HealthCare.Gov Sees Heavy Traffic on Deadline Day

Health care exchange shoppers talk about sign-up difficulties.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for HealthCare.Gov Sees Heavy Traffic on Deadline Day
Experts are warning consumers who sign up for coverage on the government health care website to call other new insurance companies just to make sure -- and -- And then there are those who were unable to sign up at all ABC -- on -- Walsh has more from Washington. 25 year old -- -- came to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial library this week to sign up for Washington DC's health care exchange in person. She had no luck online or on the phone I was screaming for a little -- -- -- met with a so called health care navigator who helps with the process this -- It just feels better -- -- in person actually dealing face to face with someone. So I asked that issues on the phone lines as well but. And dollar. Server issues made impossible at first for -- sign up ultimately she was sick fastball. Not so for 56 year old Liz might nurse she said she's been trying to -- since day 1 October 1. I'm almost in shock it's just hard to believe that they could. The show inefficient with something so important. Absolutely important. I'm grateful I don't have a serious -- -- I forget condition. She waited at the library for five and a half hours but still has no definitive answer on whether she -- health insurance starting January 1. Health care shoppers were trying to roll up until the last minute. In the final days before the deadline the administration says they had about two million visits to health care not -- And over 250000. Calls -- Sean Walsh ABC news Washington.

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{"id":21339202,"title":"HealthCare.Gov Sees Heavy Traffic on Deadline Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Health care exchange shoppers talk about sign-up difficulties.","url":"/Politics/video/healthcare-sees-heavy-traffic-deadline-day-21339202","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}