Harris delivers remarks on International Women’s Day

Vice President Kamala Harris commented on women’s roles in the military.
3:49 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for Harris delivers remarks on International Women’s Day
We hear today for an extremely important. Location. At this moment we face global threats to our climate and our house. So our physical security. And cyber security. Our capacity to meet this moment is determined both by our diplomatic strength. And by our ability. To build a strong. Smart. And sustainable. Military force. A force that recruits the most talented. A force that retains. The most capable. A force that advances. The best of the best. General Jacquelyn. Then all posts and lieutenant general Laura Richardson's. Are some of the best. And in fact I would say the best of the best. General ban outpost graduated from the united states air force academy in 1988. Since then she has logged more than 4200. Hours in the air. And she serves today as commander. Of the air mobility command. You Tenet general Richardson. Was commissioned into the united states army aviation branch in 1986. She has flown Blackhawks. And commanded battalions. And today she serves as commanding general of the united states army in parks. General van outpost and lieutenant general Richardson. Have been tested. Under the most difficult circumstances. And they are proven leaders. The president and I have full confidence in them. To address the complex threats we face. To help lead our troops. And to keep our nation safe. As it is international on Wednesday I should also mention that general ban of post and lieutenant general Richardson. Are but two of the many many women who have defended our nation. Throughout our history. During the American revolution. Women rode horseback. Through enemy territory. To transport sensitive. Military information. During the civil war women disguise themselves as men and fought for the union army. In World War II. Women served as far as as wax as waves and costs. And today. Women military members are stationed around the world. I say this to remind us. While it has only been five years says all combat jobs have opened to women. Women have been in the line of fire. Risking their lives to protect our nation. Long before that. Today we now women make up 16%. Of active duty military. In 19%. Of Aaron listed officers. We also know that women want censor. And that our military is stronger. When they do. Look no further than general fan of those and lieutenant general Richardson for proof. Recruiting more women to our military. Adjusting policies to retain more women. Enforcing policies to protect women and ensure they are hurt. And advancing more women on fair and equal footing. We'll without any question. Make our nation safer. And that's the work ahead. So for now let me congratulate. General ban outpost and lieutenant general Richardson.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Vice President Kamala Harris commented on women’s roles in the military. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76329008","title":"Harris delivers remarks on International Women’s Day","url":"/Politics/video/harris-delivers-remarks-international-womens-day-76329008"}