reminder. I am still undecided on the form Rand Paul supporter. So I'm really looking at candidates that focus on some of the ideals that senator Paul talked about was campaign. Limited government personal responsibility economic freedom in local control and I think when you focus on those four tenants it's. Increasingly difficult to find candidate that kind of encapsulates. Some of the ideals that sent all fronts this campaign because the uniqueness of his. His identity of his of his values that this is politics Chula Vista comes down to either governor Kasich governor bush. And I know that's kinda different but when the media ultimate issue for me at the end of the day. Is senator Paul was committed to lowering taxes reining in spending getting patrolled. And I think when it looked at the issues governor Casey and governor bush have talked about those particulate. Issues not with the same level that senator Paulus talked about but at least there is an avenue there for me to look at those in NC. I think coming close to being here or Patrick as well was in those issues. OK so we're down its primary day so you can't be undecided much longer. It. How are you gonna make this decision. It's simple on the town councilor America beaming the polls until 7 o'clock this evening you know probably look and it's expecting him. And make the decision by then to see what are the people who say throw them. Literally gonna wait for the last minute. This is New Hampshire that's limits special. And on its first in the nation you know the polls are open until seven Exel. That's a 65959. Seconds the war and there are Ingraham. Populated I'd I'd hate to see you get you know 7 o'clock and one. Marty at the polling place annually about as good no excuse the by don't show. Host jokes but council's. So so what about Donald Trump and he seems to be the front what what what is drawing people who don't I'll drop in the state. I think a lot of people have heard him talk about the money in politics and how he can't be but because he's got his own money so it doesn't use that as super pac. I would really like those she hear from him what his solutions are. Because we can't just limit candidates for president to those who can afford to pay for there and campaign but. Thank you very much let's see we got what we got. The governor were the best bow tie in the room. I. What do you think we've gone for good morning Hillary Clinton's earlier I. She's steady she's tested she's been vetted there is no person more prepared to be commander Jeep from president United States and Hillary Clinton. So you make a Bernie Sanders being an up and virtually every poll what are some top song by quite a bit Hillary Clinton doesn't have to win New Hampshire she has to have a strong showing you get the wind at her back and go to. South Carolina and I think she'll do well and not only in New Hampshire progress the country. I submit a question for everybody it is going Ares. Still thinking about possibly voting for cultural. It's a failure in the spotlight here no pressure at all so soap so what is it about trump. You've got to. Brought it back down to where the people are. We win this process first are you first you heard he was gonna run for president could you have seen yourself. At that point possibly voting for don't throw. So what was it because it he it is actually. Has gotten stronger and stronger and stronger in terms of support in the polls. What is it it's really resonating. Is made people originally bought only got thrown announced and the gutsy. So what are you gonna make its decision. And on my way home my way or another half hour but I do like via I do. So your leader knows how to between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. I gotta see this are very different people I know I know that I and that's what side. But I went to hear rubio and he such a breath of fresh air is not so callous and the everybody else it's running seem so negative and talent and he's so positive I like that. All right excellent I we're gonna come around wanna thank you very much and the UK with the in the water. All right Gloria. I so where you from. Nashua. And if he may be ammonia. I'm still struggling for me you know I wanna see it a whole new political system where money does and drive it. And I love the fact that you've got units on both sides certainly Bernie Sanders and talking as a real strong. Hillary Clinton has come out with a really solid plan on this and I want to make sure that whoever gets elected and actually follow through and in the big money out of politics and although she. Does participate in the system as virtually all of them do. I'm a want to be sure that the next Supreme Court justices are gonna overturn Citizens United. And that we have some women there who can really take this fight forward so it's a tough call you know Donald Trump to who's been talking about banning super pacs. Yesterday they governor bush even said he wants to overturn Citizens United so I think everybody agrees on this I just wanna be sure that the next president can follow through on it. How are gonna make up your mind now because you've probably heard all gonna hear from these guys it's voting you make up among you know my life and hired Hornbeck and Ford in. She might be that would new. Persuades me in the end it's going to be tough I'll be driving Google's. I'll be there in the Booth we'll check one of those boxes. I'm just not sure what which one yet I think soccer Asia.

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